tips and tricks for when its grind time

tips and tricks for when its grind time


*this information is for information purposes only. It is not intended to treat, perevent or cure any conditions, nor is intended to constitute advice on which reliance should be placed. Any information in this blog should be discussed with your health care practitioner.

So lately I’ve been in less of a “go go go” mentality, and have just been taking time to like recharge, reset, and realign myself with myself. As millennial’s we’ve grown up with the boom of having everything instantaneously.


We’re conditioned to immediacy and always having to be stimulated, that I know I find it hard to actually wind down. Especially since finding my love (nutrition) and purpose (bettering people), I’m like how fast can I go to get to where I wanna be and have the impact I want on the world. But as much as I work to hack my biology, to like support my adrenals, eat optimally, get enough sleep, meditate, breathe, do little things that feed my soul, I definitely fuck up.

I forget to meditate, I don’t book myself my sauna sessions or take the time to bake and fall in love with everything I’m doing, and I legit feel so out of alignment and lost and anxious its honestly fucking weird. But its okay. It’s okay to not be “on” all the time. It’s okay to not always be fully charged up, fully involved, full force ahead. It’s okay to chuck the hand break on, and get the fuck out the car and go for a walk and chill out for a minute.


I dunno if you feel the same, but its something I’ve struggled with, especially even when it comes to training. Like I’ve been asked heaps about what’s the optimum training regime, like what’s my “split”, how many rest days I have, and all that stuff, and for ages I didn’t rest ever. I was like so in it and loved it and even when my body was sore I’d just push through it, but now its kind of gotten to a point where I’m like baby girl listen to your body. It’s okay to rest.

It’s okay to not go to the gym for 3 days in a row. Its okay to refuel, its okay to sleep for 12 hours, and its definitely okay to spend a day not doing anything, because it benefits you in the future and teaches you to nurture yourself, because 9/10, ain’t no body gonna do that for you. You’re responsible for your own wellbeing, and that includes your mental, social, physical, spiritual and psychological wellbeing.


We’re the ones who are in control of feeling good, 24/7. We’re the ones in control of whether we’re tired, stressed, anxious, feeling lost or empty or whatever. It’s all about our mindset and what we’re doing every single day to nurture ourselves and bring ourselves closer to abundance and living each day with such tenacity, vitality and purpose.


So I feel the purpose of this blog post, is to just let you know that its okay to just be.

To just be in whatever mood or situation you’re in, its aight, roll with it, don’t overthink it. Trust that everything has a purpose and a reason, and trust that you’re also the only one who’se going to get you from there, to the next place you’re needing to be, so don’t go waiting for some sign or someone to do it for you. Like if you feel like shit, do stuff you love that makes you feel not-shitty, and practice makes permanent.

So implement that, implement daily buffers that make you realise how dope life is and how privileged and blessed you are. I think we forget to appreciate our lives and days and hours and minutes and how precious it is and how much value we can add to the world when we align with ourselves and our purpose and our souls’ loves.


I also feel this is the optimal post to chat about such buffers to put in place, that I do to ensure that I’m able to feel able to “go go go”, and not burn out, which is often like a “behind closed doors, suffer silently” type thang that goes down amongst us. Like whether it’s contributed from uni and exams, work, relationships, other stressful shit, there’s so much flying at us millennial’s every day, all fighting for our attention and that shit is mother fucking draining.


I also am like the only person who doesn’t have snapchat, and why, coz that is a mother fucking waste of my time. Like I’m writing this blog post, and instead I could be opening snaps and looking at myself with cute filters, like nuh uh. All our SM notifications, all the scrolling, our phone lights always turned up, laptops on till 12am, like soz boo’s but this is all negatively impacting your progression and physiology. But like I’ve banged on about before, its all about awareness, like if you’re aware then you have the power and opportunity to change and improve things, but that’s totally on you to adopt.


So, I’ve talked about nightshift on the iphone, and f.lux on our laptops to block out the blue light on laptops and devices, so melatonin production doesn’t get pushed back and we find it harder to fall asleep, this also impacts our cortisol rhythms.

