10 books every millennial needs to read

Paper as in books. Because i think i'm clever. 

This week i'm divulging my current fave 10 books around just fucking life in general, sprinkled with a lil bit of nutrition, as i've had a lot of people ask me for book recommendations (can't stop won't stop; the bad boy story aka my story about reading books).



1.     You are a Badass – Jen Sincero


Okay so I’ve literally recommended this book to everyone / sent soooo many people copies to read. I’ve said it before, and ima say it again – this book needs to be engrained within the school curriculum (minus the language but eh, fuck it).


My fave key takes away from the book is/are;

The stories we tell ourselves. Its our self-talk, our inner monologue that’s on 24/7, that wires our beliefs, actions and habits. As Napoleon Hill says and Buddha teaches; thoughts are powerful, what you think, you become. And this is so insanely true. If you tell yourself over and over, that you’re not good at ____, you’re bad at ___, you’re always late, you’re forgetful, you’re broke, you’re “okay”, the list is endless; all these negative connotations are on constnant replay and literally rule your life. If you tell yourself you’re not good enough, you believe you’re not good enough, you act like you’re not good enough, you make bad food choices, you don’t create an exercise routine, you date fuck boys and the whole time you’re complaining like “why aren’t I losing weight, why do I always choose shit guys, blah blah blah”. Its like YO WAKE UP, stop telling yourself and telling others these stories, because very time it comes out your mouth, your brain makes a memory, it flex’s that muscle, and you say it over and over, that memory gets stronger and it just consumes you and you don’t even realise you’re doing it.

So watch what you say to yourself. Be aware. Be conscious. And start switching up the stories you tell yourself and others like “I’m gonna end up alone” um no, you just haven’t met anyone who’se awesome enough for you. Da end.


So what you think determines what you say, how you feel, what you believe, and your belief’s create your habits, and your habits create your life. Moral of the story is; you become what you envision yourself to be. So feed yourself awesome, loving, bad bitch / thug nigga thoughts and watch your life change.


2.     Linchpin – Seth Godin


Ah I love Seth Godin. And Linchpin was super insightful and like so many light bulbs went off.

In a nutshell, what I took away is that the entire system / world is structured to make you be a clog in a machine. Just do you 9-5, pay your bills, be content with what is. The school system is structured to spit out copies, based on a pre-written and unchanging curriciulum, one that doesn’t support creative thinking, self-expression and exploration, emotions, one that doesn’t even teach you real life skills that you need, like how to do a tax return, how to change a tyre on a car, how to realise your own purpose, like SHIT WE ACTUALLY NEED. Like we spent so much time putting notes in our classpads about trigonometry formulas, like SERIOUSLY, HOW DOES THAT EVEN HELP US.


Anyways, not only that, the school system hasn’t changed much in last like 100 years, its not preparing the next generation for our current and the future, like why isn’t VR (virtual reality) and AR (artificial reality) being incorporated into schools? Why aren’t we learning about the importance of nutrition in preventing and reversing cancer and disease? But this book just made you realise how society is created and controlled, to keep you being a good cog in the machine. Yet what Seth hammers into you amazingly, is that youre special. Youre creativity – that is what is unique. That is all that matters. You. Your ideas, thoguhts, your art – whether it be traditional forms of art; music, dance, illustration etc, or other forms of art; like Tony Robbins ability to touch and change so many peoples lives through his art of empathy and connection. Its that art, that creativity, that part of you that you KNOW is in there, that maybe you’ve dabbled in, or felt it spring to life when you did something, its that magic that you need to grab, amplify and share that art, that magic with the world. For yourself and for all of the human race. E.g Elon Musk.


3.     Daring Greatly – Brene Brown


This one I’m kind of cheating with as I just started it but GAD DAMN, IM ALREADY SO OBSESSED, MIND BLOWN AND IN LOVE with this book!!!! So far, its all about vulnerability – and how being vulnerable is the key to actually living life. How we exist in a society and community that focuses on lack of, of comparison, of how emotions are weakness, yet hello emotions are what makes life have purpose. And that its connection, human connectedness that gives us purpose.

Vulnerability is both insanely terrifying, but also achingly necessary. Its being allowed to be seen, to be your true self, to do things that scare the shit out of you, that make you vulernable, that make that lizard brain go – no no no, back into your comfort zone you go, its those moments, that require courage and faith that fill you with so much pride and love. Whether its asking someone you find attractive for their number, or telling your parents you’re depressed, or gay or telling your partner what you want in bed, hell telling someone you love them, that’s vulnerability; but on the other side of that; is the magic. Is the freedom, the burst of emotion, the contentment the good shit. So don’t confuse vulnerability with being weak, it’s the opposite, its courage. It strengthens the sense of self, and grows you as a person. Be vulnerable, allow yourself to be seen, don’t let fear of judgement, criticism, people laughing at you or belittling you, or even hurting you hold you back, what you gain is always outweighs that safety you feel.


