how to cultivate the wellness mindset and eliminate the victim mentality


I need to address this victim mentality, that sneakily seeps into our daily lives. It’s all around us. We’ve been coddled (lol what a word) to accept that things happen to us, not for us. And I’m here to burst that bubble.

After reading Extreme Ownership so many ideas bubbled in my brain and realisations and like “holy fuck yes” and I started to recognise not only in my own life, but those around me, how so many us play the blame game.

If you’re not happy, in any sense, or way or form. That’s your fault. That’s on you. You can’t blame the external, because you’re the only person responsible for being where you are. You don’t like you job, that’s your fault. Not your bosses. You don’t like your relationship, that’s your fault. Not your partners. You entered into it, you set the standard. You don’t like your money situation, that’s your fault. Demand more of yourself to get more money. You don’t like your body, that’s your fault. Not your parents or genetics. You don’t like how you feel, that’s your fault. You're in control of what you put in your body, what you think, and you determine what comes out. And so I feel all these themes interconnect.aka FLIP THAT MINDSET. 

We’re conditioned since we’re kids to accept things just as they are, that we don’t get to control everything, and most of us either get stuck, hit a wall, or just consistently live in a rut. “Same shit different day”. But its like why. Why is it the same shit, different day. Why aren’t you moving forward? Is it because you’re fearful of actually doing something outside your comfort zone, that will disrupt this same shit? Is it because you’re conditioned to just accept and play the victim, that you don’t think you’ll get more? That you cbf? Are you self sabotaging, with things like procrastination? That “nothing’s really bad, its just okay”?. All of these a) scream - VICTIM MENTAILITY & b) TAKE OWNERSHIP. Like wherever you are, however you feel, think, move, behave, or what you believe, is in your control.  

This ownership and realisation, that we’re in control of our health and of our circumstnaces is awesome, so lets stop and shimmy in it and be like YAY.

So if you’ve been acting like a victim, complaining, whingeing, stop for fucks sake. Empower yourself, or utilise books, individuals and movies, and other mediums to empower yourself. Draw power, motivation and inspiration from these places. 

You can get yourself to where you want to be. You can help yourself heal. You need to just believe so, and then execute on the steps to make it come to life.

There’s so many examples of the power of placebo, and this plays out in our lives every day, on differing scales. I feel I just want to tell every single one of you reading, YOU HAVE THE POWER. You have all the goodness and ability and magic inside of you, it’s just about tapping into it and being like “oh yeah”. 

Like as much as environment, genes, activities, habits, definitely, without a doubt, impact our health and whether we thrive or just survive, so does our thoughts. What we think and thus, command of ourselves will come true.

This links into the law of attraction, the power of the subconscious, affirmations, manifestations, and all of those incredible tools we’re able to utilise to thrive. 

Aubrey Marcus said ‘We’ve been told we’re faulty machines” in his podcast (episode 146 of the Aubrey Marcus Podcast). 

For us millennials, we’ve grown up fearful/expecting of disease. We’ve watched our loved ones, get sick, die, survive, relapse, struggle to feel amazing, slaved to pharmaceuticals, or hey maybe some of us have seen the opposite. Thriving loved ones, free from illness or disease, and yet, the media perpetuates the fear of disease, of illness.

This looming cloud that’s destined to catch up to us as we age, that we too are "eventually" going to get sick. And that’s all fucking bullshit.

Yes there’s degrees of hereditary illness’ and diseases, but I’m not talking about this, so I don’t mean to offend anyone. I’m talking about those of us who’se loved ones have been struck down with behaviour related, Western disease – cancer, T2D, obesity, high blood pressure, high trigylicerides, heart disease, stroke etc. 

We’re not destined to get cancer. Like there is zero trace of this idea in my mind, even though my own mum died from a random aggressive brain tumour. Just because she did. Doesn’t mean I’m automatically going to. I'm not a victim to this mentality, thats perpetuted by the media and our victim-rich society.

And so i want to communicate that our thoughts are so damn powerful regarding our wellness. There’s so many studies about the placebo and even the nocebo, (I’ve attached a few tedx talk’s below which go into the placebo effect, and is actually super crazy interesting), and often something a lot of us either don’t give time to believe (whether this is our own disbelief that something as common as thoughts can be so powerful, because that indeed would shift and challenge our entire paradigm and way of thinking. OR / AND because of the way we’ve been marketed and advertised too for so long, that we need to consume, to improve. That taking an external substance or participating in an external act, will indeed improve our health and wellbeing).

So I feel we need to treat our brain, our thoughts, like we treat our physical body. We need to work it, nurture it and respect it.

