Organising your Morning Thoughts & Routines


We’ve discussed night routines, and the value of setting up a “bedtime” time frame, reducing screen time, cooling the environment and making sleep an attractive descend into slumber. Creating an epic night time routine yields so many benefits, from improved recovery, muscle growth, detoxification, reduced inflammation, improved memory, stress regulation and just so much more! (check out the blog / episode on sleep).


So I thought it’s valuable for us to marry it together with morning routines. For how to set up your day for ideal hormone release, productivity, energy and good vibes. 


A quick recap on how the morning holds so much power.

Not only does seeing the sun and getting out in it regulate and balance our hormones and energy (serotonin, melatonin and cortisol), but it also enables us to act, rather than react to what comes throughout the day.


Setting aside 10 minutes each morning to organise your thoughts and set yourself up for the day biologically, emotionally and mentally is so damn precrious and awesome. And as Tony Robbins says “if you don’t have 10 minutes, you don’t have a life”. So if you’re like “I don’t have 10 minutes” that quote is for you, LISTEN TO TONY (aka the goat). 


So, organising our days processions, what we want to achieve, run through our to-do’s, and just compartmentalise the day is what we want to take the time to do. Before picking up your phone and checking social media, replying to texts, opening email, before any of that – carving out 10 minutes each day to weave any or all of these helpful habits into your morning.


1.    Say what you’re grateful for.

So it’s the frist thing I do when I wake up. I’m lying in bed and I instantly say 3 things i’m grateful for. And each day is different. It doesn’t matter how big or small, trivial or deep they are. As long as you’re expressing what youre grateful for.

This shifts your mind into an automatic state of abundance, rather than scarcity “I didn’t get enough sleep, I’m going to be so tired today, today’s going to be so long etc etc”. All of that scarcity limiting mindset shit. This is a habit muscle we have to flex. So each day, make it a practice to say 3 things you’re grateful for in the morning as you wake. 


2.    Get some sunlight.

If you can walk out onto the balcony, backyard, or open the blinds and get that sun for 2-3 minutes. Direct sunlight on your skin is ideal, as our skin is like a manual. It tells our body what time it is – signalling hormone release and physiological processes, such as breaking down melatonin (sleep hormone) and increasing blood pressure and body temperature.

This helps to sync your circadian rhythm also (sleep/wake cycles), boosting your energy and improving sleep. So a few moments with your eyes and skin in the sun will help boost mood and balance your hormones.


3.    Drink some water.

Upon waking, you’ve just been through an epic detoxification, metabolic, synthesising, cleaning, restoring, recovery period. And your bodies been working when you sleep and all of this requires water as hydrogen is the most precious and utilised molecule in the body (maybe besides carbon?!). 

Aubrey Marcus speaks of his “morning mineral cocktail” which includes ACV and some sea salt. Sea salt for electrolyte balance and ACV to aid in digestion, inflammation and just coz ACV cures like everything haha. Lemon water is also ideal.

I was told that if you feel nauseas when you’re drinking water in the morning – it means your liver needs some loving. And I haven’t looked further into it, but makes sense haha.

Also try drinking cool water in the morning, as I’ve noticed it just goes down better and feels more hydrating? Not sure if placebo or not haha. Try it for yourself and see how you go.

Also, in regards to coffee / tea whatever, water comes first. And then give yourself a bit of time before drinking coffee / tea as they’re diuretics and leave your body with negative water loss – if that makes sense? You lose more water drinking coffee and tea than you do from drinking it (because its predominantly water). 


4.    Organise your thoughts.

When we wake up, our mind just flies with the most random things – I get song lyrics, random future fantasies, thinking about yesterday, and just so much other shit. Taking a few minutes to stop and process your thoughts, and organise them for the day / week ahead is such an asset.

For me, I think of my to-do list for the day, my daily movements, and then write it out. Write that I want to get accomplished for the day, and the methodologies to achieve it.

For me, and I hope for you - it gives you clarity, momentum and motivation because instead of everything being an overwhelming, big jumble of thoughts, which then create anxiety and feelings of being “behind”.

Organising your morning thoughts gives you the autonomy and feeling that you’ve got shit handled. And so you do - “What you think you become” (I think Buddha said that).  


5.    You time.

And then number five for me, has been the most powerful for my mental wellbeing.

I have this routine, in which I go to my fave local coffee shop and read my book, or free journal my thoughts, emotions, reflect on what’s on my mind for anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour depending on my morning and day’s plans. Sometimes I sit and listen to a podcast if I’m feeling it.

It’s taught me to carve out time for myself, to prioritise my mental wellbeing – because for so long I focused on my physical wellbeing, which in turn also benefited my mental wellbeing, but this really took things to a new level.  

Getting up that bit earlier to give me this time and space is so rewarding, and also creates resilience and strength in honouring my non-negotiables and emotional wellbeing. Whether you obtain tools like “the 5 minute journal” or like me, sometimes I only have time to literally read 2 pages and drink my coffee, but I still do it.

It still makes me feel good, gives me that mental space from acting and reacting and just peps me up to feel like a winner, because my future me does this. My future me, the person I want to be, has this morning routine and so do I, making me this person and calling in that vibration. 


6.    Moving your body.

To boost mental and physical wellbeing and all the points so far, moving your body is advantageous to an epic morning. Helping with hormone regulation, sensitising insulin, releasing endorphins, jump starting detoxification, oxygenating the body all of this happens when we exercise in the morning.

It’s the same as number 5, in that it creates that resilience, making you a badass because you get up early and honour your wellbeing and get shit done. And this sets the tone for your day. It sets you up to crush it, because you’ve already crushed your morning. 

If you can’t or prefer exercising in the afternoon DO A COLD SHOWER INSTEAD THEN!! Cold showers boost oxygenation, increases metabolism, improves mitochondria function (aka cellular energy production), improves circulation, improves immunity, is a hormetic stress so helps with depression, anxiety and stress, and helps improve recovery!!!!

Implementing one or more of these morning activities will add so much value to your life.

Imagine the person you want to be and think – “what does this version of me do in the morning?” – what does that look like? Feel like? What are you wearing? What are you doing? And then go do that now.

It will set your days up to be full of value, gratitude and love. It will teach you to do things for yourself, for your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. It will create epic behaviours that will seep into other aspects of your life.

Oh and don’t forget to make your bed in the morning too! Making your bed instils order in your life from the get go, and that you’ve already achieved something and this is a knock on effect. 


One love xxx

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Also inspired from Aubrey Marcus’ Own The Day & Lewis Howes’ The Miracle Morning