Your Skin is a Mouth

Your skin is a mouth.

Sounds weird, but its true. 

We’ve grown up marketed to buy face and body products with alcohol based everything, artificial scents, flavours and colours, and they’re stripping away not only our natural oils, but also adhering our first line of defence against the outside world.


Over 80% of what you put on your skin, gets absorbed.



And if they're filled with toxins, chemicals and other synthetic random ingredients, that are potentially harmful. And we're absorbing them, accumulating them, and that means it’s flying through our blood, and our detoxification systems have to figure out what the fuck it is and break it down and remove it.

These ingredients can get stored in our adipose tissue, coz our bodies like I DUNNO WHAT TO DO WITH YOU, UMMM GO IN HERE, HIDE! And so it lives.

It also puts additional pressure on our kidneys, liver and gut, to detox out.

And i'm talking about body products, fake tan, face cleansers, toners, masks, moisturisers, scrubs, make up, hair products, nail polishes and chemicals, lube ingredients and yeah.

But, it’s not about throwing the baby out with the bath water and being like WELL FUCK ELIZA WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO DO, NOT WEAR MAKE UP?!? MY HAIR SMELL LIKE A SWAMP? HUH?

And I’m like nah yo, lets just swap out some bad stuff for some better stuff to just decrease the toxic load you’re exposed too.


And lets go through potential aggregators that are causing you to suffer from skin conditions, stubborn fat, allergies, anxiety, inflammation, poor sleep, are sensitive to light/smells/etc, dry skin, overly oily skin, it might be because of what you’re putting on (as well as what youre eating of course).


Like wear your KKW beauty products, looks flawless, but hey, maybe instead of washing yourself with some Dove bodywash that smells like vanilla rainbow goodness or OTT masculine smells, you opt for Dr. Bronner body wash and smell like a heavenly version of you (dw they have diff flavours haha). BALANCE ya’ll.



Moisturisers, cleaners, masks, toners, serums, anti-ageing stuff etc etc.


Firstly, why do you need these products?

Like are you using them because they give you a result, or are you just using them because you think you have to?

Secondly, if they give you a result. Why is your skin not okay? (check our blog for more info?)

Thirdly, have you ever thought that maybe the products your putting on your face may actually be harming you and aggravating relying on such products? Because our bodies are adaptive machines, and we’re also creatures of habit.

If you’ve got oily skin, and using products that help strip out the oil and “balance” the pH, why is your skin oily? Lets address the base issue and work our way to the top.

Fourthly, do you know what you’re putting on your face? Do you know whats inside your face products? Do they have names like “hydroxyl” end in “onol’s” and other odd ingredients? 


With your skin absorbing pretty much all of what you’re putting on it, if you wouldn’t eat it, why pop it on your skin?


And we’re usually using these products daily, which means every day, when our pores are open from the warm water, we attack it with chemicals, alcohols, and parabens - increasing our toxic load - which causes additional stress on the body, additional inflammation, disrupts our hormones, adding extra layers of work for our body to do, decreasing our ability to be and feel our best, because it’s constantly side tracked dealing with these constant threats.


But it ain’t all bad. Like I said, its about balancing our toxic load, and swapping out what we can and are open too.

We live in such a great time, we’ve gone backwards to go forwards in our approach to beauty and skin care. Natural, food-based, real ingredient face products are cool again.


There’s plenty of awesome brands out there, play around and see what works for you. Check out Flora & Fauna’s website, and the array of awesome natural skin care they have, I’m not wanting to make blanket recommendations for brands, because everyone’s skin is different, so one product or brand, may not suit your skin, but will someone elses. It’s all very individual.

You can even create and play with making your own products if you’re feeling it. And remove the harmful ingredients that exist in these products, like masks are the most easiest to do, and a lot of these ingredients you may even have hanging out in your cupboard, a quick google search will open you up the wonderful opportunities of customised body product making. 



Same same but different. Our skin is our biggest organ. It’s living, breathing, protecting you. Each day, when we wash and moisturise, we’re either exposing our body to poisons, or we’re helping it to heal and protect us.


Just because certain things and brands are normal, doesn’t mean they’re good for you.

The artificial colours and scents, go into your body.

And your body thinks you’re under attack, and will produce a reaction.

Some of us experience being itchyness, redness, inflammation, dry skin, stinging, some of us experience nothing at all. It just passes through our dermal layer and into the blood stream it goes.

Others of us experience allergies, auto-immune, hormone imbalances, mood swings, and fuck knows what else because our generations are the ultimate guiniea pig. No one knows what happens when humans are exposed to so many toxins for prolonged periods of time.

Again, there’s again heaps of options out there, natural oil based products or even just using coconut oil on its own is awesome. Again, everyone is different and you might find coconut oil is too heavy,

So here’s a list of oils and what a few of their functions are depending on your needs:


Coconut oil – anti-microbial, anti-bacterial,

Jojoba oil – good for both oily, dry and sensitive skins, light oil, helps with inflamed skin and acne prone skin (also good during breakouts)

Argan oil – deeply moisturising (very dry skin), damaged skin,

Sweet Almond –nourishing and light

Avocado oil – contains vitamin D, good for sensitive and PMS’ skin times,

Rosehip oil – good for scarring, wrinkles and pigmentation, very moisturising and regenerating

Sea Buckthorn – regenerating especially for sunburn / sun damaged skin


Jump on over to Flora & Fauna  

and scope their MASSIVE range of natural products, and then if you have any questions, feel free to hit me up


Another one, that I feel a lot of us are waking up to, or are just ignorant. A lot of mainstream and “normal” deodorants are packed full of toxins, metals, and other Frankenstein ingredients that disrupt the microbiome that exists under our arms.


Just like our gut, our underarms (and mouth) are all microbiomes, teaming with microorganisms that work to keep us in balance. When we apply these harmful alcohol and toxins, its like anti-biotics, we’re bombing our natural flora. Ever noticed that you smell different when you eat something not so good for you or have a big weekend? You’re detoxing.


Our smell is our pheromones, and our pheromones is our DNA encoded into a scent, so we’re able to sniff out a suitable mate. Hence why your partner always smells so good even if they smell haha.


Also, crazzzzzyyy fun fact side note, the pill changes what scents us women find attractive in regards to pheromone, and when we come off the pill, our pheromone smelling preferences switch back to what they naturally are.

And there’s legit research and studies showing that couples break up, divorces happen because you’re not attracted to that person or how they smell anymore. Because the pill pumps us full of hormones and makes our body think we’re pregnant – hence why it improves skin, we wanna eat more, don’t bleed and are less moody. We’re pretend pregnant yo. And when we come off the pill, because we realise ITS FUCKED, we’re back to being our true self, except now we’re fucked because we have a hormonal hurricane we need to re-balances.

ANYWAYSS, back to the point haha

Our skin always manifests what’s going on inside.


I understand we want results now. We don’t want to work. We don’t want to wait. We want it now. And usually now = chemicals and drugs and parabens. And they’ll give you results now, which can boost your confidence, and like go for it.


But once your now is here, work backwards.


Don’t rely on chemical laden products to give you what you’re wanting.

Use the time that the immediate result has given you, to buy natural products, eat better, move more and sleep better.

Because I aint gonna ask you to give that space up which is good for your mental health, but I am going to make you question why you need these products.

Lets identify and deal with what’s actually going on. You can’t cheat. Your body will fuck you up and it’ll manifest in how you look.  The end xxx


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