Feed it with belief, faith, love, reassurance, safety, and g times. Not with fear, inevitability, collapsing to the level of society, in the statistics which are always flashed around - e.g how this generation will live shorter lives than our parents, for the first time in history. But its like, okay says who? If you say so. Sure. But what if we attune our thoughts to a higher standard? That we’re immune to these diseases and western fates? That we’re not one of these statistics? That we’re the outliers. The sneaky excellent thriving millennials, living our best lives, going after our dreams, being of service and changing the world. Like that’s what’s up. And that’s what I want us to be.

Thats the end of my thoughts.


does stress make us fat?

*this information is for information purposes only. It is not intended to treat, perevent or cure any conditions, nor is intended to constitute advice on which reliance should be placed. Any information in this blog should be discussed with your health care practitioner.

the answer is yes.


So if you follow me on insta, a few days (its not been a week coz I was slow on the come up haha) ago, you’d seen my post that we chucked on Culture King’s Melb’s snap and my little vultnerablity moment of me tearing myself down. And then I was like “omg eliza, you stressing about stressing about looking fat, is making you fat”.


When something potentially stressful pops into my life, I legit always think and then say “naah, its not worth the cortisol” and then don’t stress about it, because is it worth the inflammation, its gonna be a no from me.  So when I posted that piccy, I realised I was being self conscious about my tummy, and guess which hormone loves to store fat there; yep CORTISOL. It was like a double-edged sword. Stressing about stressing about having tummy fat, just keeps my tummy fat there. So I was like damn, lets write about this. And oestrogen, and a lil bit of testosterone, and plateu’s and fat.


So when we’re talking about fat, we’re dividing it into subcutaneous, in an easy way to remember is our bodies sink, it just stores shit and visceral, is metabolically active


If you haven’t heard of the dangers of visceral fat, then you’ve been living under a rock (crack rock), but nah visceral fat is the metabolically and hormonally active fat that is positioned around our vital organs; heart, liver, stomach, all those things we cant live without. Before I dis visceral fat, we actually need it to survive. Brown fat, chews up energy and produces heat, it keeps us warm.


But visceral fat is also sneaky, because its not just a storage sink like subcutaneous (that juiciness good good), its like hi hello, im real, I can release hormones, like estrogen that deposit and get stuck and have a party with me and guess what, we’re hard to get rid of. Or it can be like hey hello I cause inflammatory compounds to get released and create a perpetuating cycle of metabolic disease and inflammation, like T2D, and obesity.


That’s visceral fat. That’s what, when we start exercising gets targeted first; which is amazing. Its saving our lives, and also why we don’t notice “results” or changes until training for a while, because our bodies chewing up and sweating out (or rather breathing out) our visceral fat, making us happier and healthier.


*fun way to measure your visceral fat without a scan, if you lie down on your back, and your tummy doesn’t flatten and you’ve got a like semi circle bulge asif ya bloated, then ding ding ding viscerals there, and lets work together to get that melted).


OKAY so back to cortisol & belly fat. I’ma break it down into 3 key compartments;

1.     Emotional stress

2.    Everyday stress

3.    Environmental stress


When we stress about our love life, work life, gym life, family life, friend life, all the live’s, our body sends out stress hormones – cortisol & norepinephrine and we trigger our fight-or-flight response (taking you back to year 10 human bio class). Our heart rate goes up, blood gets shut off to non-life preserving organs / systems e.g digestion, reproduction, we feel alert, our breathing shortens, and we feel like Eminem. This is all g - in a short term scenario, like someone breaks whilst driving suddenly in front of us, BAM, our reflexes kick in, we’re like FULL ON IN FIGHT-OR-FLIGHT, and then ideally in our magical universe, we realise the stress threat is over, and we calm down and our system returns to normal. But hey its 2017, we’ve got emotional stress coming at us in so many forms; our manager and boss’ demanding more of us, customers complaining, fighting with siblings / our boo-thang's, over analysing situations, not being able to break through a plateau (in every aspect of life), and we’re like low-key always stressed, cortisol and NE is like drip drip drip (R Kelly x Dave Chapelle).

Then we’ve got every day stress, traffic, money, foods we eat that trigger a stress response (refined sugar and carbs and trans fat I’m looking at you), man I dunno about you but even my phone going off gives me a mini heart attack sometimes, its like SURPRISE BITCH YOU GOT MAIL.

And then there’s environmental stressors, these sneaky guys we cant really avoid, like pollution, pesticides, herbacides, xenoestrogens in plastic, petrol fumes, fuck whats in our make up, our water, microwaves, its like a never ending horror story haha.


And all these stressors keep cortisol on tap, dripping through our adrenals, interfering with weight loss, recovery, sleep, energy, everything. So what do we do?

