travelling essentials, what to bring and why?


Oh krrrrrp, okay so I feel this blog is hopefully going to solve a lot of people’s queries around what to bring when we go travelling, to make sure we don’t get poisoned, or feel shit.


I’ma go through a few of the key ones, but these also depend on where you’re travelling to, and how long you’re going for. Also, I’ll finish it up briefly talking about parasite cleanses, because parasites are nasty fuckers that 9/10 you may not even realise you picked up, you just might not feel 10/10 and turns out it’s a jerk parasite is stealing all ya nutrients.


Its interesting about the microbiome (check out our other blogs bout it), that its constantly changing depending on our environment, and the bacteria in our gut are transient, meaning they’re always eliminated and repopulated, depending on what we eat and where we are. So when we’re travelling to numerous places, our microbiome is exposed to new bacteria, and not just in the gut, the microbiome on our skin and in our mouths too (so if we smell different, das why haha). So its handy that we make sure we’re helping to balance it all out and not get too much of them, to throw us out of balance and thus, we get sick.



So first up is,

SB aka saccharomyces boulardii. SB is a strain of probiotic that’s shelf stable, and I like to think of SB as a broom, that’s able to brush away any of the bad nasty bacteria, like E.coli (UTI’s, food poisioning), salmonella (food poisoning), H.pylori (stomach ulcers), and clostridium (food poisoning, tetanus), we can attain when we eat food and drink water from foreign places.


SB can be used both preventatively and acutely, say if you do get food poisoning (even in AUS, SB is ya bestie), or eat / drink something and feel yuck or feel sick or a headache or anything that’s negatively impacting your trip.


I’d take 2x SB a day, or in “high risk areas” such as where the water and things are heavily contaminated, such as Asia, South America, and India, you can even take 1-2x with each meal. Otherwise, 2x a day for happy prevention is great. Acutely, if you do get six, 2x 3 times a day. AKA 6. To help brush out the bad bugs. Bye bye bye.


SB also doesn’t impact the good bugs, so it’s not like it kills everything like colloidal silver or citrus seed extract – two other tools which are great for sterilising your water. So if you do have to use tap water and can’t get bottled water, adding colloidal silver or citrus seed extract to your water and allowing to leave for 10 minutes, will sterilise and kill all the baddies in your water, enabling it to be safe to drink J handy little guys. Also, acutely, if you do get sick, just bomb some in your water and don’t wait 10 minutes, just drink it (but hopefully you’ve got a bottle of good water to drink, not water that needs to be purified).


Also, when we go on a trip, sometimes we tend to just YOLO it and eat heaps of foods we don’t usually eat, and generally a lot more sugar than we’re used to. SB is great for if you’re consuming lots of sweets, as it’s used to help flush out the strains of bacteria that cause thrush – which is candida. Candida is triggered and can activate / cause thrush when we consume lots of sugar. Because sugar feeds candida and other not so lovely bacteria. So SB is great to have 2x a day if you are consuming a lot more sugar and carbohydrates than usual, to make sure you’re aiding to not have an overgrowth of candida. POW POW


Okay, so then general probiotics are also what I’d take, to make sure we’re repopulating the good ones, and help favourably balance out our microbiome. There’s a few good shelf stable ones, and we’re looking for the general multi-strain options, such as our lacto and bifido species.


Accompanying probiotics are digestive enzymes, and I say these only if you’re going to be eating heavier, richer food than you’re used too. Digestive enzymes are what our stomach produces naturally, but when we switch up our diet or eat foods we’re not usually consuming 9/10 our body doesn’t produce enough enzymes to help us break that meal down. And so we get bloated, super full, sluggish, can get reflux, IBS, and just don’t feel like our food is moving anywhere. So whether is Europe, America, or anywhere else in the world where we’re going to be consuming more dense foods, digestive enzymes are ya best bud. There’s some really awesome brands out there for digestive enzymes! Now - Super Enzymes, Thorne - Bio-Gest, Bioceuticals - Multigest, Metagenics – Metagest, are a few great ones, otherwise Swedish bitters or Iberogast also help to digest food!!


Alternatively, if you want a food source of digestive aid, look at things like miso, or warm tea, lemon water or ACV before your foods, to help stimulate gastric juices that contain the enzymes!


And the final part of the GI team for travelling is activated charcoal! This black magic binds to toxins, heavy metals, gas, everything and helps to move it through the GI, volcano poops for all!!!


So, that’s gut health down packed. And the next few are a bit more specific.


For example, vitamin B1 makes your blood un-loveable by mosquitos, and can reduce mosquitos biting you. Which is great. SO if you’re going to a high mosquito infested area / season, B1 is ya right hand.


An immune boosting formula is also a great idea, especially if we’re going somewhere cold. Bioceuticals - Armaforce or some blend of Echinacea / olive leaf / zinc / vit c / andrographis, all those fun ones. I’m also a huge fan of food based immune boosters, so like the camu camu, holy basil, type blends (Amazonia do a good one). ATP’s CORT RX also amazing, otherwise a mushroom complex is also a bomb idea, as these herbs (CORT RX) / fungi (mushrooms) are great for supporting the immune system when travelling, as humans weren’t intended to fly, so flying can suppress our immune system and make us susceptible. Also there’s heaps of randoms around us on a plane and them germs can zoom around.


Sleep wise, there’s 5-HTP or melatonin – which is our get good sleep hormone.

5-HTP is the precursor to serotonin, which is the pre-cursor to melatonin. Melatonin should only be used to regulate a sleep cycle and help knock the edge off jet-lag, and isn’t something that should be relied on or taken long term (it down regulates our bodies own melatonin production so you therefore are unable to make enough and have to depend on external melatonin or other sleep aids, which no one wants). 


Also, fasting is great for reducing jet lag and protecting the immune system, so consider doing a fast whilst you’re flying. And also all the detoxifying greens (which I mention under this) aid in jet lag, and also turmeric / curcumin all the anti-inflammatories to reduce the inflammation (also in CORT RX).


So that’s when travelling a few goodies to have. And when you get home, just jump back into your routine and I’d up the greens, to help aid detoxification. If you’ve had a large holiday and aren’t feeling too crash hot (in mum words), bitter greens like endive, kale, beetroot greens, all those more abstract greens are great for aiding liver detoxification.


Otherwise a greens sup that’s pumped full of spirulina, chlorella (especially detoxifying) and the grasses are bomb. Rosemary, and all the brassica family. Also lemon water, aids in digestion and detoxification. And then even antioxidant rich foods which if it has a bright amazing colour – pow pow antioxidants. Or just eat heaps of chaga and cacao haha, double duo pow pow.


And then also if you’ve gone to a more developing country I’d also consider doing a parasite cleanse. There’s heaps of great easy products that incorporate powerful herbs and superfoods that help to kill the fuckers. And it’s a like 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off, 2 weeks on protocol to kill the jerks hanging out in the biofilm hiding.


I think that’s all I can think of right now.

So in a nutshell, consider

-       SB

-       Probiotics

-       Digestive enzymes / other

-       Colloidal silver / citrus seed extract for water purifying (if required)

-       Immune booster (if required)

-       5HTP / melatonin (to regulate sleep cycle, if required)


Weow, happy travelling hunnnis


E aka TMN aka mr worldwide.