rest days, and why we need them

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*this information is for information and educational purposes only. It is not intended to treat, perevent or cure any conditions, nor is intended to constitute advice on which reliance should be placed. Any information in this blog should be discussed with your health care practitioner.


This topic is one near and dear to my bubba heart as I love moving my body and training, and honestly I sometimes struggle to give myself a rest because a part of me feels guilty, like I don’t need it, and I love how I feel post workout, so I crave that feeling too (I sound like an addict and a hypocrite haha). And I still struggle with “more is more” and not being worthy of resting because I’m not where I wanna be. So, I feel this blog will help you understand why ITS OKAY to not work out, and just rest and sleep and recover and know that the magic happens when we do this.


However, saying all that, as I ripen with age and wisdom (my teeth are still in, which are poppin as we speak), I realise how silly that is and how wrong I am. Rest days and periods are CRUCIAL to progress, growth and self-love. Because without rest, without down time, we’re not able to build back up, and restore ourselves, which we need to do to be thriving millennials.

On the sense of building muscle and weight loss, moderate to intense training is a stressor on the body. It wears us down. We break down muscle fibres, and they need to be built back up. Not resting means we have slowed recovery and growth, a higher state of inflammation, additional stress on the body, a higher requirement of nutrients and fuck we just feel sore and tired and wrecked. And that’s not good for our mindset or state of being.

- Resting means we’re not consistently zapping magnesium and other stress buffer nutrients from our body so much, and we’re able to fill up our own cup and restore our bodies, so that they’re able to keep being awesome and feel good.

- Rest means lowering inflammation, helping our joints to recover and repair.

- Rest days put us back at the starting line, so we’re able to prep for what’s ahead, make the improvements and have that continuous progression and growth, which embodies what life is all about.

Not only are rest days crucial for the biology of looking our best, they’re also crucial for feeling our best.

Our immune system takes a hit when we train and live our lives, and without adequate rest and sleep, we become more susceptible to getting sick. And no one likes being sick (its also almost like your body telling you to have a rest if you go HAM for too long without sufficient nutrient and lifestyle supports).

This topic also links into sleep, and just to revisit a few points from the blog “ambitionz az a sleeper” (I look back and cringe because it SO doesn’t go, I just wanted to emulate 2pac in my world haha), we grow when we sleep. Our anabolic hormone (human growth hormone) is released from around 11am – 2pm, allowing our muscles and tissues to grow and repair.

Further, when we sleep, our body cleans out all the toxins and built up cellular wastes, ensuring we’re clearer and cleaner in every sense of the word. Improving our cognition, memory, neural connections, energy and saaaa much more.

On the fat loss side of things, when we exercise, we’re transporting toxins that are stored in our fat tissues, to be processed by the liver for excretion, and this process is most active during sleep. So if we’re training and burning body fat, the toxins inside those fat molecules require sleep to be effectively excreted out of the body, and on days we rest we tend to get more sleep, have less stress bombarding up, so we can see how this links in.

So, how to know if we’re overdoin it?

Your workouts aren’t going so well, you’re feeling flat, lethargic, mind is wandering crazy ways, everything hurts, injury inklings, low mood/mood swings, fatigue, and just overall meh feels.

On our days off, depending on what your “9-5” is like, having a cute walk, stretch, yoga, foam roll, whatever ya vibing to still be moving around but in a non intense way

Resting gives us a reset. It gives us a chance to indulge in self-love, to take care of ourselves and be proud of our hard work. It gives us back some sanity in not feeling like we have to constantly push push push and burn the candles from both ends. More rest means more sleep, and more sleep means more serotonin and melatonin and dopamine. Which is a great thing.

That’s the end of my story.

Rest days are dope. Don’t be scared of them or feel like you don’t deserve them because you aren’t “where you wanna be”.

They’re important, and so are you.

Peace out,

E aka TMN aka sleeping beauty

why millennials need to be eating fermented foods



when in doubt, kraut it out.

*this information is for information and educational purposes only. It is not intended to treat, perevent or cure any conditions, nor is intended to constitute advice on which reliance should be placed. Any information in this blog should be discussed with your health care practitioner.


