why so many millennials aren’t owning their health

So many of us millennials battle with our health, and you wanna know why?

Coz we don’t give a fuck about it.

We also tend to not own our health because we don’t want the responsibility. If we don’t feel good, that’s a sign we didn’t do something good, and we don’t like facing those types of things. We don’t want the expense and time that it takes to work to find a true solution, we’d just rather go see a doctor n take some antibiotics / pill / panadol and continue on our merry way.


We tend not to own our health because we don’t even know we have to? We always hear “you’re young, you’ll be fine / you’ll bounce back / you cant complain” yet I know lots of millennial’s suffering and suffocating in not being able to express that and get the help they need.


We tend not to own our health because we think it’s not super cool? And we want to be accepted and cool?


We tend not to own our health because we’re masters of making excuses, and we like immediacy and easy. That’s our middle names. And I’m the first to admit I prescribe to wanting everything now, meow.

We’ve grown up with everything being of access in an immediate foreseeable future. And so we think our health and wellbeing will be no different. But it ain’t. Like all the good things in life, that we want – success, happiness, love, freedom, security, Drake spooning us to sleep, it takes effort and creating habits that help get us there.


And if there’s a trademark of us millennial’s, it’s expecting to get what we want without exerting ourselves for it (but that’s what makes life good, ja feel, that pay off’s like oxygen).

We’re marketed quick fixes, and we always want that.

Whether it’s a “10 day detox”, “8 week shred program”, fat burning powder, 1 giant multivitamin pill, the morning after pill, panadol, antibiotics, lap band surgery, etc etc.


Making effort requires us to change, to break from our cycle, our comfort zones, our limiting belief’s that have curated our story. Our identity is our habits, our behaviour. I’ll say that again. Our identity, is our habits, our behaviours. So changing our habits and behaviours, literally challenges and changes our identity, and so we’re like oh krrrppppp and freak out, and tend to jump back into default mode, and thus we don’t actually change, and reap the benefits we know we’re worthy of, want, and can get, but don’t.


Stacking on top of this, is also the societal understanding that, changing habits and behaviours impacts our identity, and thus makes us open to judgement, criticism, belittling, resistance, because we’re revealing a new part of ourselves, and that’s vulnerability (BB aka Brene Brown).

Another reason we tend to default to the comfort zone, because the discomfort we feel when we’re changing and growing and evolving and trying new things is like AAAHHHH, and I have a baby secret for ya NO ONE REALLY GIVES A FUCK. SO DO YOU. The people that support you, which may surprise you, are the real peeps ya want in your life, the other fuckers who throw shade or judge you, meh.

So, why else aren’t millennials owning their health?


Because we make up excuses and again, these compact into limiting beliefs, which turn into behaviours and habits, which define us and our decisions. Some goodies include “I don’t have time” “I’m busy” “I’m tired” “it’s expensive” “it’s too confusing” “I don’t know where to start” “I don’t care” etc. etc.


And we both know these are just fallacies because we don’t have to fail if we don’t try right? Coz hello, we live in the dopest era, like hello iphones, hello internet, hello podcasts, hello audible, hello 23ndme, hello Google, hello free content on social media, hello globalisation, hello Afterpay, hello meal delivery companies, hello blogs and recipes etc etc. We make time for what we value and think is important. and improving our physical health ain't no different.


Its just bout carving out feeling bomb as a priority, which is random to know that we don’t give a fuck and it’s not high on our priority list. Which to me, being me, makes no sense, coz if you feel like shit, how can you show up and rock life. YA CANT. Coz you feel shit. So everything will be more effort and less awesome. Like, on all levels. Energy won’t be as good, ya skin won’t be as good, ya mood won’t be as good, confidence, sleep, sex, recovery, ideas, work, study, etc etc.


It’s like we think we’re just granted awesome health, which sadly, isn’t the entire case because of the environment and world we live in. All the processed foods, environmental toxins, blue light, dopamine dripping video content and social media, long work hours, night shift, over consumption, heavy metals, globalisation of food, microbiome disruptors, stress, and then the fucking slap in the face life gives us by just existing, takes it toll and we gotta protect our number one asset; our energy.

Because it’s all we got. Our energy and our health is the pillar to living fulfilled and optimising this time we got. Or because of how we’ve grown up, we just get used to feeling sluggish, unmotivated, fatigued, brain fogged, meh, and think this is just “normal” because everyone tells us it is.  So we settle. And think this is as good as it gets. Nuh-uh not on my watch bitches.

I posted on IG the other day, how on my phones a sticky note that said "my #1 goal; to wake people up”. And this is my core purpose and what this and all my blog’s underlying goal is; TO WAKE UP. It may be “normal” in our societal standards, but its not normal on a grand scheme to feel that way. You don’t have to settle for feeling average, you can level your life up on all levels, and nutrition is just one of these levels.

And like, I’ve been there. I’ve settled and was not at all #woke. I never really had any true overarching idea of my purpose, what I wanted to do, who I wanted to be, nutrition was the 6th degree I started (LOL), I went out n drank like erry weekend n a few weekdays haha, I’d just chill hungover eating macca’s, blocks of cadbury, whatever, I didn’t even really care, i was fatigued, bloated, inflamed, fluid retentioned, holding heaps of excess fat, my hair and nails wouldn’t grow, I could sleep for fucking ages, I was like a pendulum and would get disappointed / upset / angry easily, and I honestly don’t even think I thought about bigger picture things. Like my scope of life was so small, and just tunnel visioned on nothing, jus party n bullshit. And I can’t even relate to that baby girl, I understand her, but am like omg how did I live like that, like now I cant even fathom that, because I’ve woken up to how good it feels to feel good, and take care of yourself, and I feel that emanates in my life. And you too can have that feeling. It’s creating the awareness and implementing the strategies and discipline and commit to changing, knowing everything you want, you can have, it just takes work.

