bye bye bloat, how to get rid of bloating

make bloating your bitch, once and for all


Seriously, like on a day to day basis, aint nothing more uncomfortable than being bloated.

Like pun included, it’s a sure way to take the wind out of your sail, and feel so not sexy, confident, or like youre a badass queen / king. Although I feel guys don’t talk about bloatin nearly as much as women do? Whats up with that? Boys can you please explain? Do you get bloated too? Are you uncoofrtable? Why don’t you talk bout it more? Instead of just leaving us gals floating in the wind with air babies and uncomfortable looks on our faces, ja feel.

So besides my now pending question of do boys get bloated? And can we make this a talked about thing, BLOATING IS SOMETHING I GET ASKED ABOUT A LOT.

IT IS ALSO SOMETHING 99.95% OF PEOPLE I TALK TO EXPERIENCE EVERY SINGLE DAY, almost thinking its normal? Or expected? Or just happens.

And im like BOO BOO NO. bloating is not normal. Its just normalised in our society because people eat foods that don’t agree with them and show off their food babies or like embrace the bloat. But bloating shouldn’t happen every day. It shouldn’t.

Bloating is described from a range of symptoms, distention in our stomach and intestines, gas, pressure, discomfort, and can link into constipation / diarrhoea, associated with IBS, and GI tract dysfunction.

It’s a reaction that occurs inside our small intestine, and as our bugs work to break down what we’ve eaten, and they usually love carbohydrates – whetehr it be simple ones like lactose, or complex carbs and starches like corn, whole grains and legumes, fibre also, they ferment in our gut by the bugs and they emit hydrogen gases, which causes our abdomen to swell up, and thus the bloating, distention, and discomfort.

We don’t have to live being bloated. Uncomfortable. We can remove this pain completely, and it all starts with awareness. I posted up yesterday my bloated belly because I honestly haven’t been bloated in so long, like monthsssssssss, and I ate some organic popcorn and BOOM EPIC BLOATING. I was shocked. And so this is why im writing this. Because I was like “asif I blow up that much from such a small amount of fucking Cobs organic popcorn”. But ya girl did. Gave me a glimpse into what id look like knocked up.


So lets get this through out heads. BLOATING ISNT NORMAL. Bloating isn’t just something we have to live with. We need to become MORE AWARE of what we’re eating that triggers our bloating. Rather than being blind, or just complacent and accepting it, which is what ive experienced with my clients. I’m like “wait, so you had a soy flat white and then the bloating happened?” and theyre like …. Oh yeah. DING DING DING. A culprit emerges.


Some common culprits;

-       dairy – in all forms, milk, cheese, ice cream, yoghurt, chocolate, pastries, biscuits, cakes, etc

-       grains / flours – rices, pastas, bread, pizzas, biscuits, cakes, crackers, most processed tings

-       legumes / beans – chickpeas, black beans, red kidney beans

-       artificial sugars – acesulfame potassium (ACEK),

-       fizz – redbulls, soft drinks, beers, even kombucha sometimes etc.

-       high FODMAP foods (if you’re GI system is overly sensitive / inflammation occurs)

-       probiotic rich foods (counter productive I know right?!?) – coconut yoghurts, kombuchas,


-       not chewing our food / eating quickly

-       mindless eating

-       eating when we’re walking

-       drinking water / liquids with meals

-       drinking cold liquids

-       eating cold / frozen foods

-       chewing gum

-       intolerances

-       changes in diet (e.g more fibre, over eating)

-       stress

-       leaky gut / GI inflammation

-       malabsorption issues

-       hormonal fluctuations

-       eating late at night when digestion isn’t as fired up


So take note. What are you consuming or doing that’s causing you to be bloated? And guess what the next step is? CUT THAT SHIT OUT. Problem solvered (well part of it!) Cutting out these foods / changing our habits should reduce and remove 90% of the bloating we experience.


Eat mindfully.

Don’t drink and eat. Eat your food. Drink 30 minutes later.

Warm / digestive loving liquids pre food only (ACV, warm teas, etc).

Sit down to eat.

If youre eating cold foods, add warming herbs / spices


If you’re doing all this and still experiencing bloating, then message me because we’re going to be looking at leaky gut / gi problems, digestive issues, stomach acid / enzymatic imbalances, inflammation, intolerances etc. And each case is individual.