I’m super down for ferments. They’re such a crazy nutrient dense world of goodness that most of us millennials are scared of, or just think “what the fuck”, or just don’t care because we don’t understand why they’re so bomb, and so therefore don’t bother to incorporate it in our lives.


So, as we explored in our “what’s up with my gut” series - 70% of our immune system is located in our gut.

Our energy is produced there by our friendly bacteria who dominate our human cells like 10x

Our neurotransmitters like serotonin are made in our gut.

It determines how well we sleep, how well we absorb our nutrients, how well we recover, how often we get sick, our resistance to fatigue, mood balancing, and everything else in between. And ain’t nobody enjoy being sick. So adding fermented foods into our diet strengthens our immune system and will raise our overall wellbeing.


Fermented foods are CRAZY RICH IN POLYPHENOLS, (which as we’ve talked about in previous blogs) are plant properties, that are able to not only influence gut bacteria – such as kill off unwanted and encourage good ones (aka ensure the ratio of bacteria is more favourable to the good guys), but they’re also potent antioxidants (which help to mop up free radicals which are rogue cells just running amok), they also can work on gene expression (very cool), and all of these occur in fermented foods, particularly kraut’s as they’re fermented veggies, and veggies are the kingdom of good tings.


So when I talk about ferments, we have options.

We have krauts, which there are so many amazing ones out there, and kraut’s not just cabbage, there’s beetroot, carrot, kale, cauliflower, radish, broccoli, kimchi, etc etc. (i breakdown my fave's @lewisandson 's and how i include them in my meals, what i cook for dins/lunch/ and their therapeutic benefits woooooo)

I personally gravitated towards @lewisandson because a) there colours are awesome b) SO MANY OPTIONS and c) all their ingredients are local, ethical and superb, no pointless additives or flavours or sugars or anything like that, and D) they follow Ayurvedic principles which is awesome, and means that their ingredients also have therapeutic properties (i explain further down).

And then meeting Daniel and hearing his story resonated, in that it's fucking hard in todays society to find amazing, delicious foods that aren't spiked of shitty additives. And so i'm super blessed and humbled when he reached out!!


We also have keffir – which you can make your own with keffir kits or just buy it, but be careful, because a lot of the commercial ones are just packed full of sugar and shit. So remember to be flippin that package and reading what’s inside

We have kombucha and same thing, because there’s a lot of companies jumping on the good gut health bandwagon and just creating really sweet, not effective or therapeutic kombucha’s. So again, be aware.

There’s tempeh, miso, tamari, apple cider vinegar, CHOCOLATE (yes cacao is fermented) sourdough bread, wine, pickles/pickled veg, chutneys, coconut yoghurt, natto, and yaas that’s all I can think of right now.

Consuming fermented foods also helps reduce INFLAMMATION.

Inflammation is at the root of all pain, disease and conditions, as there is some kind of dis-regulation and imbalance and inflammations usually there like “oh hey guys, I’m just gonna hang out here” but it’s like can you not? So eating fermented yums can decrease inflammation, and thus, help with all conditions associated, anything and everything from IBS, some autoimmune (U.C / R.A), chronic fatigue, reoccurring UTI’s, psoriasis, eczema and acne to name a few!

A lot of us are missing these vital foods in our diets, because growing up us millennials just were never exposed to them, (unless you have awesome parents). Like shit, until a few years ago I’d never had tempeh or miso or any of the krauts, in my mind fermented foods were like milk yoghurt and cheese and alcohol? (all of which are pro-inflammatory..) And these ferments help to get rid of bloating, aid digestion and just all the not fun times, because they usually have a bitter / sour flavour profile, it increases our digestive juices and aids in bile release (which helps us break down fat). 

It’s like a cute lil sumin sumin on the side, a baben sidepiece, that gives us that extra goodness.

PS alcohol loves to kill and bomb our microbiome, so it’s kinda important and worth adding in some into our diets to help our immune system and microbiome, pow pow.