4.     Mindset – Dr. Carol Dweck


This one's a real goodie, and sets the foundation for creating a growth mindset, rather than a fixed mindset. In a nutshell, I took away so much goodness form this. Carol guides you through the studies and the research shes done, about how people attain either a fixed mindset – I’m good at, im bad at, its either black or white, and they don’t tend to try to improve or change it. They feel they’re born with a certain amount of skills and ability, and that’s kinda it. Whereas individuals with the growth mindset, believe you can cultivate any skill you want, and that youre always able to improve and grow. Makes sense. And then you kind of reflect it onto you and your life and you’re like damn, I can literally improve in any skill I want, the book essentially embodies Tim Ferris and how we shows you, you can do anything if you put in work.

Moral of the story is; stop limiting your capabilities and realise because of brain plasticity and being human is awesome, we can train and teach ourselves to become better and amazing at anything and everything. E.g Michael Jordan's story, its like natural talent only gets you to a point, and then its up to you to go higher


5.     How Rich People Think – Steven Siebold


This ones a goodie for deconstruscting and rebuilding our mindset around money, and whats been engrained in us since we were kids by our parents. Its set out in a like contrast type way, like a situations given, and then how normal people react, and then how rich people react. Its also important to note although we always associate rich with financial prosperity, boi you can be rich in a pleather of ways, rich in health, rich in happiness, rich in vitality, rich in energy, rich in love, ALL THE RICH! But as we know, money gives us opportunities, it provides freedom, security, the ability to help others, to change the world for the better. Money isn’t the enemy.


He also goes through and debunks the typical associations about rich people, that they’re selfish, evil, greedy, but its like nuh uh, money just makes you more of the person you are, it just reveals your true self. Like is Oprah selfish, greedy or evil?!?! Nuh uh, she rich as hell and is like the nicest person ever, its just lame bitches who ruin the idea of being financially rich for everyone else. It just shifts your way of thinking about money, and how rich people are actually awesome, they’re the one’s who’ve made our world better, enabled us to live safer, longer lives, happier, healthier, they had the killer ideas that solved our problems and that’s way they’re rich, and they worked fucking hard. Lazy people ain’t rich, and its lazy people who bitch about rich people. (I felt like Big Boi and the Millionaire verse just then haha).


6.     0-1 – Peter Thiel


So Peter co-invented Paypal. Yep. He did that. 0-1 is super cool, its all about creating something NEW so solve a problem, rather than just regurgitating the same things but in your own way and trying to sell it as different. Its like bruh, it’s the same teeth whitening ingredients just over and over and over again. The guys who did it first, they’re the 0-1 niggas. The rest are just copy cats jumping on a bandwagon, aka going from 1-2, just adding a new feature, new update, new sumin but its still the same product. Peter encourages you to think massively outside the box, like what problem can you solve that’s not invented yet? Whether it’s a tangible object, or a service, what can you give to people that’s not out there yet?


Like that’s what I aim to do. I want to be/am this authentic, millennial, science-nerd, biddie preaching plant based nutrition, self-love, and be a dope life coach and just help everyone be the best versions of themselves, so that those people can be the 0-1 people, so they can change the world, I want to be a vehicle for that. I also want to just live my life being my authentic self 100% and inspire others by just being me, like when I first started I wanted to write blogs, and launch my nutrition and life coaching business I battled with whether I be like a proper science dry milk-arrowroot biscuit type person, and then I wrote a few and was like UGH THIS IS KILLING ME. Because I thought I needed to be a “proper” nutritionist / educator, and then I just totally wrote like myself and I’m like YAS and then everyone’s like giggling with me because I talk like the real 23 year old crazy gal I am. Plus I’m goanna invent some other cool shit along the way, that’s new, that’s 0-1. And you are going to too. So get around it. Write lists of problems you cant find solutions for, and then solve that shit. VOILA. 0-1. Pow pow.


7.     Do Cool Shit – Miki Agarawl


I totally loved this book and Miki, ah such a babe! I DM’d her (I think I DM like every author I love and tell them I love them) and we had a convo that was like “NO YOU’RE AMAZING, NO YOU’RE AMAZING”. Anyways, this book is super great. It has similar features as I feel most of these books do, its like a growing mountain of self-confidence, self-esteem, growth and just pulling you out of the matrix in the words of epic legend Tom Bilyeu (you can thank me later).


She invented, like what Peter teaches, the first gluten & dairy free pizzeria in New York, and tells her story. She also created fucking period proof undies?!?! and also totally helped solve a massive hygiene and sanitation issue for women in third world countries at the same time. LIKE CMON, THAT IS FUCKING COOL, boys even you cant deny that’s awesome. Anyways, I got a bit off topic. Its like Miki talks to you throughout the entire book, and her stories super motivational and just makes you wanna do cool shit with your life, and not be a cog in the machine, aka be a Linchpin. She also gives you heaps of resources and ideas of how to get your idea up and running, although it’s American you can totally Google the Australian equivalent and figure it out. I took away just following what I fucking love to do, and not feel like I cant live my life the way I want. Like I don’t have to work for anyone else, I don’t have to do anything. I can do cool shit. And if I work hard, I can make that an empire, and live a dope af life. And you can too. DO COOL SHIT, don’t be boring. Make up your own rules, your own life and go and do whatever you love to do and help people in the process.