Cortisol tends to get a bad wrap as being a bad thing, but like everything in our body, it’s all about the sensitivity of the hormone that determines whether its positive or negative. We need cortisol, we die without cortisol, it’s the dis regulation of the response to cortisol that fucks us up. So, when melatonin gets messed up through our devices, which I’m not at all dissing, like I fucking love my iphone and social media and the dope tech era we live in, and I’m super excited to see how tech’s going to advance and change our lives for the better.

But I also feel like our biology hasn’t caught up or adapted effectively yet, hence why we’re seeing so much more anxiety and burn out amongst us, because we’re not putting in the necessary helpers to make sure we’re staying feeling dope AMAP (as much as possible, also made that up haha).


So, warming up our devices helps to regulated melatonin, and as in our previous blog about sleep, sleeps super crucial for memory consolidation, weight loss, muscle growth, apoptosis (cell death, which is necessary) and mopping up free radicals, toxins and damaged cells. Sweet. Sleep is dope, yet our society makes it out to be cool and a badge of honour to not sleep, but its like your body is sad, you feel like shit, you cant perform at level 100, like hello sleep is a necessity for being a bad boss biddie/(I don’t have a male equivalent for biddie yet, ill hit ya back on that one boiz) and being able to pump it every day, like I said in my IG post, take care of your body and it’ll take care of you and get you to where you need to be. (scope our blog bout all things sleep and beyond)


So, that’s that, second ADRENAL HEALTH, is integral. I’ve mentioned it before, and you know ima mention it again I LOVE ATP science’s (@atpscience) CORT RX. It’s a killer combo of adaptogenic herbs that helps your body deal with stress before firing the stress response, thus ensuring your cortisol regulation rebalances and gets your circadian rhythm and cortisol release back insync so youre waking up feeling fresh and not getting that 3pm crash – we’re talking bout withania, schisandra, turmeric, rhodiola, all those goodies. Tied into CORT RX, I also LOVE Teelixir’s (@teelixir) immune defence and their primal energy, which are combo’s of medicinal mushrooms and herbs like astragalus, that are also adaptogens and rich in immune loving nutrients, WOOO.


I also am not okay without supplementing with magnesium!!! Mag is my boo. It does too much in our body, and is especially a stress buffer, and low mag is linked into anxiety and irritability, shit sleep, lowsy bowel movements, cramps, twitches, dem tings. So a good magnesium supp goes a longggggg way. Defs love (avoid magnesium oxide as its poorly absorbed, look for a citrate, citramate, chelates, glycinates, orotates and yep.


B12 being a vegan biddie is also my honey, as is SPIRULINA / GREENS POWDER. Legit #swampsmoothies for life. So cell-fuelling rich (i love Green Nutritionals green superfoods). Also FUN FACT, a person who eats 1 cup of greens day (we be talking veggies here) has a brain that scans up, 11 years younger than a person that doesn't. AKA if you eat greens it protects your brain and keeps it young and juicy, like thats dope. 


I also really love Dave Aspreys Bulletproof MCT oil in my morning coffee, for them polyphenols getting right up into my brain and I can legit just recall everything so fluidly and just feel on and g to go (i also pop in the teelixir's immune defence and primal into this blend and have a cup of straight up goodness).



Off the supplement department, sunshine and vitamin SEA (and D) are also key players in ensuring I take care of myself in epic times of pump and stress. In general, get grounded. Get outside, get in nature, take your shoes off, breathe in that air, and just enjoy being outside. A little goes a long way to recharge us and realign us.


Following on is the movement you love to do, whether its yoga, weight training, F45, HIT, boxing, walking, pole, whatever you love to do, do that. Movement revives our bodies and mind, and gives us an outlet as well as being an acute stress, strengthens our bodies and minds resiliency, so we’re better able to adapt with the stress and shit that gets thrown at us in life.


I also feel like doing what makes you happy and treating yourself is crucial. We’re wired to do things for reward and payoff, so if you’ve got to hustle and grind and pump it, give yourself some TLC and play TLC simultaneously. Like for me, I love to cook and bake and that makes me happy. I also love to just go explore, and also stock up my pantry hahah, so these are the things I do which make me happy and fill me back up. And reading. And writing and doing blog posts and just shit like that. So find what you love to do, and schedule that in to ensure you’re filling yourself up so you’re able to not run on empty and get chronic fatigue and burnout and just feel like shit, and wreck your metabolism and recovery and everything else. And everyone’s unique, so take a min to be like “what fills my soul up and makes me feel super good” coz 10/10 that’s gonna be the thing you need to implement as often as possible to ensure you’re feeling bomb whilst chasing your dream.