A) minimise the daily stressors you experience, take time out to breathe, meditate, practice yoga if you into it, do whatever creative artistic, adventurous thing you love to manage the stress

B) cut out the shit that isn’t worth the cortisol aka toxic negative people, change jobs, eat organic, reduce stimulants, do whatever to make you happy and

C) take effective supplements to nurse your adrenals back to optimal health. I LOVE - CORT RX by ATP Science, a good magnesium, and a good B Vitamin complex too.  


So if your belly fat is stubborn, or you’ve plateaued, or if you feelin on edge and just know you’re going through a stressful period, implement strategies, take the necessary supplements to just help you manage and decrease that dangerous visceral fat (holla if you want more info/guidance/supps)


Next up is oestrogen. Oestrogen is, again, actually crucial for wellbeing, bone density, reproductive health in both guys and gals, sex drive, us developing boobs, all those kinda fun things. But again, just like everything, becomes a problem when our bodies unable to detoxify it effectively from the body (your liver is already doing 54857385475674 things, so we can definitely cut him some slack). When oestrogen isn’t able to be cleared out effectively by our #1 fan the liver, it also accumulates within subcutaneous tissue and is a bitch of a thing – literally. Backs of the arms, love handles, extra juicy thighs for us ladies are the usual landmarks, for guys, backs of arms, breast tissue and also, love handles. You know its oestrogen because it’s cold to touch. It’s not warm, its not metabolically active, it’s just stuck.


And before you go blaming soy (which is a phytoestrogen = plant oestrogens, and a wholeeeeeee nother convoluted topic), hol up, plastic, make-up, skin care products, sunscreen, paint, lubricants, insecticides, pesticides, and “the pill” all mimic oestrogen in the body and we call them – xenoestrogens; synthetic oestrogens found in all these random compounds.


So we unknowingly (now knowingly) ingest these xenoestrogens into our body, they bind to our receptors and make it even harder for the liver to detox because all of a sudden there’s much more than we ever produced!! What to do?


Eat a butt load of the brassica family vegetables; broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, theres so many, magnesium, B vitamins and fibre also, they all aid your liver in phase 2 detoxification which is what we want


For guys, same thing. If oestrogen builds up, it negatively impacts your test levels, muscle hypertrophy ability, reproduction, growth, and all the other magical properties of testosterone. With hormones, its all about ratios and balance, which is what we want to get in check. If you’re unsure, you can always get your sex hormones tested and see where your levels are at, and we can go from there. 


And now we’re going to bubbi explore why we love testosterone so much, even for women. First of all, fun fact, testosterone is anti-inflammatory and therefore, anti-ageing! WOO! Women make testosterone and then our ovaries convert it to oestrogen, whereas of course men don’t have ovaries so they keep there’s as test.

Testosterone is super great for brain health, anti-aging, stronger muscles meaning we have a higher metabolic rate, exercising also boosts testosterone, and psychologically testosterone is associated with more confidence, certainty and assertiveness. For guys (and women who are looking to build lean muscle), we want to free up bound testosterone, and encourage the release of it, through exercise, effective supps, avoid xenoestrogens, ensure you’re getting adequate zinc, sleep, and good fats in ya diet (coz hormones are made from cholesterol)


If we’ve hit a plateau you know its time to switch it up. Diet, exercise, supps, sleep, everything. Assess the key areas that aren’t budging; are they hormone related? Do you need to get your levels checked? How do you feel? And work with your coach / me to address these barriers.




- notorious e.l.i 


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why sleep is sexy (and productive)

*this information is for information purposes only. It is not intended to treat, perevent or cure any conditions, nor is intended to constitute advice on which reliance should be placed. Any information in this blog should be discussed with your health care practitioner.



I secretly have been waiting to talk about sleep for so long, like I love bedtime. I honestly smile and say “yay” when I get into bed, legit. Like I was ALWAYS that person at a group sleepover who went to sleep first and early, which wasn’t cool, and pretty sure I’ve defs had a few dicks drawn on my face in my lifetime.  But zero regrets.


Sleep is so awesome and a lot of us act like its some unimportant, nuisance, like “ugh bedtime". Maybe this is because it’s a passive process and we feel it doesn’t matter because we don’t have to put effort in for it, like we do exercise and our nutrition. But hey, guess what, we do.


Like first of all, sleep is so cool it has its own outfit dedicated to it. Like pajamas are dope.


Secondly you friggen have cool dreams and wake up feeling awesome because you went on a magical journey into your subconscious. Its like a crazy movie plays in your head, and that alone is awesome.


Thirdly, you grow when you’re asleep, sleep is anabolic (building up),

and process all the information from that day. Like cmon, you cant do that when you’re awake, it’s the missing link to being a triple threat. 


