Nutrition as the First Step to Getting Woke.


Even saying “getting woke” implies it is a thing we can achieve, when that then divides being with not being, and the entire Tao and journey to enlightenment is removing doing and consciously being. So, I kinda slipped myself up there, but hey, it got your attention which is what currency is nowadays, so now that you’re intrigued about getting woke, I can come through with the goods and my thoughts on how what you eat, is a powerful and fundamental first step that you can take control of every day, to literally, enable you to live a richer, more fulfilled purpose driven life.


A diet just means what we eat. It’s just been tainted by marketing and the nutrition world to have a negative connotation. So remove that idea. a diet isn’t minimal calories, its literally just what you’re eating.


We eat erryday. So every day, we have the opportunity to create new diet habits and routines, that on multiple levels can enable us to become a higher version of ourselves.

 On one hand, we have the self-love approach to eating whole real foods. When we start choosing what’s best for us, for our vessels, for your bodies, brains, muscles, hair, skin, nails, etc, it creates a pattern in us, where we now also, besides nutrition start to look for other ways to improve ourselves. I don’t even like saying improve, because it again, suggests we’re insufficient in the present moment, which is not at all what I align with, but at the same time, improvement is what we aspire to as humans I feel. Like we always are on the hunt to be better, to go another level up, to go deeper (in a non dirty way haha), to push ourselves outside our comfort zones, so lets stick with improve for now, and know that just based on where you’re at now, there’s another level you’re able to get too, with just a few daily decisions.

 Okay, so back to it, when we start choosing to eat and consume real whole foods, that are full of nutrients, and start to value and question what we put in our bodies, we start looking for other ways to get ourselves to a new level. Whether that’s moving our bodies, working on sleep, managing our stress, helping others, dabbling in our interests, pursuing our goals, reading bout health and life etc. And this starts to accumulate and then you’re now doing things for you - that are in your best interest, you’re looking out for yourself, putting yourself first, prioritising your wellbeing and that’s powerful.

Because when we’re full, when our cup is full, it starts to overflow and we’re able to serve and help those around us and be in a true being of service, which is what aligns us with the universe and the environment and life and we feel a greater understanding and sense of purpose and human experience.

And then we have another aspect, when we’re eating nutritious good whole real foods, and limiting the processed, refined, shit food we’re reducing inflammation, getting rid of brain fog, reducing digestion and gut issues, improving sleep, getting our libido back online, we’re moving better, talking better, we’re upgrading our tissues, organs and cells, because we now have the micronutrients and polyphenols that our bodies requires to make the best possible body. And this is where it gets super awesome. Because you notice, you not only feel, but see and experience a shift in your being and body, you’re seeing your new habits play out and how it’s benefiting yourself. You’re decreasing the inflammation, the dis-ease states, the imbalances and enabling your body to get back to its functioning state of balance. And like, I think its crazy that just a few tweaks of what and how you’re eating, can legit make such a powerful shift in your wellbeing.


Like, even just as 1 example, 90% of your serotonin aka happy hormone is made in your gut, soooooo eating real good foods and optimising our gut health = more happiness hormones = more happy feels for you!!!


And like, everything our bodies need we’re meant to get from food / our body will make it on its own, so when we’re giving our bodies the tools it needs to build the most bomb house, that’s what it will do.

 And then, another aspect is the environmental goodness impact, because processed and refined and shitty foods use a fuck load of resources, like water, power, fossil fuels which hurt and damage our earth, and ya know WE ONLY GET ONE.


So protecting and using our money to vote, vote for the type of world we want is how we’re able to construct and make true change in our capitalist free market society. The corporations aren’t going to change based upon moral ethics, we have to force change with what we’re choosing to consume. Because companies have to pivot and meet customer demands otherwise they’re losing profits. Same goes with consuming real wholefoods, more real wholefoods, will enable the prices to go down, because instead of governments funding and subsidising meat and dairy and corn and soy and all the other shit they subsidise and fuck the farmers over with if they want to survive, we’re able to ensure farmers can grow nutrient dense foods, and ensure a greater percentage of the population is able to have access to healthy real foods, instead of processed snack fast foods as a reliance for their meals.

 And then I feel, this all starts to compound, and its almost a manufactured idea that when we start to eat good, we start to exercise, coz they go together like B1 & B2. And a few AWESOME facts about exercise;


-       It increases BDNF, NGF, endorphin release thus improving mental health and helping to fight depression and anxiety

-       Improves cognition, blood flow and arterial health

-       Moves lymph (what exists within our brains and bodies) improving and aiding detoxification

-       Improves energy production, hormones and metabolism

-       Improves focus, memory and cognitive function

-       Is a beneficial hormetic stress, enabling us to be more resilient

-       Improves insulin and Leptin sensitivity (aiding in weight loss and not getting diabetes/Alzheimer’s)


So even stacking these two, (along with getting optimal sleep and managing stress through journaling, meditating, yoga, activities etc.) which you will naturally fall into because its all complimentary and “makes sense” with your now habits and lifestyle.

 I feel when we start deciding, breaking the unconscious patterns that eating is, and make more conscious effort and decisions to choose what’s ideal for us, our wellbeing, longevity and planet, something just flips in the brain, like new neural pathways are forged and you just start to evolve into a more conscious, aware, doper person.

We’ve talked about what we eat, now, how we eat is just as important.


Are we sitting down to eat, being mindful, being conscious of what we’re eating, or are we scrolling on our phones, just shovelling food in our mouths, with a few chews and washing it down with some liquids. Are we walking, driving, and eating? Wondering why you’ve got digestion issues? That’s defs gonna contribute to it.


In order to digest and properly assimilate our nutrients, we need to be chilling and ready to eat. We need to be paying attention, chewing our food, actually taking the time to assimilate our food, make it into chime and swallow it, or if eating is a chore for you, fast. Don’t eat. And eat when you want to and are intrinsically hungry. Don’t eat because you’re bored, because you’re not even conscious then, if you were, you wouldn’t be eating because your bodies not hungry, your mind is and you’re wanting a distraction or a bit of mouth pleasure, which we’re biologically slaves too. So how we eat is just as important.

Slow down, chew, chill out, eating is a space, a time, an activity so treat it like one. Not only will you have a new found appreciation but also you’re giving yourself and your brain a break, from distractions, from social media, from work, and just taking time to do you also. to nourish you, re-fuel, perk you up, (as food shouldn’t cause you to be foggy, lethargic or sleepy post).

So these are my thoughts, on how I feel nutrition is a very doable first step to changing your paradigm and way of being. Choose to eat nutrient dense, earth grown wholefoods, that help fight inflammation, help to make your nerves, muscles, skin, bones, EVERYTHING, help the planet, help your mindstate, help to improve your energy and vitality, like I dunno, to me its like why would you not even want to try, to see what’s on the other side, when you stick with something for long enough it pays off.

One love aka TMN  

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