So, ask for help. DM people, utilise social media, soak up the good messages and tips, follow people that inspire and motivate you, there’s so much free content out there, or pay to add value so you’re more likely to see it through, get people to hold you accountable, surround yourself with people who encourage you, not be like “omg don’t be lame” and peer pressure you.


Rather that treating feeling like shit, and medicating issues, pave the preventative path now, so you don’t have to deal with that shit. Give yourself the best possible chance. Value and prioritise your health, because it’s the foundation of everything. Don’t be afraid of fucking up, breaking our “diet” - (which as a side note, has been created to mean something its not. A diet, is the food we eat. We all have a diet, because we all eat food.)


Don’t be afraid to try something new out of fear of judgement, be afraid of taking advantage of your magic and power and the epicness you can have when you just put more effort into bettering yourself.


Das all.

One love,  notorious E.L.I aka TMN aka Drake’s future wife if my manifestation goes to plan

diet confusion, soo which diet is right for me?

"tell me what you eat, and i'll tell you who you are" - Anthelme Brillat-Savarin



SO I’m super hyped writing this / when I spit it into an audio file for you babes!!!

As I briefly explained in my IG story (@themillennialnutritionist) I listened to episode #153 of The Mike Dolce Show AND WAS LIKE FUCK SO MUCH YES. His delivery is also hype-man worthy, like just fuelled so much passion and other feelings inside haha.




As there’s soo many “diets” out there – keto, paleo, HFLC, WFPB, vegan, vegetarian, and all the other fucking pesc-ovo-lacto blah blahs, FODMAPs, IIFYM, and they’re all so dogmatic in their strict “rules” on what is best.


And its like YES there is research to support each of these, under certain conditions, and YES certain phases of these diets will yield results and make you feel better, but what Mike preaches and I preach is LONG TERM, SUSTINABLE, THRIVING GOOD FEELS AND HEALTH. Like isn’t that the goal? To feel amazing? All the time? To not have to worry about food anxiety, confusion, counting macros, tracking our foods, weighing our foods and entering them into an app?


And like if it confuses me, then I’m damn sure it confuses you too. And each is like a high school house, they all want to win, be the best, and you know they’re damn sure to advertise and market their way as the best way, and bash the opposing lifestyle and diets.


And that tends to be where everything gets skewed, as it’s all just fuelled by gaining profit, marketing and advertising, so you’re conforming to a type of diet lifestyle that encourages you to consume these foods that fall under these labels, and we attach ourselves to them, and wear their colours like a badge of honour. Like “that’s our keto/paleo/vegan/whatever bread”. 


What we want to do is HAVE CYCLES of the diets that are BEST SUITED TO US AND OUR GOALS.


Eating purely ketogenic, consuming butter, bacon, pork rinds, consistently, meal in meal out, ISN’T SUSTINABLY HEALTHY.


Eating purely vegan, consuming refined carbohydrates, fake meats, sugar filled desserts, ISN’T SUSTAINABLY HEALTHY.

Mike Dolce talks about carbohydrates, like in the paleo and keto realm how steel cut oats and blueberries and honey and fruit are pinned as the anti-christ, and Mike’s like, how the fuck can you tell me steel cut oats are bad for me? That blueberries aren’t good for us? Its like YOU FUCKING CAN’T. Because there is evidence supporting oats and blueberries as staples for good cardiovascular, gut and cell health. Yet they’re painted as something to avoid / reduce. Like what?


And with vegan, eating tonnes of processed and refined grains and carbs, deep fried fake meats, white breads, sugar filled condiments and desserts and foods ISN’T HEALTHY EITHER.


Too many people, and many of us are on the path to insulin resistance and all those other diseases we see around us in western society. Too many with gut issues, brain fog, fatigue, shit digestion, they don’t shit, constantly bloated, feel sick, headaches, irritability, mood swings, LIKE ALL OF THIS IS LINKED TO WHAT WE’RE EATING, these processed, sugar filled, refined carbs that exists within the vegan diet.


And I’m not here bashing these diets, I’m pro keto, I’m pro paleo, I’m pro vegan, I’m pro-eat real food, and these contain those principles. But it’s when it we swing too far one way, and just pretend eating these praised foods is healthy, and its like bruh its not. You’re still going to be missing copious micronutrients which is the key to living as thriving millennials.

You need to assess what is going on with YOU as an individual, and use that as your compass, instead of just jumping onto the next hyper-marketed diet and hoping “this is the one” that will give you the results you want (usually in a small timeframe).


I’m just saying let’s shift away from the dogmatic principles into a varied, seasonal, real food way of eating. Where plants are the basis of our diets. A rich variety of vegetables, nuts, seeds, fruits, and with our good fats, which we need, and our protein, with carbohydrates eaten when they’re appropriate. Like lets utilise these foods to best amplify our results. Post training we have that anabolic advantage, at night time, we have that lowered cortisol advantage. So yes, lets eat our carbohydrates then, to maximise and feel our best.

If we’re sitting at work all day, not moving, eating carbohydrates throughout isn’t smart. It’s not optimised. Maybe that day you eat higher fat, veggie rich, with some nuts seeds, protein source of ya choice, and a piece of fruit or whatever.

