PHYTA all began from the idea of finding "why" i would eat something. Like "what is this giving me?" "how will my body utilise this?" "what will make me feel, recover, think better?".

This quest for discovering the power of plant-based foods led me to look around at the common health food stores and think "theres nothing here i want to snack on". Nothing i found that met my needs or values, as a gym-junkie, pilates lover, retail worker - health conscious nutrition student. Everything either had high sugar contents, high carbohydrate intake or random additives. And so, out of "hanger" I created a bar that not only met the nutritional requirements of my body, but also had functionality in regards to my lifestyle and tasted awesome, and enabled me to reap the best results of my training. And so I created Phyta Plant Protein Bars©, and now I'm sharing them with you to enable you that same satisfaction, and to let you take control of your own health and body.

As KRS One said; knowledge reigns supreme and through my own journey, and those around me, equipping yourself with the knowledge and understanding of food, 'diet', training and confidence is key, to enabling you to make better, smarter decisions that will benefit you. The Phyta Blog Posts are posted up weekly, with each post exploring a dimension of eating, moving and being. They're constructed to give you little pockets of wisdom that get locked in your brain, ready to whip out whenever you're faced with uncertainty, indecisiveness or confusion regarding food and your body