So the way i cook i feel is the most easiest, basic yet flavour & nutrient dense way. Personally, i'll take the time to cook and bake and all that fun stuff when i have a day off or make the time (coz it makes my soul happy), yet when its a work day i just want to get in, get out, eat something delicious, satisfying and nutritious. And i feel that's how most of us millennials do. like we want something yum, easy and fast haha.

Like my legit general go-to for dinner and lunches (coz i usually make enough to have for lunch too pow pow) is a like "rainbow bowl" aka "anything and everything i have in the fridge", all the veggies i can pack into it, with a bomb protein source and some serious scrumptious herbs and spices, and pimping my bowl with kraut, is how i personally consume them on the daily.

I always make sure in my cupboard i have cumin, smoked paprika and cayenne pepper, coz they're my right haaaaaand, they my go to. I also try to always make sure i have tamari &/or coconut amino's for when I'm feeling that asian persuasion vibe. For me, being able to make sure i eat wholesome foods is just enabling yourself access to them. I get my spices from @thesourcewholefoods, because i can just get as little or as much as i want, plastic and waste free - which i love.

And then its like all your veggies, i aim for 5+ different types, greens as the base - whether thats spinach, rocket, mixed leaves, sautéed kale, lettuce, and then adding in my polyphenol rich veggies that are in season (i downloaded this seasonal guide that shows you what F&V are in season in your state). And then i add either some coconut oil or olive oil for the good fats, my tempeh/tofu/lentils/protein, nuts and seeds for texture goodness, and then my spices, and kinda mix it all up in this giant mixing bowl and das it! add tahini or avocado and my kraut and das it. And its just about switching up the flavours when you get bored or have a craving.

Otherwise, i have quinoa flour usually in my cupboard, and i make like a savoury pancake thing and then load it with all the veggies and like make a wrap type thing?!? haha, or i have lupin on the side, or make cauliflower rice, those type things. 

So, recipe's including @lewisandson's kraut for me, is my bowls. And then adding a decent forkful or two to my bowl, but making sure i keep it away from my hot food if it's in there, as heat will destroy and kill the live bacteria (which is what we want!!!). Upon opening and trying every single kraut they have (hahah), i feel for meal/flavour pairing;

- kimchi - stir frys, macro bowls, sushi, anythinh tamarai / terriyaki / coconut amino / based / on anything and everything also haha. it has all the amazing pre-biotic goodness and anti-inflammatory benefits of ginger, garlic and chilli!

- sweet n sour kraut - is a game changer. I feel this pairs well with your root veggies - sweet potato, potato, pumpkin, beetroot, those kind of vibes! with some coriander even? it has apple in it (so good) which also adds extra fibre!

- beetroot kraut - in / on anything (ayeeee haha). it's an all rounder. has caraway seeds which are great for heart burn, bloating, and anti-spasmotic!

- cauli-flower power - has turmeric, fenugreek & dill - super anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, fenugreek boosts libido, great for digestion. legit so good.

- rockin' out brocco-kraut - has turmeric and ginger - super anti-inflammatory, great for digestion, any curry type scenarios would go down excellently, or just on crackers with avo as a always haha

- kale kraut - has spring onion, parsley and turnip - is again, anti-fungal/bacterial, great for bloating, diuretic and helps with fluid retention, and great for the kidneys!!! 

- saurkraut - is just the OG with cabbage and salt. add to a side of whatever you love to munch. 


SERIOUSLY. MEXICAN HEAVEN DREAMS ENVISION IT IS INSANE. if you're a mexican lover like legit, cannotttttt stress how bad you need to try this. It's like so much flavour. It's insane.


like legit, with ferments. whether its cooked, animal based, plant-based, a pre-packaged post-gym meal, uber eats, a BBQ, platters, breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, whatever, i feel you can just add a forkful of kraut to whatever you're eating and not only will it boost the nutrient absorption of whatever you're eating, support your immune system and digestion, it also is just such an easy way to take care of yourself and add a heeeaaaapppp of flavour to your day!


That's the end of my ferments story (for now...)

E xxx