Everything is about ACHIEVING HOMEOSTASIS. BALANCE. WHICH OUR BODY IS CONSTANTLY 24/7 WORKING TO ACHIEVE. Like look at your life, look at how you’re living, and then assess where these diet principles fit in so you feel and look your best.


And don’t think supplementing is an excuse to eat shit foods. Supplementation assists a good balanced varied diet. You can’t rely on supplements to survive. And why would you even want to.  Like lets be real.

Eating real foods as the foundation enables optimisation, and that if we need to supplement, it should only be a few here and there. And get your tests done, so you can see where you’re levels are at. I see a lot of people wanting supplements, without a) treating the underlying issue of poor nutrition, b) not having tested their bloods to see where in the range their sitting, or c) looking at lifestyle principles to implement and help, instead of just jumping into poppin some pills.  


So eating micronutrient dense foods as the basis of our lives, which means PLANTS, will not only result in natural sustained weight loss, reduced inflammation, less brain fog, and all the others I said, it will also enable greater recovery, aid muscle growth, because we’re providing our body with all the nutrients and co-factors it needs to build the best possible body.


Optimisation = eating for micronutrients.


Make plants your base.


We’re social animals, and we live in tribes. And that’s what makes these diets appealing, we belong. We have a tribe. Have a family that supports us and encourages us, and we feel whole. But like I said, this cherished tribe you’re a part of, might be doing you a disservice, in not being right for you, all the time.


Yes cycle. Yes play around. Yes track, measure, check in with yourself, how are you feeling? How are you looking? And go from there. Don’t just continue with a way of eating out of ignorance and lack of self-awareness.


Mike Dolce I love you, and you are my god.

The end. 


LOVE E, aka TMN aka Mike Dolce fan girl 5000

deep dive - it’s not me, its you.

Literally though. (unless, maybe it is you because you're a jerk. but in contexts, it's usually them haha, so jus hear me out)


So, unapologetically i wrote this last week, because there was this crazy reoccurring theme that I kept being confronted with (and no lie, this week was no different either hey). Whether its personally, or friends sharing their experience, or just it being brought up in conversation. This idea of, how others treat you, respond, interact, react, is never on you. It’s always on them.

Newton's third law of physics (essentially says) - for every interaction, there is a reaction.

And most people's reactions are their armours (Brene Brown ya queen). How they deal and interact is based upon their own environment, experiences, habits, limiting beliefs, stories that define them and their upbringing. (and guess what, you are also one of these 'people'!!! haha). 

This can play out in many scenarios. most of which, i'm damn sure you've experienced, and been left over-thinking, replaying, confused, upset and just like "wtf".

Whether it’s a friend who always puts you down, whether directly or indirectly, sneakily, just those little comments that you catch yourself being like “am I really like that?”.

Whether it’s a parent’s comments or lack of support in a decision you’ve made or want to make, that makes you second-guess yourself and think maybe you should do the opposite (theres a time and place though yo).

Whether it’s a boss that loses their shit at you, and makes you feel worthless, guilty and belittled.

Whether it’s a customer that made you feel inadequate and useless.

Whether it’s a lover no longer interested, that makes you replay things in your head and wonder what you did wrong.

And I’m here to tell you, nothing. In all these scenarios, you didn’t do anything wrong. It’s not you. It’s them. 

You’re never not enough.

You’re never worthy of being treated unfairly. It’s always just an insight into their pain, vulnerability, insecurities and lack of self-awareness.

They’re armoured up. They’re standing there, hiding their vulnerability, shame, confusion, and instead, inflict a type of self-pain via you, their outlet, to ease their misalignment.

Inside, they’re not aligned with their purpose, their magic, their why, their soul, whatever you want to name it. They’re not happy. Not content. Not fulfilled. Not abundant. Not thriving. So, the only way to ease the pain, is to dish it out, and make others seem the same, feel the same, so we’re not alone. Which is our human condition. To connect. To not be alone. To relate. So, by these actions, they feel less alone, less insecure, less vulnerable.


It’s often difficult to separate other people’s opinions and perspectives of us, and our own intuitive internal one. I feel as humans we depend on the external to align and reaffirm our internal. We’re constantly in taking cues and signals from the periphery, to the central, to relay information to our brains and keep us safe and in check. And I don’t see why this is any different with other people.


We’re constantly in a feedback loop, and when the people around you, are not aligning with your internal perspective, things can get skewed.

Like our self-worth. Our self-esteem. Our confidence.

And these things are essential arsenals to get through this life of ours. They cause us to either armour up, shut out, or just let ourselves be hurt and confused, OR be thriving millennials.

So I write this, as a reminder that, whether it’s happening to you, has happened, or in preparation for when it does happen. In these times, when you come face to face with these people and situations, where you feel you’re not enough, not worthy, stop. Be aware of this idea. And realise, it’s not you. You are enough. You are worthy. This is not a flaw of yours, but rather a flaw of theirs. And it is to take no impact upon you, your heart, soul, mood, or state. It shall not dim your light, distract you, impact you, it shall pass on through. And all we can wish for, is that these people wake up to their vulnerabilities and flaws, meet them face to face, and progress, self-develop so they too can pass on the message of, it’s not you. It’s them. 

Also, as I sit on my couch, listening to G-Eazy, the nostalgia of remembering how for so long, I was so UNAWARE that it wasn’t me. That I wasn’t the one not worthy. That it’s them. They’re not worthy. Of your energy, friendship, love, effort, apology, and time. And all we can do is see it for what it is, and let is pass through.

And check yourself also. As you're also the them. so be aware.

wake up to the kind of patterns of behaviour you're repeating, based upon your own armour and insecurities.

And sit with it. think about it. and make the conscious choice to go forward separated from this automated behaviour. rewrite your own interface. 