8.     Sleep Smarter – Shawn Stevenson


I’m such a science nerd, and I totally resonate with Shawn his podcasts are super fun (The Model Health Show), and he just gives you the good science facts but like in his way, and him next to Arianna Huffington (I also will read her book) are sleep experts. The book breaks down the vital importance of sleep, and how our society celebrates sleep-deprivation, like it somehow means you work hard, like you’re a martyr for your work/the “hustle”, its meant to be worn as a badge of honour and something to brag about, but Shawn laces you with the science and research to be like UM DUDE, sleep is where all the magic happens. Its where our memories solidify from short term to long term, aka pulling all nighters – is actually detrimental, rather than beneficial, where our brain cleans away toxic build up and wastes.  Aka protecting us from Alzheimer’s and dementia, growth hormones released when we sleep aka building muscle and repairing our systems so we can function at our optimal, weight loss happens when we sleep and we could go on and on about how important sleep is, which is what Shawn does.


He also gives some killer tips, hacks and recommendations for ways to improve the sleep we do get, and how blue light fucks with our hormones and sleep cycles, and we know our hormones essentially control like everything in our bodies. Shawn’s awesome, the books awesome, sleeps awesome.


9.     Proteinaholic – Dr Garth Davis


I’ve had heaps of gorgeous peeps ask me about which books I recommend in regards to educating themselves about plants / whole foods / going vegetarian / vegan / and just food in general, and Proteinaholic would be one of them.


Garth breaks down the science (also a very sciencey book) and presents the research about how the meat and dairy industry, predominantly America and then the rest of the world kinda followed, tricked all of us into thinking that we need copious amounts of protein in order to live longer, be leaner, be healthy etc etc. Like yes, protein is awesome, yes it is the boss macronutrient and is like so special our body loves it and always wants to hold onto it, and yes, you should eat a protein adequate diet that’s suitable to your needs / goals, however, this doesn’t equal meat being the star of our plate, meal after meal, week after week, and its this pattern of eating that’s caused the high rates of CVD, cancer, stroke, obesity, and just all the Western diseases we see. He also talks about how high-protein diets like Atkins and shit where you eat a shit load of bacon and meat is super detrimental to your body, as meats acidic and pro-inflammatory.


It was interesting for me to read, and kind of revolutionised the way I thought about protein, in that even when I was transitioning to plant based, its always like “where do I get my protein?” “will I be able to build / keep muscle?” and then Garth’s like unless you’re living in poverty stricken countries, you’re not gonna be protein deficient. There’s protein in plants, its just not as much as meat, hence why you eat a lot of different veggies and fun superfoods.  He also, like im about to say in Whole, that everything’s always so reductionist – in that we focus on macro nutrients, like just protein, and its protein that’s the star, and its like bruh you need all the other micronutrients and co-enzymes to break it down and utilise the protein. Moral of the story is; eat lots of plants, little bit of protein and you’ll thrive.


10. Whole – Colin Campbell


Colin also co-wrote with his dad (cute hey) The China Study; which is another great nutrition based novel that tracks the prevalence and creation of Western diseases; cardiovascular disease, stroke and cancer, even things like Alzheimer’s, ADHD, depression, anxiety (more on that in Grain Brain and Spark*), and how its all linked to the over consumption of animal and processed foods.

Whole hammers home the need to step away from reductionist ways of thinking and educating practitioners and people on nutrition and the body. Like we’re taught about the muscle cell, and then we’re taught about the immune system, and then we’re focusing on our macronutrients, instead of realising the body works in a wholistic way, it’s a whole system, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, psychologically, we are one giant system, and its silly that the entire biomedical model is created off “experts”, you go see a neurologist, a dermatologist, a gynaecologist, a nephrologist, a cardiologist, all these people specialise in one system, one part of the body, and 9/10 are not taught/ are completely unaware that all systems impact each other, and its just a massive money scheme (hence why seeing a holistic practitioner rocks, they look at the entire picture). It’s also super sciencey, and is a bit dry if you’re not into biology and molecular pathways, but its cool because you realise the body is a whole, same with food and nutrients, its not just protein, carbs and fats, its not just IIFYM, its not just keto, its like where are your micronutrients, your trace minerals, your bubbi building blocks, we need to stop focusing on individual nutrients and praising them like protein, and realise we need a lil bit o errythang.



*Spark by John J Ratey,

which is all about exercise and its scientific evidence for curing depression, anxiety, ADHD, improving focus, cognition, longevity and how exercise protects our brain.

Grain Brain by Dr David Perlmutter,

gives you HEAPS of research, evidence and graphs about the inflammatory link with grains, refined carbohydrates and its aggregation of so many autoimmune and other disorders/diseases. 
(these are also great reads bout nutrition and its impact on health)