-       digestive enzymes w/ foods

-       activated charcoal (whether tablets or liquid)

-       ACV (apple cider vinegar)

-       Ginger – tea / raw etc.

-       Digestive loving herbs – fennel, gentian, peppermint, dandelion,

-       Aloe vera leaf juice

-       Turmeric root / tea

-       Probiotic supplementation


Awesome. I’ve learnt my lesson, after not being bloated for months I was shook and was like “this is fucked”, so no more popcorn for me. Zero fucks given. Feeling bloated SUCKS, so be motivated to make the changes, shifts and implement the strategies so you too can BE FREE FROM THE BLOAT.


Love e, aka TMN aka who even knows right now haha 


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*this information is for information and educational purposes only. It is not intended to treat, perevent or cure any conditions, nor is intended to constitute advice on which reliance should be placed. Any information in this blog should be discussed with your health care practitioner.



I’ma answer all this and moreeeeeeee.

So again, this is my baby knowledge and understanding of IF, which will forever be growing and expanding, I quote and link the experts in this field, and definitely encourage you to listen/absorb their content J

I also feel we need to clarify that we need to see and frame IF as a tool for optimal health and becoming thriving millennials, rather than a diet / weight loss protocol. IF benefits our health and our performance.

Some epic benefits of IF;


- neurogenesis (new neural growth, which enables us to make new connection and recall information faster, improves learning abilities, memory consolidation and cognition)

- re-balances our gut health

- primes our immune system and enables it to calm down and rebalance

- improves energy production

- improves insulin sensitivity

- improves nutrient absorption

- improves inflammatory markers

- improves protein efficiency usage

- and as an indirect benefit, will aid weight loss and muscle synthesis, because you’ll be healthier, and being healthy = a stable, healthy weight and being in an anabolic state.  

So, how does IF work?

So, in our ancestral days, which is essentially what a lot of the “health” principles and lifestyles evoke -  we went through periods of famine and feast. Some days, we didn’t eat, we couldn’t find food, and other days, we killed something, found some tubers and had a bomb ass feed. And it’s genetically imprinted in us, that we benefit from having these cycles of feast and famine. So fast forward to today’s society, food is everywhere. It’s sooooo easily accessible, its 24/7, uber eats, but it’s also very far removed from the true food we’ve been designed to eat. It’s processed, nutrient empty, high density, bloat-causing, brain fogging, digestion fucking, inflammatory forming “food”. So we tend to see more of the feast side of this story, than the famine, as we live in an “obesogenic environment” and our food culture is of constant consumption, because it helps the economy. And this is linked to disease, imbalances and dysregulation in the body. Digestion takes up HEAPS OF OUR ENERGY, which can lead to our body not mopping up free radicals, not turning on cell death aka apoptosis aka the coolest word, it’s like we’re never resting. Our bodies and digestive system are put under so much stress and work, that often, things slip through – toxins, undigested foods, bacteria, pathogens, etc.


So, through implementing a time restricted eating / IF protocol, will see this energy free’d up to do what our bodies need to do to ensure longevity and enabling us to being thriving millennials. We’re able to mop up these free radical cells, clear out the plaques in our arteries, regulate our hunger hormones – which we explore in our pervious blog, gives our digestive tract a break, to repair and regenerate, balance our microbiome, boost our immune system, aiding weight loss, detoxification and so much more.

Fasting can help with autoimmune, skin conditions, mood imbalances, reverse diseases, improve mental acuity, our stress response, reduce inflammation and associated their symptoms. Fasting allows us to heal. All systems. All issues.

When we fast, we’re also going to be more aware of how detrimental shitty foods are for us, because when we eat something regularly, we adapt. Or we get used to the bloating, the bad feels, the inflammation. When we take out these foods, not only because we’re fasting, but also because when we start taking care of ourselves and implementing thee strategies, we want to eat better foods that nourish us. So when we take these foods out, we’re reducing inflammation, reducing IBS, and balancing out our microbiome more efficiently, healing our guts, and then if we eat these shit foods again, you’ll notice such a more immediate and acute response. Which will make you realise that those foods, aren’t good for you. They don’t agree with you being thriving. So therefore, they gotta go yo, you gotta upgrade.