Depriving yourself of sleep is legit a form of torture, and puts you on the path for T2D (type 2 diabetes), insulin resistance, weight gain, decreased cognitive function, poor memory, decreased efficiency, and ain’t none of that going to get us to be our most amazing selves.




When we sleep, we release human growth hormone (GH) – and yep, you guessed it this legends involved in the growth of our muscles, bones, brain, tissues, everything, hence why babies sleep so much, coz they growwwinnnggggg.


When we’re training, our growth happens when we’re sleeping, and exercise promotes more restorative sleep thanks to its hormetic effects. GH is produced during sleep and peaks at 11pm, and continues till around 2am. so if you’re working hard, pumping/stretching/running/cycling/whatever it out and wanting to maximise your results, try get in that key growth period of sleep. 


Information and memory processing also goes down during sleep,

allowing us to literally be smarter, remember more, and integrate our day into our subconscious, and thus, us.

Sleep allows us to become who we are - all our actions, everything we heard, saw, smelt, that gets stored in our memory bank and builds our existence and awareness.


What I think is one of the coolest things about sleep, is that this is when all the toxins, plaque and built up nasties are swept away from our brains.


When we sleep, our brain cells shrink, and this allows for the cerebrospinal fluid (my favourite word ever btw), to pass between the cells, and clear out toxins and cell waste that if unable to be cleared, increase “dirty brain” diseases like Alzheimer’s.  


Even more interesting/crazy, is when you’re sleep deprived, your lizard brain (amyglada) hacks your ability to make decisions, potentially causing us to do dumb things and regret it, like eating yucky foods that don’t love our body. Its okay, its not you – it’s lack of sleep, go get some.


We can’t talk about sleep and not talk about sex. But before we get to that, we have to back it up (lol) and talk about melatonin. Melatonin is our “get good sleep” hormone (in the wise words of the legend @shawnmodel). Melatonin naturally starts secreting around 9pm, and is linked to the rising and setting of the sun aka our circadian rhythm. What does this mean? We’re genetically wired to go to sleep when it gets dark, like we ain’t owls.


(HACK: as it gets darker outside, turn more lights off, dim your environment, and allow your body to sync up to your natural circadian rhythm).


And the precursor to melatonin? Serotonin. Yep, our beloved happy hormone, and also totally why an orgasm sends you straight to sleep (fun fact #1). Moral of the story, which one of ya’ll is going home with Trigga? Haha but nah, sleep and sex are besties, and it’s all about quality sleep not quantity. There’s no magic number for hours of sleep, (but hey lets aim for 6-8), as each individual is different, but listen to your body and indulge in an early night if you’re body is telling you yes, like R Kelly.


So we know melatonin is the good guy, then cortisol gets the role of being the bad guy, but hey we need this bad boy. he’s the one who wakes us up in the morning, gives us that burst of energy to get out of bed and begin the day.

If this burst doesn’t sound familiar, then you my friend, are tired and wired. Chronic exposure to stress throughout the day sees cortisol constantly released, increasing risk for adrenal fatigue, burn out and poor sleep (not to mention the inflammatory cascade stress causes…).


(HACK: if you have difficulty getting up in the morning, jump on some adrenal-loving-adaptogenic-herb combos like ATP Science CORT RX and deal with the stressors head on)


Now we gon talk about electronics.  The blue light that come out of the screens severely disrupt our melatonin release, with studies concluding each exposure delaying melatonin production by 30 minutes (fun fact #2). So those late night movies and IG dips, yeah they’re pushing you falling asleep back and back and back.


One app I LOVE for my devices is f.lux – you pop in your location and it reduces the blue light spectrum on your screen and offsets it with orange light depending on when you wake up in the morning, aka it like syncs to your life.

For our phones - sleep cycle is such a goodie. it tracks your sleep patterns and wakes you up when you’re in the lightest sleep stage with this angelic noise – so no more hectic alarm jolting you out of bed and making you grumpy.

iphones also now have a built in “night shift”, with the ability to counteract blue light at your preference.


some cool things we can utilise to promote a better sleep;

1.     magnesium oil - magnesium is the ultimate mineral for better sleep, spray and rub it in the places you hold tension, tend to be sore and experience cramps (gals rub this shit on them ovaries of yours during your period, bye bye cramps). Killer brands include Salt Lab & Ancient Minerals.

2.     sleep promoting herbs; kava, lavender, passionflower, zizyphus

3.     mediation / breathing exercises / stretching


Creating a sleep habit is just as important as exercise and diet for key progression and happiness. We work up a sweat, fuel our bodies with the most nutrient dense foods, yet fail to treat ourselves to sleep – which is where allllll the magic happens, happy sleeping babies.

x E

- Stevenson, S 2014, Sleep Smarter, Model House Publishing