Are you Fatigued? Always Tired? Experiencing Brain Fog? Difficulty sleeping? Anxiety? Always getting sick? PMS? Low Libido? Poor Digestion? Not seeing Results?


My approach to wellness is holistic, in encompassing food as medicine, movement and mindset techniques.

We address the core underlying root cause for the symptoms that are manifesting, rather than treating symptoms as a bandaid solution. I want you to thrive, to be able to have the energy and wellbeing to go after your dreams and enjoy life - free of dis-ease.

I very much encourage prevention, in including foods, herbs and nutrients into your every day life and routine, and feel education and knowledge around foods is key to creating sustainable habits and results.


  • Increased energy

  • Diminished brain fog

  • Decreased anxiety

  • Improved sleep and restfulness feels

  • Weight loss

  • Increased sex drive

  • Improved skin

  • Decreased inflammation

  • Better bowel movements

  • Improved movement

  • Optimised immune system

  • No bloating

  • Improved mood

  • Decreased PMS symptoms

  • Deeper sense of self

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In 5 weeks, we’re going to go through 5 key steps that you’re able to incorporate into your daily life and routine, that will guarantee improved energy, wellbeing and vitality.

These 5 key strategies are multidisciplinary, and involve the mind and body. I coach you through adopting more mindful practices, with “homework” set out for each week, which we discuss on our weekly video calls.

The goal of the program is to stack together each habit, directing your path more towards health, abundance and thriving. Whats taught in this course doesn’t have to be implemented within the 5 weeks, back to back, you’re able to take your time, implementing 1 for however many days/weeks you like until you feel you’ve got it mastered, and then can work your way to number 2, and so on, as we know making changes to our lifestyle, habits and routines can sometimes be scary and overwhelming.

Amongst the 5 weeks, you also have complete online access to me via email / direct messaging, so at all during the 5 weeks if you’re wanting support, advice, guidance, recommendations, etc just hit ya girl up.

The order of the unfolding weeks are purposeful, and everyone can always do with a touch of improvement (including myself), so some weeks you may find you’re already adopting and doing what’s given (e.g week 3 is movement) so if you find this content to be repetitive and already actioned, we will assess and swap in a bonus content week to help skyrocket you to abundance.

Week 1:

What We Eat.

Adopting an anti-inflammatory diet is the basis to thriving, healing and overcoming health hurdles.

We start out the 5 weeks, with seeing where you’re at, your current habits and food behaviours, and swapping out nutrient-lacking for nutrient-dense foods.

There is a no “one size fits all approach” so each individual with have a customised break down and requirement.

As a base, incorporating whole foods, reducing and cutting our processed and inflammatory foods (gluten / dairy / sugar), increasing green and vegetable intake and appropriate water intake constitutes my approach.

This catapults your ability to heal, recover, thrive and produce energy.

Week 2:

Gut Healing.

This week we start to heal the body - starting with the gut.

Our gut is the epicentre of our wellbeing, so ensuring we have a strong, optimised micro biome is the foundation for the rest of the weeks, and your life.

This involves week’s 1 diet approach, which will see a decrease in bloating, gas, IBS, bowel inconsistencies along with a gut healing powder and introducing fermented foods/probiotic supplement to nourish the microbiome.

Week 3:

Sleep Smarter.

Optimising our sleep hygiene - adjusting phone time, bed time, night routines, sleep cycle app, journal / read / sex before bed.

Sleep is crucial for our hormones to be balanced, weight loss, cognitively, memory consolidation and repair. This week is very much about learning how to sleep with all the ongoings of daily 2018 life.

Week 4:

The Magic of Movement.

The importance of moving every day, in primal, functional ways is what we were built to do.

This week we discover the magic of movement, in boosting mood, reducing inflammation, improving hormones, insulin sensitivity and so much more!!

Recommendations are to suit you, your current level, time availability and figure out what types of movement you love to do.

Week 5:

Stress Management.

We experience stress both consciously, and subconsciously, internal and external.

We have environmental toxins, skin and face products, pesticides, herbicides, work, life, financial, relationship stressors, and it’s something that just is part of our lives.

This week we dive into them. Where are they stemmed? And how can we create awareness around them and work to mitigate their inflammatory and negative effects on us.

Chronic stress is linked to every health condition and dis-ease state. So, whatever is going on in your life, learning how to manage and work through stressful situations is paramount to thriving and being your best self.

I teach you to become more conscious, and apply techniques, such as journalling, movement, meditation and creative outlets to aid us in freeing ourselves from stress.



Although we always want food to be the basis of where our nutrients are derived from, due to inflammation (which week 1 see’s to reduce, enabling balance to be restored), stress (week 4), poor sleep (week 2) and increased movement (week 3) we may require additional support for our body systems, especially as this 5 week program will see you detoxing your systems and repairing your cells.

Week 5 is completely personalised, and is dependable upon your life, symptom profile, goals, aches/pains, etc.