I also feel, as a side note that this message is intended to be consumed by those already on the path of self-awareness. And is encouraged not as to instil a victim mentality, but rather a self-preserving idea. That this concept, doesn't really apply to those situations where you're indeed, being an asshole, and it is, indeed your fault. haha

One love

E aka TMN aka check yoself before you wreck yoself 

book review: high performance habits

by Brendon Burchard.

I get hit up all the tine for book recommendations.

And im actually so fucking grateful that a) I can read b) I enjoy reading c) I was encouraged to read as a kid. Because honestly, reading books is THE MOST VALUABLE ASSET, its like someones entire life experience condensed into pages that you consume. 

SO, I’ve decided to do book reviews of each book I read / the ones that I feel will be able to serve you and add to your life.


So, yesterday i finished Brendon Burchard’s High Performance Habits.

It was a really really good read. I loved it. I wrote all over it, made notes, doggy eared pages i loved and took it with me on many adventures haha.

He did a bunch of researchers, both qualitative and quantitative and determines there is 6 key habits each high performer has and consistently acts out, and that upon incorporating these into our lives, we too can experience a greater level of performance, whatever domain that may be.

High performers – are individuals who consistently, for long periods of time perform at a high standard and have abundance in all realms of life – so business, personal, health, relationships, etc etc.

There’s a bunch of epic quotes throughout the book in chapter intro’s, FOR EXAMPLE:

“don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is more people who have come alive”

– Howard Thurman (pg. 78).

And heaps of nuggets by Brendon.



-       Replace certainty with curiosity and genuine self confidence, not ego bubbles.

-   Don’t fear your new ambitions. Or fear them. But do it anyways ja feel.

-       Become aware and act accordingly with the person we want to be, from the onset and throughout (my Geordie shore reference to spice it up haha)

-       It’s about rising to serve a mission, not the mission lowering itself to match my limited strengths. (again this goes on from the growth mindset Carol Dweck).

-       Make and block out time to study and learn skills you need, and develop them obesessively.

-       We need to carve out our niche and primary interest.

-       Releasing energies and thoughts from previous situations before stepping into new ones – literally, like as you step into the door to home or work, or out of the car, consciously let go of whatever was playing on your mind and meet the new moment and create what you will from it,

-       Be excited about life. And be conscious of that excitement and let it drive you

-       “Set new standards, self-monitor more frequently…” (pg 137) and learn to become comfortable analysing and looking at your own performance, without our own personal bias. Like recognise our flaws and our own blind spots.

-       Let yourself geek out and jump in deep about those things that spark our interest and align with our souls. (pg 141).

-   When trying to get out of our own heads / create perspective, speak to ourselves in 2nd and 3rd person (which I really do a lot of when I make dumb decisions / am at the gym haha).

-       Progressive mastery is the name of the game. Which links into our niche / calling / primary interest / purpose / dabbled interest etc.

-       Challenge peoples ways of thinking, in regards to develop their character, connections and contributions.

-       Identify where we’re making excuses and how life might be if we showed up stronger (pg 240).

-       Legacy? And under what circumstances will we measure ours?


-       Struggle is a necessity for growth and true high performance. We often quit too easily because we’re encumbered in a society that promotes “quick fixes”, “hacks” and one pill magic’s, instead of the real path which is struggle, struggle and some more struggle.

-       So don’t shy away when hard times come, meet them, embrace them and get through them.



-       “certainty ltimately blinds you, sets false or fixed limits and creates “automatic” habits that become predictable…” “the person who is most certain is most closed to learning” (pg. 13)

-        “seek clarity to who you want to be, how you want to interact with others, what you want, and what will bring you the greatest meaning” (pg 37.)

-       “effectiveness… is the result of how we consciously strive to meet life’s harder challenges, grow beyond our comforts, and deliberately work to overcome our biases and preferences…” (pg 40).

-       “never wait to pursue a dream…out of fear that you lack the “right stuff”” (pg.50).

-       “when you’re constantly juggling and feeling depleted, you don’t think about the future” (pg. 70). This leads into the importance and place of self-love and recharging our batteries in order to be our best.

-       “feeling that you have to do something isn’t always comfortable” (pg. 137). And that’s where vulnerability and growth come into play. Which is what its ALL ABOUT WHICH I STILL STRUGGLE TO DO AND PROBS ALWAYS DO COZ BEING A PUSSY BITCH IS IMBEDDED IN OUR CULTURE AND DNA BRUH.

-       we’re less courageous as a society today because we avoid struggle, and that decision leaves us with underdeveloped character and strength” (pg. 267)


yay. So that sums up this good read, def’s valuable for anyone wanting to step it up, adopt and understand key tangible skills that high performers constantly, forever, implement, forever and ever the end 




bye bye bloat, how to get rid of bloating

make bloating your bitch, once and for all


Seriously, like on a day to day basis, aint nothing more uncomfortable than being bloated.

Like pun included, it’s a sure way to take the wind out of your sail, and feel so not sexy, confident, or like youre a badass queen / king. Although I feel guys don’t talk about bloatin nearly as much as women do? Whats up with that? Boys can you please explain? Do you get bloated too? Are you uncoofrtable? Why don’t you talk bout it more? Instead of just leaving us gals floating in the wind with air babies and uncomfortable looks on our faces, ja feel.

So besides my now pending question of do boys get bloated? And can we make this a talked about thing, BLOATING IS SOMETHING I GET ASKED ABOUT A LOT.

IT IS ALSO SOMETHING 99.95% OF PEOPLE I TALK TO EXPERIENCE EVERY SINGLE DAY, almost thinking its normal? Or expected? Or just happens.