Also, so many traditional cultures utilise fasting to achieve a higher sense of purpose and wellbeing – from Ramadan to Lent. We fast before we have to have operations, we fast before tests, all because it’s a true indication of what’s happening and away from the influence of food. It also resets our hunger/satiety hormones, so we’re more intune with our internal hunger cues – as to when we’re truly hungry and ready to eat vs, what time it is, what everyone else is doing, if we have “space” (which I’m the first to admit, I fucking do haha).

There’s a “true fast”, which is just water. I personally, do a black coffee w/ my cordyceps mixed in because I train during my fast, and just love my little morning adaptogen x polyphenol hug (aka my coffee x cordyceps combo). Others, such as Dave Asprey intermittent fast with a bulletproof coffee, or some kind of high fat beverage, to encourage fat burning and mental acuity, and also a slow release of energy and reduced hunger. Others add in collagen, greens, and other supplements to support their bodies during the “fast”.


Fasting daily for 16-18 hours to be when hormonal benefits, and where apoptosis aka cell death is triggered from Dr. Rhonda Patrick. Whereas Dr. Sacchin Panda says 11 hours is beneficial and more TRE. So I feel, aim for 11, anything above is awesome. And whether you implement a fast every day, or one a week, a few times a week, or do a prolonged fast (as @inthera utilises, and discusses on her blog). Either way, creating more time not eating is beneficial, and it’s also important to be consuming nutrient dense foods when we break our fast.

If you’re like “Lize how the hell do I even implement this?” WELL I push out/ skip breakfast to like 12-3pm, depending when I eat and finish dinner / let it digest (2-3 hours). So say I eat dinner like 6, finished digesting like 9. Wake up 6, that’s already 9 hours, I’ll train and eat at like 11? Which hits 14 hours, or I push it out to like 12pm or 3pm, which is either 15 or 18 hours. And I’m g.


Otherwise, eat an early dinner at like 4pm, and then we sleep for like 7.5 hours and then say it’s digested by like 6pm, we wake up at 6am that’s already 12, eat breakfast at 8, that’s 14. Eat at 10, 16 hours done, stretch it to lunch time when ya feeling hungry 18 hours boom.


TRE (time-restricted eating) works more in an eating / fasting window and is same same but dif to IF, and a different way to frame and approach fasting. So our eating window will be 8-10 hours, and our fast is 14-16 hours. So with the above examples, we start eating at 12 or 2, our eating window is 6-8 hours, and the fast is 18-20 hours without even really thinking about it. It seems like a lot, but you’ll notice not only do you regulate your hunger and don’t feel enslaved to eat, hangry, or thinking about food 24/7 (which both is and isn’t a dream haha), but you’ll likely be making better food choices, have more energy, reduce bloating and digestive upset, feel lighter, less lethargic, and so much more.

Some push-backs I want to address and what Jess (@inthera) brought up with me, is how women shouldn’t fast. I feel this idea exists because our body holds onto more fat and things because we need that for when we make a baby. Our genes want to keep us being juicy fertile turtles. And fasting, adds a mild stress on the body, as we’re forcing our body to adapt and utilise nutrients more effectively. So adding this additional stress to our chicky babe bodies can negatively impact our ability to conceive and hold a baby inside. But, I feel there’s so many benefits to fasting and this notion is somewhat not applicable unless you’re trying to get pregnant or if you’re pregnant – yeah don’t fast. All other conditions and non-pregnant women, pass go, collect $200 dollars.


Hit me with any questions or if you need help or guidance or anything!!



*this information is for information and educational purposes only. It is not intended to treat, perevent or cure any conditions, nor is intended to constitute advice on which reliance should be placed. Any information in this blog should be discussed with your health care practitioner.


You know what’s actually kinda trippy, that horology is the study and measuring of date and time. And hormones revolve around dates and times. Its like our hormonal clock is in sync with the earth’s horology. Which is super cool.

So in this blog we'll explore in my own limited understanding of the badass hormones that rule our metabolism. We’ll explore their function, what happens when we’re out of sync, what to do if we are, and how to support our endocrine (hormone) systems for optimal g times and sustained weight loss.