I think that’s the end of my story for now.


Key points;


-       its okay to just be, and not always have your shit always on and together and feel lost and tired and worn down, like ITS OKAY. LOVE YOSELF. You’re not a machine

-       Put in place key strategies that support you and your lifestyle, AKA adaptogenic herbs, greens, magnesium, movement and doing your fave things.

-       Love yoself. Because youre awesome.


The end


E aka TMN 

(this has nothing to do with this but i'm bumping it whilst writing this and feel like be your bodies best friend and take care of it) haha 



does stress make us fat?

*this information is for information purposes only. It is not intended to treat, perevent or cure any conditions, nor is intended to constitute advice on which reliance should be placed. Any information in this blog should be discussed with your health care practitioner.

the answer is yes.


So if you follow me on insta, a few days (its not been a week coz I was slow on the come up haha) ago, you’d seen my post that we chucked on Culture King’s Melb’s snap and my little vultnerablity moment of me tearing myself down. And then I was like “omg eliza, you stressing about stressing about looking fat, is making you fat”.


When something potentially stressful pops into my life, I legit always think and then say “naah, its not worth the cortisol” and then don’t stress about it, because is it worth the inflammation, its gonna be a no from me.  So when I posted that piccy, I realised I was being self conscious about my tummy, and guess which hormone loves to store fat there; yep CORTISOL. It was like a double-edged sword. Stressing about stressing about having tummy fat, just keeps my tummy fat there. So I was like damn, lets write about this. And oestrogen, and a lil bit of testosterone, and plateu’s and fat.


So when we’re talking about fat, we’re dividing it into subcutaneous, in an easy way to remember is our bodies sink, it just stores shit and visceral, is metabolically active


If you haven’t heard of the dangers of visceral fat, then you’ve been living under a rock (crack rock), but nah visceral fat is the metabolically and hormonally active fat that is positioned around our vital organs; heart, liver, stomach, all those things we cant live without. Before I dis visceral fat, we actually need it to survive. Brown fat, chews up energy and produces heat, it keeps us warm.


But visceral fat is also sneaky, because its not just a storage sink like subcutaneous (that juiciness good good), its like hi hello, im real, I can release hormones, like estrogen that deposit and get stuck and have a party with me and guess what, we’re hard to get rid of. Or it can be like hey hello I cause inflammatory compounds to get released and create a perpetuating cycle of metabolic disease and inflammation, like T2D, and obesity.


That’s visceral fat. That’s what, when we start exercising gets targeted first; which is amazing. Its saving our lives, and also why we don’t notice “results” or changes until training for a while, because our bodies chewing up and sweating out (or rather breathing out) our visceral fat, making us happier and healthier.


*fun way to measure your visceral fat without a scan, if you lie down on your back, and your tummy doesn’t flatten and you’ve got a like semi circle bulge asif ya bloated, then ding ding ding viscerals there, and lets work together to get that melted).


OKAY so back to cortisol & belly fat. I’ma break it down into 3 key compartments;

1.     Emotional stress

2.    Everyday stress

3.    Environmental stress


When we stress about our love life, work life, gym life, family life, friend life, all the live’s, our body sends out stress hormones – cortisol & norepinephrine and we trigger our fight-or-flight response (taking you back to year 10 human bio class). Our heart rate goes up, blood gets shut off to non-life preserving organs / systems e.g digestion, reproduction, we feel alert, our breathing shortens, and we feel like Eminem. This is all g - in a short term scenario, like someone breaks whilst driving suddenly in front of us, BAM, our reflexes kick in, we’re like FULL ON IN FIGHT-OR-FLIGHT, and then ideally in our magical universe, we realise the stress threat is over, and we calm down and our system returns to normal. But hey its 2017, we’ve got emotional stress coming at us in so many forms; our manager and boss’ demanding more of us, customers complaining, fighting with siblings / our boo-thang's, over analysing situations, not being able to break through a plateau (in every aspect of life), and we’re like low-key always stressed, cortisol and NE is like drip drip drip (R Kelly x Dave Chapelle).