And im like BOO BOO NO. bloating is not normal. Its just normalised in our society because people eat foods that don’t agree with them and show off their food babies or like embrace the bloat. But bloating shouldn’t happen every day. It shouldn’t.

Bloating is described from a range of symptoms, distention in our stomach and intestines, gas, pressure, discomfort, and can link into constipation / diarrhoea, associated with IBS, and GI tract dysfunction.

It’s a reaction that occurs inside our small intestine, and as our bugs work to break down what we’ve eaten, and they usually love carbohydrates – whetehr it be simple ones like lactose, or complex carbs and starches like corn, whole grains and legumes, fibre also, they ferment in our gut by the bugs and they emit hydrogen gases, which causes our abdomen to swell up, and thus the bloating, distention, and discomfort.

We don’t have to live being bloated. Uncomfortable. We can remove this pain completely, and it all starts with awareness. I posted up yesterday my bloated belly because I honestly haven’t been bloated in so long, like monthsssssssss, and I ate some organic popcorn and BOOM EPIC BLOATING. I was shocked. And so this is why im writing this. Because I was like “asif I blow up that much from such a small amount of fucking Cobs organic popcorn”. But ya girl did. Gave me a glimpse into what id look like knocked up.


So lets get this through out heads. BLOATING ISNT NORMAL. Bloating isn’t just something we have to live with. We need to become MORE AWARE of what we’re eating that triggers our bloating. Rather than being blind, or just complacent and accepting it, which is what ive experienced with my clients. I’m like “wait, so you had a soy flat white and then the bloating happened?” and theyre like …. Oh yeah. DING DING DING. A culprit emerges.


Some common culprits;

-       dairy – in all forms, milk, cheese, ice cream, yoghurt, chocolate, pastries, biscuits, cakes, etc

-       grains / flours – rices, pastas, bread, pizzas, biscuits, cakes, crackers, most processed tings

-       legumes / beans – chickpeas, black beans, red kidney beans

-       artificial sugars – acesulfame potassium (ACEK),

-       fizz – redbulls, soft drinks, beers, even kombucha sometimes etc.

-       high FODMAP foods (if you’re GI system is overly sensitive / inflammation occurs)

-       probiotic rich foods (counter productive I know right?!?) – coconut yoghurts, kombuchas,


-       not chewing our food / eating quickly

-       mindless eating

-       eating when we’re walking

-       drinking water / liquids with meals

-       drinking cold liquids

-       eating cold / frozen foods

-       chewing gum

-       intolerances

-       changes in diet (e.g more fibre, over eating)

-       stress

-       leaky gut / GI inflammation

-       malabsorption issues

-       hormonal fluctuations

-       eating late at night when digestion isn’t as fired up


So take note. What are you consuming or doing that’s causing you to be bloated? And guess what the next step is? CUT THAT SHIT OUT. Problem solvered (well part of it!) Cutting out these foods / changing our habits should reduce and remove 90% of the bloating we experience.


Eat mindfully.

Don’t drink and eat. Eat your food. Drink 30 minutes later.

Warm / digestive loving liquids pre food only (ACV, warm teas, etc).

Sit down to eat.

If youre eating cold foods, add warming herbs / spices


If you’re doing all this and still experiencing bloating, then message me because we’re going to be looking at leaky gut / gi problems, digestive issues, stomach acid / enzymatic imbalances, inflammation, intolerances etc. And each case is individual.


-       digestive enzymes w/ foods

-       activated charcoal (whether tablets or liquid)

-       ACV (apple cider vinegar)

-       Ginger – tea / raw etc.

-       Digestive loving herbs – fennel, gentian, peppermint, dandelion,

-       Aloe vera leaf juice

-       Turmeric root / tea

-       Probiotic supplementation


Awesome. I’ve learnt my lesson, after not being bloated for months I was shook and was like “this is fucked”, so no more popcorn for me. Zero fucks given. Feeling bloated SUCKS, so be motivated to make the changes, shifts and implement the strategies so you too can BE FREE FROM THE BLOAT.


Love e, aka TMN aka who even knows right now haha 


a how to guide for detoxing negative people


Or hey. at least i tried to give you a guide. 

SO in this blog we’re going to explore how to let go of toxic people in our lives. Practising this will enable us to fully transform and step into who we want to be, and make space for g things to manifest.


We’ll explore the tangible steps to take to let go of toxic people, how to eradicate guilt, letting go of others opinions and validation (as they’re usually toxic and don’t serve us), and how we should aim to be following inspirational or purposeful people on social media, who align with our truth. And then moving in alignment and how to surround ourselves with people who will propel us forward.

So, lawd knows that I’ve done my fair share of culling toxic people from my life. And I don’t mean this to come across as rude or bitchy or me being an entitled person at all. It just is what it is.

We’re constantly evolving as people, and each new level requires a new version of ourselves. And so often, we have to shed the people who in the past, have helped up, but they tend to hold us back when we try to level up, because they’re afraid and have their own set of limiting beliefs.

When we decide to consciously let go of people who no longer serve us in life, it’s important to communicate it effectively to that person, not beat ourselves up or second guess if we’re a “good person” and not feel obligated to stay stuck and pour our energy into these people. It’s also okay to mourn a friendship/relationship/familyship/workship/mentorship/clientship whatever you had with these people.

It’s okay to reminisce and hold memories in our hearts, and to remember the good times and connection we had. And then we learn to let that go. With no ill feelings or negativity. Just as a self-progression must do. It’s like school. Each year, we have to go into a new year, a new class, a new teacher, and we miss the old ones but know it’s for our own growth. It’s like that. In real life application.