We have, in alphabetical order;  


who gets a bad rap. Like fetty wap (worst rapper soz not soz). But cortisol is awesome, it, like all the hormones, becomes “bad” when they’re disregulated. He’s known as our stress hormone. But he also gets us up in the morning, with cortisol peaking at 5-6am, and dropping at night, enabling us to get to sleep. Cortisol exists so we can,

Almost every cell in our body has a receptor for cortisol, and so it has differing functions depending on who it binds too. A few fun ones, we know cortisol is actually anti-inflammatory, regulates our bodies blood sugar levels (which influences metabolism), aids in memory formation, blood pressure regulation and helps babies to develop when they’re chilling in the womb.

So already you can start to connect what happens when cortisol is disregulated. And how does this happen? When we’re constantly in a chronic stress state. Cortisol’s receptor doors get closed. No one wants him to come over. So he’s unable to come inside and work his anti-inflammatory, blood sugar regulating, memory forming magic. And thus, we experience the typical symptoms of stress.

So cortisol negatively impacts our ability to lose weight, as if we’re in a constant state of perceived stress, inflammation becomes present, stored glycogen becomes liberated, we become insulin resistant, we produce less testosterone, and it tends to store our fat around our tummys and midsection, labelled “stress fat”.

Stress is all around us haha, from air pollutants, to heavy metal water, SO how do we re-regulate cortisol to be allowed inside? Pop in daily practices to help you manage stress – breathing, meditating, exercise is great, or reducing the amount of stress you’re susceptible to (you know what you gotta do).

Next up is GHRELIN.

Who is more simply known as our hunger hormone. But this bad boy is much more than just that. Ghrelin regulates glucose metabolism and uptake and insulin signalling – improving our sensitivity to insulin (which we want). Ghrelin prevents muscle wasteage, is linked to growth hormone, and its also involved in nutrient sensing (SO FUCKING COOL) andddd meal initation aka hunger.

So even just stating ghrelins actions makes it obvious how it influence weight gain/weight loss. Ghrelin becomes desensitized when we just either constantly eat, or don’t listen to our internal ques.

How to re-regulate ghrelin? Why fasting my friends, and having space between meals, cycling feast and famine. And enabling ghrelin to truly shine back through and grumble and make you realise that damn, you is hungry (coz he’s released in the stomach, travels via the blood system to your hypothalamus and goes BING LETS EATS).


stimulates the conversion of stored glucose (glycogen) to be utilised and broken down to glucose, to be used for energy. We switch on glucagon during fasting states. The opposite of Glucagon is INSULIN – which we’ve all heard about because it’s so heavily connected to diabetes. Insulin enables glucose to be let into the cells, and used as energy or stored as glycogen. Insulin is released when we eat. Glucagon is release when we don’t eat. They’re a seesaw.

Visiting glucagon more often than insulin will see more stored glycogen and then fat stores liberated for energy. So when glucagon is high, insulin is low. We’re liberating stored sugar (and fats, IF we’re in a carbohydrate depleted state aka following more of the keto/paleo/low carb principles). 

And also, our bodies are damn efficient, and we can turn amino acids from protein, and triglycerides from fat into glucose to be used for energy, so that’s how we can gain muscle functioning on a low carb type approach. SO insulin and gains can still be made when we’re eating lower carbohydrates, and also not be spiking our blood glucose so often and seeing us having sugar cravings and crashes and wanting that sweet goodness to get us through work.


peaks at 11pm actually. And goes till about 2am. Growth hormone is awesome, and helps us to reproduce new cells – skin, muscle, bone, all da tings!

Growth hormone works in the weight loss loving hormones, because the more lean muscle we have, the higher our metabolic rate is, and thus the more we use and require energy just to be alive. And when we talk abut the majestic infamous metabolic rate, it really just means – how effectively your body can utilise glucose and convert amino acids, and fats, into glucose, to create energy.

This is the job of the mitochondria, and the more we exercise the more mitochondria we make, and we have mitochondria in one types of our fats – brown fat, and exercise can make white fat (storage sink) more metabolic – giving us more mitochondria in this fat, making it “brite”, and not only utilising our fat storage into energy making fat, but gives us more energy. So that’s also cool.


I feel so many of the hormones just sound like gremlin names haha.

Leptin is released predominantly inside our fat cells, along with muscles, heart and stomach. He slows down our appetite and ramps up our metabolism. Because the more fat you have, the more leptin is released being like “yo we good” , but being leptin resistence” like with insulin resistence, is a real thing. Particulary there is a dysregulation in the communication from the fat cells to your hypothalamus (control centre of the brain).