Then we’ve got every day stress, traffic, money, foods we eat that trigger a stress response (refined sugar and carbs and trans fat I’m looking at you), man I dunno about you but even my phone going off gives me a mini heart attack sometimes, its like SURPRISE BITCH YOU GOT MAIL.

And then there’s environmental stressors, these sneaky guys we cant really avoid, like pollution, pesticides, herbacides, xenoestrogens in plastic, petrol fumes, fuck whats in our make up, our water, microwaves, its like a never ending horror story haha.


And all these stressors keep cortisol on tap, dripping through our adrenals, interfering with weight loss, recovery, sleep, energy, everything. So what do we do?

A) minimise the daily stressors you experience, take time out to breathe, meditate, practice yoga if you into it, do whatever creative artistic, adventurous thing you love to manage the stress

B) cut out the shit that isn’t worth the cortisol aka toxic negative people, change jobs, eat organic, reduce stimulants, do whatever to make you happy and

C) take effective supplements to nurse your adrenals back to optimal health. I LOVE - CORT RX by ATP Science, a good magnesium, and a good B Vitamin complex too.  


So if your belly fat is stubborn, or you’ve plateaued, or if you feelin on edge and just know you’re going through a stressful period, implement strategies, take the necessary supplements to just help you manage and decrease that dangerous visceral fat (holla if you want more info/guidance/supps)


Next up is oestrogen. Oestrogen is, again, actually crucial for wellbeing, bone density, reproductive health in both guys and gals, sex drive, us developing boobs, all those kinda fun things. But again, just like everything, becomes a problem when our bodies unable to detoxify it effectively from the body (your liver is already doing 54857385475674 things, so we can definitely cut him some slack). When oestrogen isn’t able to be cleared out effectively by our #1 fan the liver, it also accumulates within subcutaneous tissue and is a bitch of a thing – literally. Backs of the arms, love handles, extra juicy thighs for us ladies are the usual landmarks, for guys, backs of arms, breast tissue and also, love handles. You know its oestrogen because it’s cold to touch. It’s not warm, its not metabolically active, it’s just stuck.


And before you go blaming soy (which is a phytoestrogen = plant oestrogens, and a wholeeeeeee nother convoluted topic), hol up, plastic, make-up, skin care products, sunscreen, paint, lubricants, insecticides, pesticides, and “the pill” all mimic oestrogen in the body and we call them – xenoestrogens; synthetic oestrogens found in all these random compounds.


So we unknowingly (now knowingly) ingest these xenoestrogens into our body, they bind to our receptors and make it even harder for the liver to detox because all of a sudden there’s much more than we ever produced!! What to do?


Eat a butt load of the brassica family vegetables; broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, theres so many, magnesium, B vitamins and fibre also, they all aid your liver in phase 2 detoxification which is what we want


For guys, same thing. If oestrogen builds up, it negatively impacts your test levels, muscle hypertrophy ability, reproduction, growth, and all the other magical properties of testosterone. With hormones, its all about ratios and balance, which is what we want to get in check. If you’re unsure, you can always get your sex hormones tested and see where your levels are at, and we can go from there. 


And now we’re going to bubbi explore why we love testosterone so much, even for women. First of all, fun fact, testosterone is anti-inflammatory and therefore, anti-ageing! WOO! Women make testosterone and then our ovaries convert it to oestrogen, whereas of course men don’t have ovaries so they keep there’s as test.

Testosterone is super great for brain health, anti-aging, stronger muscles meaning we have a higher metabolic rate, exercising also boosts testosterone, and psychologically testosterone is associated with more confidence, certainty and assertiveness. For guys (and women who are looking to build lean muscle), we want to free up bound testosterone, and encourage the release of it, through exercise, effective supps, avoid xenoestrogens, ensure you’re getting adequate zinc, sleep, and good fats in ya diet (coz hormones are made from cholesterol)


If we’ve hit a plateau you know its time to switch it up. Diet, exercise, supps, sleep, everything. Assess the key areas that aren’t budging; are they hormone related? Do you need to get your levels checked? How do you feel? And work with your coach / me to address these barriers.




- notorious e.l.i 


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