So, how do you know when a person is no longer serving you / is toxic?


-       they put your ideas down – constantly. This is the whole “I was thinking about x, y, z” and they’re all like “oh true.” But add zero input, or just make you feel dumb, belittled, unimportant, seem disinterested, offer no value or feedback.

-       They often meet you with “what if’s”, play the worst case scenario every scenario, make you double think yourself, that kind of thing.

-       These people also tend to like to keep you exactly where you are – because you’re right there with them. And they cling to that safety, reassurance and sense of certainty. Which is suffocating to you and your growth.

-       They tend to not have developed much, in regards to ideas, values, day-to-day things, they usually respond with “oh you know, same shit different day”.

-       They’re unable to meet your level of excitement when you’re excited about an idea, venture, dream, etc. They’re like party poopers.

-       They talk about themselves 99% of the time.

-       They offer no tangible help or advice.

-       They tell you to “be realistic”.

-       You feel drained, not energised when you see them / speek to them. It feels like a chore and “something you have to do”.

-       You start to get the feels of avoidance. Like seeing them is like “man id soooo rather not”.

-       You have fuck all to talk about. Except old times.

-       You realise the connection is gone. And that’s okay. We just recognise each other as people we once loved, and the loves there it’s just not in the present moment.

So, we’re realising that this person isn’t serving us (you’re nodding and being like “oh shit, yes”). And just makes us feel like we’re stuck. What’s next?


Next we take action.

I feel the most appropriate approach is to slowly but surely, let the ‘ship’ die. Sounds harsh but just follow me for a second. They ask you to hang out / catch up/ do something? You don’t need to make an excuse. You can just honestly say “hey I can’t sorry!! Hope you have a good time though!!”. We’re not obliged to create fake scenarios and it just adds unnecessary stress to our lives, and lying is shit. Lets just be honest.


So each opportunity, we just let it pass. We don’t engage. We don’t give our energy, we just keep it chill, and polite. And if they’re like “I don’t see you anymore wtf”, you can just say “I know I’m sorry, I just don’t do what we used to do, like it doesn’t serve me anymore”. And either they understand and respect that, and have the awareness to realise you’re changed and that’s not your thing, and whether they then reach out to ask you about your own self growth and help them to fuel there’s, and then there’s potential for the ship to continue, or they just accept it for what it is, and no longer make effort either and that’s how it sizzles away.


I don’t feel there needs to be any beef or negative confrontation, although I’ve had to had a few awkward af conversations being like “yeah so I’m probably not going to see you anymore type thing, just because I don’t feel we align and add value to each others lives”. And yep. They thought I was a fucking bitch. But I did what was right in my heart and for me and my future. And didn’t feel the need to sugar coat shit for their sake. And the same has happened to me in reverse, where I’ve had ships who have outgrown me, and I’m the one reaching out and getting the “I’ve grown yo” response. And it’s kinda invigorating and brutal at the same time. Like I realised and was like HOLY FUCK THIS MEANS I NEED TO LEVEL UP TOO MAN BECAUSE THIS PERSON MEANS SO MUCH TO ME. And thus, the first scenario I described happened.


And the opposite also happened, a friend just stopped talking to me. And I made a bunch of effort. And nothing. And I was like “aight” because I had the awareness to realise that she might be experiencing that I no longer served her, or could add value to her life, and we just didn’t align. And so I stopped making the effort. That’s also an optional approach. To just not make effort. Not reply. Nu phone who dis?


That’s the more upfront method to getting rid of toxic people.

Other ways is, just to sugar coat it if you feel more comfortable, and make reasons and excuses for your absence, and just hope they get the drift and let you go.

Also, the more you hang out with people you want to be around and who drive you, add value, energise you, will also create more space between you and them, thus makes it easier to make the transition.

And with social media these days, its so easy for people to get what we’re about, what we’re doing, our changing identity, etc. It’s not like some mysterious thing. I think it’s fairly obvious when you see a person change. And you vibe the energy, its usually different.

When we let go of toxic people, we make space for new ships to come in, the universe will align it / make effort, reach out in the DM’s, be at spaces you want to be where your tribe will be, and connect.

And upon this journey of detoxing people out of your lives, is to let go of any power their opinions or any validation they give you. Learn and know that their opinions are sourced from their experiences. Their belief systems. Their upbringing, their lives. Not yours.

And so, unless you feel it serves a purpose to respect and take on their opinion, unless its challenging you, constructive feedback, fuck it. You can listen, but you don’t have to absorb it. You don’t have to let it penetrate your energy bubble as I call it (essentially your energy has a bubble around you, and it protects you from shit people and shit advice and haters and other stuff) its like a wall, but less rigid. Coz we want to let some stuff in, but not others. Like a blood brain barrier haha.

Release the validation they give you. Release their opinions manifesting into your own. Let it go. And fill that space with your own, or those who you aspire to be like, admire and love.

It’s okay to let go, it’s okay to feel guilty, but feel it, acknowledge it, and let it go. Let it pass on through. It’s not worth marinating in and fucking with your head.

Will you have an identity crisis? Who knows. I have one like every week I reckon haha. Like Dre used to say “how are ya, who are ya, why are ya, what are ya”. (also the greatest set of questions ever @1drayza). It’s a convoluted bitter sweet, like letting go of people who have had such tremendous input and impact in your life, to forge your own path without negative input or being held back.


So hopefully, reading this has made you aware of those in your life that aren’t cheering you on to success, happiness and growth. And I’ve hopefully eloquently (lol) explained some approaches to creating distance and removing these people from your lives.