So similar to insulin and the running theme, having more periods of fasting, longer spaces between meals, avoiding processed carbs and “foods”, because not only when we shift away from these non-hormonal signalling foods, who just cause us to crave sugar, fat and salt, but when we’re eating wholefoods, our nutrient sensors are triggered. They’re naturally higher in fibre, so we’re feeling fuller as leptin is released. We’re not eating empty calories or over feeding, which is what happens when we eat these processed foods. With some toxins also. Just pilling up, and sending crazy signals to your cells, creating inflammation, and then that disregulates all your bodily signals and that’s how you become out of homeostasis and experience disease state symptoms.

Okay and lastly, probs one of my fave biddies of all time


our get good sleep hormone. So SLEEP IS CRUCIAL FOR WEIGHT LOSS AS WELL AS BEING A THRIVING MILLENNIAL. We always think “more is more” and we hustle, and push and push. But if we’re not sleeping effectively, then not only are we not going to be able to thrive at our highest potential, but that fat ain’t going no where. And I say effective sleep because it’s not so much about how many hours, but more about the quality of our sleep. Quality over quantity. Millennial tings. It’s more about cycles of sleep, rather than hours (according to legendary sleep coach Nick Littlehales), because sometimes we sleep, but don’t actually sleep. We’re in a light sleep, or a non-REM stage, we’re buzzing with ideas or pondering the universe haha. So Nick recommends aiming for 5 x 90minute sleep cycles a night is optimum (7.5hrs), or 35 cycles a week – which can be chunked up into naps also (either 90min or 22min), depending on what best suits your life, as getting 7.5hrs a night isn’t realistic or possible for everyone.

HOW do we make more melatonin? When exposed to sunlight, especially AM morning sunlight, we not only produce melatonin earlier, but we also regulate our circadian rhythm (our wake/sleep patterns), which is shown to improve mood, help with insomnia and decrease inflammation. And also, melatonin’s pre-cursor is Serotonin – our happy hormone. Which converts to melatonin only at night. So creating more serotonin in our bods through eating tryptophan rich foods, doing stuff we love and getting some sunshine makes us feel bomb all round, and aids in weight loss, as serotonin regulates insulin.

So, I’ve bombarded you with these 7 hormones and what they do. And the key takeaways that they all funnel into?

-       eat real whole foods

-       reduce processed foods that disrupt hormone signalling

-       try intermittent fasting / time-restricted eating (12+ hours without food, just push breakfast out to later OR skip dinner)

-       don’t think you have to eat 6 small meals a day, it’s okay to only have 2/3 and have that space between eating

-       aim to get 7.5 hours (5 x 90minute sleep cycles a night) OR 35x 90min cycle a week & (read our sleep blog for tips and tricks) and have a regular sleep/rise time.


PS i had Missy bumping the entire time, like how could i not.




First things first, DA DISCLAIMER

*this information is for information and educational purposes only. It is not intended to treat, perevent or cure any conditions, nor is intended to constitute advice on which reliance should be placed. Any information in this blog should be discussed with your health care practitioner.


and this fits because when you incorporate medicinal mushrooms into your life, possibilities and good feels are infinite. 


I’m so happy they’re getting there “lime light” in regards to the mainstream acceptance and promotion. Mushrooms have been used for centuries throughout China, Russia and the Nordic countries, and now the western world is waking up to their magical abilities. 


Now medicinal mushrooms aren’t hallucinogenic, theyr’e therapeutic, and all have the same core qualities, they are all 

1) adaptogens

2) immune modulators and

3) anti-bacterial & anti-viral.

Adaptogens as we discussed in our superfoods blog, are wonderful yums that help our body to adapt in any state. Think of them as a chameleon. They become whatever you need them to do. They specifically raise our overall resistance to acute and chronic stress (YAY)

Immunomodulating (great word) means they’re able to upgrade and stimulate our immune system (never fear autoimmunies out there, there is hope with the mushrooms!!). This is a good thing, because when we’re worn down from stress our immune system becomes compromised. That’s why we tend to get sick after a festival or big weekend or some kind of stressful event.

And anti bacterial and anti-viral speak for themselves, bye bye bad bacteria and viruses, ain’t no space for you up in huuurrrrrr, 

SUPER COOL FACT, in the human body there are receptors that only specifically receive the unique polysaccharides that these mushrooms have.. like that's fucking cool. It was meant to be. Like Bee & Hov. 

