If we stop to think about how crazy it is that so many of us millennial’s are fucking fatigued and we’re like in our 20’s and 30’s, and have only really been “real people” for like 5-10 years its like omg how is this happening. we're meant to be juicy, vibrant babes and instead we're all like meh meh meh.

So I was fatigued as shit today and I was like I NEED TO TALK ABOUT THIS. Coz I’m sure as hell not the only one (I hope haha).

Fatigue can be described as mental and bodily exhaustion - we feel heavy, tired, drained, and this can often have us feeling all kinds of feels and acting not like our usual selves. 

It’s like, once our first line of defence is down (our energy) the flood gates open and stuff starts to seep through, and we trip ourselves up, over think, over react, perform poorly, make shit decisions. And that’s not optimal.

So addressing the reasons WHY we’re fatigued, and putting in place some lifestyle barriers to decrease it’s impact and reoccurrence in our lives I feel is realistic and worth us chatting about.

What even is fatigue?


It’s essentially, adrenal exhaustion. AND I’m gonna say teamed with mitochondrial dysfunction. 

We’re burning the candle at both ends,

Not taking care of ourselves,

Not sleeping, eating, moving, relaxing, recovering optimally

Not making the time to do things to fill ourselves back up, get that jing back in us.

Our mitochondria are our power making organelles inside each of our cells, and they chew up glucose and spit out ATP (our energy molecule). So when our mitochondria aren’t able to work at their optimum, we produce less cellular energy, and thus are more likely to feel fatigued, coz our ratio of energy made and energy lost is off. 

Our adrenal glands’ health determines how we feel, and how much fatigue we experience. They’re these baby hats that sit on top of our kidneys, and release cortisol into our systems, which is essential for survival, but when its a constant occurrence, has negative impacts. They're small and mighty indeed.

For ages fatigue (there's also chronic fatigue which means it’s been going on for along time and we’ve essentially worn our adrenals out, ouchies) wasn't really recognised within the medical community as a real thing, and people would just brush it off as being tired or being 'weak', regardless of the biological, physical, emotional and psychological mayhem it was causing. So i wanna just say that it's a thing haha, like there's being tired, and then there’s being fatigued. And I feel, we know the difference:

  •  You’ll have difficulty getting up in the morning

  • Tired and wired, meaning we can’t wind down and get to sleep

  • Even if you sleep heaps, you still feel tired and heavy

  • You’re experiencing more depressive states, anxiety,

  • Reliance on caffeined tings to get through the day

  • You get that mid day / mid afternoon crash

  • Can’t focus or retain info

  • Your mood sucks, and you’re like “BLAH, FML”

  • You could nap at any moment

  • And a reasonable response to anything is “I cbf”

Sound familiar?

So what causes fatigue?


  • An abundance of stress-overload – external pollutants

  • Toxins & plastics

  • Artificial ingredients & processed foods

  • Micronutrient deficiencies

  • Low iron / anaemia

  • Leaky gut / intestinal permeability

  • Over-active immune system / a poor immune system (so we’re always fighting off sickness)

  • Insulin / leptin resistance

  • Junk light (blue light / fluros)

  • Medications (anti-histamines, sleeping meds, anti-depressants)

  • All nighters

  • Insomnia / poor sleep hygiene

  • Emotional and psychological stressors

  • and I also totally think not doing things for yourself to fill your cup back up – is a stress.

And our resilience is what’s left once we take all these into factors - hence how implementing lifestyle changes, supplementing and baby hacks to minimise these stressors helps us fight off fatigue and have more energy.

How to fight off fatigue


1.    Decrease inflammatory foods that fuck with our mitochondria, insulin and leptin levels – aka sugar, sugar, sugar, processed sugars and carbohydrates, switch it up for some healthy alternatives, blood sugar balancing veggies and mitochondria loving things – MCT oil and all our healthy fats

2.   Carb timing – post workout (strength/anabolic) or night time. During the AM as we’ve been told for so long (carbs in the morning so you can “burn them off” during the day) = lies haha. Our insulin is lower at night, along with our cortisol, so we can tolerate and utilise carbohydrates and sugars more effectively. 

3.    Install f.lux on your devices, or warm up your iphone towards bed time, dimming / turning off lights lets our body know its time to sleep soon, and cortisol can taper off.

4.    Optimise your sleep (check out our blog all bout that)

5.    Strengthen your immune system (adaptogens blog is 10/10 for this), ensure we’re eating a pleather of nutrient packed veggies and fruits - vitamin C, zinc, vitamin A, adaptogens like reishi mushroom, astragalus, he sho wu, euccomia, prebiotic fibres and probiotic rich foods / probiotics

6.   Detox rich foods – leafy greens, cauli, broc, asparagus, cabbage, parsley, coriander, mint, chlorella, step it up a notch with NAC, liver herbs – dandelion root, licorice, burdock root, milk thistle, and drinking lots of water

7.   Addressing if we have any gut / inflammatory issues happening? (whats up with my gut series will help to identify / basic guide to healing)

8.    Blood test – low iron? auto-immune? high CRP / inflammatory markers? insulin resistance? (i forever love deciding to get an iron transfusion, and a break down of this is in the iron blog.

9. Address the root reason why we’re taking medication? Are there other ways to address and treat if it’s not necessary / needed.

10. Do what you love. It's important to fill our cups up and do what makes us happy. And even utilising meditation, body work, yoga, chilling, or whatever it is that you do that gets you feeling refreshed.

We don’t have to dredge through each day, obsessing over the weekend so we can sleep and feel less drained and shit. I know it’s a lot to take in, but they all follow core principles of – eat real food, move your body, optimise sleep, and do things for yourself. 

And really, the only excuse is your mindset, motivation and determination, because we have so many accessible alternatives, ideas and support, all around us now - we're so connected. If you need help or guidance in discovering your drive and deconstructing mindset blockages holla at ya girl. @themillennialnutritionist


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