Now, to add onto this is non-real life friends, its our instagram feeds and FB home page. With the algorithms in place as they are, we have even more of an ability to only consume the content of those we engage with and want to (just saying tho, bring back chronological IG feeds bruh).


I often go through “unfollowing” sprees, in which SAVAGE AF TO HEAR BUT I just unfollow people that legit don’t align with my values, or just don’t really do anything for me. It’s like passive consumption of keeping you complacent and settling and stuck. I also feel on this, it’s okay to not follow people you love if what they’re uploading and sharing doesn’t add to your life. Like you can still love people and not follow them haha. We’re not socially or morally obliged to follow anyone. And I feel a lot of us are afraid to do that, out of fear of confrontation or hurting peoples feelings or making it a bigger deal than what it is. Like we need to take the power away from it.


So, unfollow those people who are toxic / don’t add value and start following awesome pages and people that inspire, motivate, encourage, support and challenge you to level up and live your true self.

I also feel on this entire topic, im not saying “purge everyone in your entire life who is negative or adds negativity” because that’s not how the world works. They’re will always be negative push backs from people in our lives, its more just take the power away from it. Don’t engage in it, and surround yourself with a team of bad bitches, not whiners, low energy, scarcity mindset, limited peeps 24/7. Like construct your life, make space and attract awesome influential people into your lives.




Let me know your thoughts on this blog, whether via IG @themillennialnutritionists or below 


Love e, aka TMN aka the negativity eraser aka the bubble creator 


intermittent fasting basics, how to's, why even




*this information is for information and educational purposes only. It is not intended to treat, perevent or cure any conditions, nor is intended to constitute advice on which reliance should be placed. Any information in this blog should be discussed with your health care practitioner.



I’ma answer all this and moreeeeeeee.

So again, this is my baby knowledge and understanding of IF, which will forever be growing and expanding, I quote and link the experts in this field, and definitely encourage you to listen/absorb their content J

I also feel we need to clarify that we need to see and frame IF as a tool for optimal health and becoming thriving millennials, rather than a diet / weight loss protocol. IF benefits our health and our performance.

Some epic benefits of IF;


- neurogenesis (new neural growth, which enables us to make new connection and recall information faster, improves learning abilities, memory consolidation and cognition)

- re-balances our gut health

- primes our immune system and enables it to calm down and rebalance

- improves energy production

- improves insulin sensitivity

- improves nutrient absorption

- improves inflammatory markers

- improves protein efficiency usage

- and as an indirect benefit, will aid weight loss and muscle synthesis, because you’ll be healthier, and being healthy = a stable, healthy weight and being in an anabolic state.  

So, how does IF work?

So, in our ancestral days, which is essentially what a lot of the “health” principles and lifestyles evoke -  we went through periods of famine and feast. Some days, we didn’t eat, we couldn’t find food, and other days, we killed something, found some tubers and had a bomb ass feed. And it’s genetically imprinted in us, that we benefit from having these cycles of feast and famine. So fast forward to today’s society, food is everywhere. It’s sooooo easily accessible, its 24/7, uber eats, but it’s also very far removed from the true food we’ve been designed to eat. It’s processed, nutrient empty, high density, bloat-causing, brain fogging, digestion fucking, inflammatory forming “food”. So we tend to see more of the feast side of this story, than the famine, as we live in an “obesogenic environment” and our food culture is of constant consumption, because it helps the economy. And this is linked to disease, imbalances and dysregulation in the body. Digestion takes up HEAPS OF OUR ENERGY, which can lead to our body not mopping up free radicals, not turning on cell death aka apoptosis aka the coolest word, it’s like we’re never resting. Our bodies and digestive system are put under so much stress and work, that often, things slip through – toxins, undigested foods, bacteria, pathogens, etc.


So, through implementing a time restricted eating / IF protocol, will see this energy free’d up to do what our bodies need to do to ensure longevity and enabling us to being thriving millennials. We’re able to mop up these free radical cells, clear out the plaques in our arteries, regulate our hunger hormones – which we explore in our pervious blog, gives our digestive tract a break, to repair and regenerate, balance our microbiome, boost our immune system, aiding weight loss, detoxification and so much more.

Fasting can help with autoimmune, skin conditions, mood imbalances, reverse diseases, improve mental acuity, our stress response, reduce inflammation and associated their symptoms. Fasting allows us to heal. All systems. All issues.

When we fast, we’re also going to be more aware of how detrimental shitty foods are for us, because when we eat something regularly, we adapt. Or we get used to the bloating, the bad feels, the inflammation. When we take out these foods, not only because we’re fasting, but also because when we start taking care of ourselves and implementing thee strategies, we want to eat better foods that nourish us. So when we take these foods out, we’re reducing inflammation, reducing IBS, and balancing out our microbiome more efficiently, healing our guts, and then if we eat these shit foods again, you’ll notice such a more immediate and acute response. Which will make you realise that those foods, aren’t good for you. They don’t agree with you being thriving. So therefore, they gotta go yo, you gotta upgrade.


Also, so many traditional cultures utilise fasting to achieve a higher sense of purpose and wellbeing – from Ramadan to Lent. We fast before we have to have operations, we fast before tests, all because it’s a true indication of what’s happening and away from the influence of food. It also resets our hunger/satiety hormones, so we’re more intune with our internal hunger cues – as to when we’re truly hungry and ready to eat vs, what time it is, what everyone else is doing, if we have “space” (which I’m the first to admit, I fucking do haha).