So all of the 8 I’m going to break down today w/ cute info-graphics have these qualities, and then each of them has additional specific properties that help with everything from metabolic syndrome to Alzheimer’s. So lets get into it



are #1 for boosting energy as it increases O2 flow, and ATP production (cellular energy) by anywhere between 20-30%!

When there’s more oxygen flow, we’re better able to utilise nutrients and clear out toxins, and therefore create more cellular energy. You feel cordyceps effects almost instantly. Cordyceps also aid in respiratory issues (asthma, coughs etc) through stimulating lymphocyte production, which are a type of white blood cell.

There’s also a component called “cordysepic acid” which has been shown to shrink tumours (also a common thread within all the mushrooms we explore). And last, but not least, cordyceps are legendary for boosting libido via a component called deoxyadenosine - which additionally boosts blood flow and testosterone production (testosterone is awesome even for chicky babes), as well as fertility in both men & women. When i was reading about cordyceps and libido i was like "ohhhhh that explains SO MUCH" haha, trust ya girl. 

Cordyceps also help to elevate 5-HTP and BDNGF (a brain growth factor), which will help to promote sleep and serotonin production (weowww). 

They're also an awesome support for the lungs, liver and kidneys.


Who would benefit from cordyceps? Active individuals, asthma sufferers, people who can’t get it up or have a low sex drive, over-thinkers, those who experience anxiety, active individuals, and those wanting to improve every day energy levels and recovery and feels. 


How to use Cordyceps? I love and use Teelixir for all my mushrooms, and supercharge my AM coffees, smoothies, and use it in broths and cooking and even dressings. Lub cordyeps. 


2.     CHAGA

is the big daddy Kane of the mycelium kingdom (the mushroom network) and is the #1 most potent antioxidant on da planet (beating cacao and acai and all those other lovelies). It has this thing called SOD superoxide dismutase (legit dismutase is one of my FAVE words to say), which is one the potent antioxidant properties.

Chaga’s also rich in zinc and melanin, so doubling that with SOD its super protective for the skin and prevents weathered skin and ageing skin, and also is protetive for the eyes. Again, like cordy, chaga increase lymphocyte production and contains anti-tumour and anti-cancer properties (betulic acid).  Chaga is also a bomb digestive enhancer, containing an array of enzymes and also aids in the reduction of inflammation POW POW


Who is chaga bomb for? EVERY MILLENNIAL AND PERSON EVER. but to be specific who it would benefit AWESOMELY to a whole new level, those exposed to high levels of free radicals, through toxic substances and fumes like if you're around machinery and chemicals and exhausts (aka Aidan and Matt!!). 

Also those who experience inflammatory gut disorders (IBD/UC etc), or experiences skin conditions, acne, eczema, psoriasis, 

How to have it? I do that morning AM coffee with it, and smoothies, same as CORDY. 



3.     REISHI


is the MYCELIUM QUEEN, and she reigns supreme as the ultimate stress reducer. She does this through her incredible adaptogenic properties and working on endocrine or hormone balancing.

So helping us to be less cortisol-resistant (check out our blog on stress & stubborn fat too for a break down). Linking into her ability to balance hormones, reishi is also great for promoting sleep and just calming down our nervous system. Reishi is also bomb for blood circulation and boosting liver function! YAY! This helps to lower blood pressure and cholesterol.

Reishi is also awesome for reducing and getting rid of ALLERGIES!!! The ganoderic acid in her inhibits the response of histamine, bye bye hay fever. And finally, again, running theme of being anti-tumour.


Who is reishi awesome for? Anyone who experiences anxiety, restlessness, nervousness, depression, OCD, insomnia or has chronic fatigue, works night shifts/shift work. Anyone who experiences stress aka all of us, and those with allergies and hay fever / congestion, CF, fibromyalgia. Reishi is pretty much awesome for every and everything, haha she's like the ultimate.

When to have the queen? Leave this baby till 7PM and onwards.

