rest days, and why we need them

yeah so this song popped into my head when trying to think of a dope song to go with the blog/topic... soooo it happened haha.


*this information is for information and educational purposes only. It is not intended to treat, perevent or cure any conditions, nor is intended to constitute advice on which reliance should be placed. Any information in this blog should be discussed with your health care practitioner.


This topic is one near and dear to my bubba heart as I love moving my body and training, and honestly I sometimes struggle to give myself a rest because a part of me feels guilty, like I don’t need it, and I love how I feel post workout, so I crave that feeling too (I sound like an addict and a hypocrite haha). And I still struggle with “more is more” and not being worthy of resting because I’m not where I wanna be. So, I feel this blog will help you understand why ITS OKAY to not work out, and just rest and sleep and recover and know that the magic happens when we do this.


However, saying all that, as I ripen with age and wisdom (my teeth are still in, which are poppin as we speak), I realise how silly that is and how wrong I am. Rest days and periods are CRUCIAL to progress, growth and self-love. Because without rest, without down time, we’re not able to build back up, and restore ourselves, which we need to do to be thriving millennials.

On the sense of building muscle and weight loss, moderate to intense training is a stressor on the body. It wears us down. We break down muscle fibres, and they need to be built back up. Not resting means we have slowed recovery and growth, a higher state of inflammation, additional stress on the body, a higher requirement of nutrients and fuck we just feel sore and tired and wrecked. And that’s not good for our mindset or state of being.

- Resting means we’re not consistently zapping magnesium and other stress buffer nutrients from our body so much, and we’re able to fill up our own cup and restore our bodies, so that they’re able to keep being awesome and feel good.

- Rest means lowering inflammation, helping our joints to recover and repair.

- Rest days put us back at the starting line, so we’re able to prep for what’s ahead, make the improvements and have that continuous progression and growth, which embodies what life is all about.

Not only are rest days crucial for the biology of looking our best, they’re also crucial for feeling our best.

Our immune system takes a hit when we train and live our lives, and without adequate rest and sleep, we become more susceptible to getting sick. And no one likes being sick (its also almost like your body telling you to have a rest if you go HAM for too long without sufficient nutrient and lifestyle supports).

This topic also links into sleep, and just to revisit a few points from the blog “ambitionz az a sleeper” (I look back and cringe because it SO doesn’t go, I just wanted to emulate 2pac in my world haha), we grow when we sleep. Our anabolic hormone (human growth hormone) is released from around 11am – 2pm, allowing our muscles and tissues to grow and repair.

Further, when we sleep, our body cleans out all the toxins and built up cellular wastes, ensuring we’re clearer and cleaner in every sense of the word. Improving our cognition, memory, neural connections, energy and saaaa much more.

On the fat loss side of things, when we exercise, we’re transporting toxins that are stored in our fat tissues, to be processed by the liver for excretion, and this process is most active during sleep. So if we’re training and burning body fat, the toxins inside those fat molecules require sleep to be effectively excreted out of the body, and on days we rest we tend to get more sleep, have less stress bombarding up, so we can see how this links in.

So, how to know if we’re overdoin it?

Your workouts aren’t going so well, you’re feeling flat, lethargic, mind is wandering crazy ways, everything hurts, injury inklings, low mood/mood swings, fatigue, and just overall meh feels.

On our days off, depending on what your “9-5” is like, having a cute walk, stretch, yoga, foam roll, whatever ya vibing to still be moving around but in a non intense way

Resting gives us a reset. It gives us a chance to indulge in self-love, to take care of ourselves and be proud of our hard work. It gives us back some sanity in not feeling like we have to constantly push push push and burn the candles from both ends. More rest means more sleep, and more sleep means more serotonin and melatonin and dopamine. Which is a great thing.

That’s the end of my story.

Rest days are dope. Don’t be scared of them or feel like you don’t deserve them because you aren’t “where you wanna be”.

They’re important, and so are you.

Peace out,

E aka TMN aka sleeping beauty