How to use? Again, anyway, broths, savory eats, smoothies, with spices to boost flavours, as reishi is suupppppeeerrrrrr bitter/medicinal tasting, so we need to hide this queen. But like all the mushrooms there best to have away from foods for therapeutic benefits, so just liquids e.g smoothies, juices, soups, teas (like @fourstigmatic 's) or with nut butters 



 – aka BRAIN MANE. Lion’s mane is all about brain boosting. Lions mane stimulates NGF neural growth factor, which strengthens existing and enables new neurons to be made, aka it repairs and regenerates. It does this through two of its properties, (hericenones stimulates NGF and ericancines crosses the blood-brain barrier), which is a selective space between the brain and blood vessels, so lions mane can get through and go BAM NEW NEURONS PLZ. It also reduces neural inflammation which is awesome, and has a calming effect on the mind and balances mood.


Who is Lions mane awesome for? Anyone who wants to improve their cognition (aka all the millennial entrepreneurs out der), people with a family history of Alzheimer’s, dementia or Parkinson’s, people who have memory recall barriers, and just all of us ageing millennials, gotta protect da brain. Also those who experience anxiety, depression and overthinking, neural issues or who have nerve damage

How to use? Coffee, smoothies, dressings, teas, latte's whatever floats ya boat



5.     MAITAKE

is the metabolic boosting best friend. Maitake is effective at combating MX syndrome aka metabolic syndrome, syndrome X aka a cluster of metabolic issues, such as insulin resistance, obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high triglycerides, that are all the drivers of chronic disease – heart disease, stroke, T2D and cancer.

Maitake is also an amazing immune booster and reduces the likelihood of getting hit with a flu or cold and helps keep ya immune system level 100!!


Who is Maitake great for? Anyone with any of the above conditions, low thyroid, under stress, or anyone wanting to give their metabolism a boost and wanting an extra pal in the weight loss journey. Also those who get recurring colds, flu’s, viruses, bacterias and tend to have a poor immune system.

How to take? Dunno, I haven’t used it. Probs the running theme of however ya waaaant.



shiiiiitake is an enzyme and essential amino acid rich hunni. Its rich in amylase & cellulose, digestive enzymes that aid our body in breaking down food and utilising nutrients.

Shiitake has 7 out of 9 essential aminos, making it a rich protein source. Also some decent levels of magnesium and potassium, and B vitamins with dried shiitake being a bomb plant source of VITAMIN D ON DA PLANET. (blog on VD is coming soon babies).

Shiitake is also great for liver function & detox, which is inextricably linked to skin health, with shiitake improves skin complexion. Again, shiitake also improves the cardiovascular system preventing substances from binding to the blood levels and thus lowering cholesterol, and also activated our white blood cells.


Who is shiitake gonna help? Millennials that get bloating, have sluggish digestion, slow metabolism, low thyroid, those trying to lose weight, detoxes / those wanting to give their liver some extra love, those with skin conditions,




tt's got a tonne of research emerging about its effectiveness in cancer patients who are or have, undergone radiation and chemo. TT stimulates an army of our white blood cells; T-cells, NK (natural killer) cells and macrophages, and with radiation and chemo essentially aggressively annihilating and bombing our body and immune system, turkey tail aids in ensuring that our body can bounce back after treatment. The two key components that stimulate our immune cells are PSK & PSP (polysaccharide krestin & polysaccharide peptide).


Who will benefits from TT? Those undergoing cancer treatment, or who have chronic low immune function.

HOW? Anyway ya can, smoothies, foods, soups, all the ways



finally, is the beauty boosting tremella, and I aint saying that to be vain. Tremella also contains SOD superoxide dismutase, which is a potent anti-oxidant that Chaga’s rich in, and this aids in preventing our skin from ageing and being damaged. Further tremella is awesome at retaining fluid within the dermis (skin) layer, ensuring we stay plump and glowing. Its also the #1 VITAMIN D SOURCE. COME AT ME TREMELLA.


Tremella's good for who? those with ageing skin (lol all of us), or those who get exposed to lots of sun.

How? however ya want!!


For best utilisation of these great 8, do 1-2g per day (like ½ a teaspoon), and if you have any more questions HOLLA AT ME



If you’re interested in their application to cancer treatment, dive in further, Paul Stamets is the father of the mycelium world and definitely worth a trip down the rabbit hole. Check out his podcast with Joe Rogan also. (Joe Rogan also happens to be my celebrity crush)


ALSO, check out my interview with the gorgeous Jess from @in.the.ra where we dive into medicinal mushrooms, and so much more!






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