There’s a “true fast”, which is just water. I personally, do a black coffee w/ my cordyceps mixed in because I train during my fast, and just love my little morning adaptogen x polyphenol hug (aka my coffee x cordyceps combo). Others, such as Dave Asprey intermittent fast with a bulletproof coffee, or some kind of high fat beverage, to encourage fat burning and mental acuity, and also a slow release of energy and reduced hunger. Others add in collagen, greens, and other supplements to support their bodies during the “fast”.


Fasting daily for 16-18 hours to be when hormonal benefits, and where apoptosis aka cell death is triggered from Dr. Rhonda Patrick. Whereas Dr. Sacchin Panda says 11 hours is beneficial and more TRE. So I feel, aim for 11, anything above is awesome. And whether you implement a fast every day, or one a week, a few times a week, or do a prolonged fast (as @inthera utilises, and discusses on her blog). Either way, creating more time not eating is beneficial, and it’s also important to be consuming nutrient dense foods when we break our fast.

If you’re like “Lize how the hell do I even implement this?” WELL I push out/ skip breakfast to like 12-3pm, depending when I eat and finish dinner / let it digest (2-3 hours). So say I eat dinner like 6, finished digesting like 9. Wake up 6, that’s already 9 hours, I’ll train and eat at like 11? Which hits 14 hours, or I push it out to like 12pm or 3pm, which is either 15 or 18 hours. And I’m g.


Otherwise, eat an early dinner at like 4pm, and then we sleep for like 7.5 hours and then say it’s digested by like 6pm, we wake up at 6am that’s already 12, eat breakfast at 8, that’s 14. Eat at 10, 16 hours done, stretch it to lunch time when ya feeling hungry 18 hours boom.


TRE (time-restricted eating) works more in an eating / fasting window and is same same but dif to IF, and a different way to frame and approach fasting. So our eating window will be 8-10 hours, and our fast is 14-16 hours. So with the above examples, we start eating at 12 or 2, our eating window is 6-8 hours, and the fast is 18-20 hours without even really thinking about it. It seems like a lot, but you’ll notice not only do you regulate your hunger and don’t feel enslaved to eat, hangry, or thinking about food 24/7 (which both is and isn’t a dream haha), but you’ll likely be making better food choices, have more energy, reduce bloating and digestive upset, feel lighter, less lethargic, and so much more.

Some push-backs I want to address and what Jess (@inthera) brought up with me, is how women shouldn’t fast. I feel this idea exists because our body holds onto more fat and things because we need that for when we make a baby. Our genes want to keep us being juicy fertile turtles. And fasting, adds a mild stress on the body, as we’re forcing our body to adapt and utilise nutrients more effectively. So adding this additional stress to our chicky babe bodies can negatively impact our ability to conceive and hold a baby inside. But, I feel there’s so many benefits to fasting and this notion is somewhat not applicable unless you’re trying to get pregnant or if you’re pregnant – yeah don’t fast. All other conditions and non-pregnant women, pass go, collect $200 dollars.


Hit me with any questions or if you need help or guidance or anything!!


deep dive - the "not enough" dialogue

Just FYI, I feel Justin's album so perfectly fitted this topic, so you know i had to. 

So I’ve been wanting to jump into more holistic ways of expressing myself, even though I love nutrition I also am so passionate about abundance living and feel following your soul is the way to live.

Like, we as millennials live in the most abundant time in history, we have access to anything and everything within a few touches, swipes, and keyboard clicks. Yet, something is still holding us back from jumping out of our comfortable pond into the deep unknown, where a part of us has such a yearning and desire to be. And that blockage is the words and stories we tell ourselves, and have been told our entire lives.

This concept of “not enough” - not enough, money, time, resources, support, reasoning, we’re conditioned to settle and accept what we have as enough, and compare it to those who aren’t as privileged or blessed as up as a way of keeping us in this comfortable pond. And yet this is even further re-engineered to keep up in our pond by providing content of lives that seem impossible to achieve, and so it knocks any dreams and ideas we have back down, reinviting that self-esteem gremlin to emerge and keep us comfortable where we are. 


But this is where we need to smash these concepts and not settle. Don’t just be complacent thinking this is all you can ever get, or will have. Don’t feel guilty or bad or ashamed to demand more of yourself, your environment, your surroundings and your life. Don’t feel bad for wanting to break away from your pond and just put yourself out there, and yes failing is part of it. Feeling vulnerable is part of it. I

t’s scary. You feel alone, confused, unsure, stupid, anxious, lame, and any other emotion you’ve probably experienced when you jump outside your comfort zone / pond. But what always happens on the other side? Damn do you feel liberated, proud, strong and more in touch with yourself. You grow. And that’s essential.


I feel to cultivate this kind of thinking, mentality and actually acting on it, we need to do it on a daily basis, on a smaller scale, and build up the confidence and trust that it’ll all work out as its meant to. All hardships are lessons and blessings that build resilience, a deeper understanding of self and what we’re here to do. Its all relative and all about perspective.

So every day, lets do something small that scares you, or is different to what we’re currently doing. For me, I’ll switch up where I get my coffee, push myself to talk to customers I’d usually avoid / ignore (soz not soz), have conversations and connect with people I usually don’t invest in, hit on hotties and just own the rejection, have uncomfortable conversations, wear clothes that make me feel insecure, because its only through going through things, do we surface victorious.

We’re like Mario at the end, where you run really fast and jump as high as you can onto the flag to enter the next world. I also feel like Mario world is the ULTIMATE analogy for life! Like the levels, the end goal aka Peach, the helpers (stars, 2ups, 2 player), and the fall-backs, which cause us to shrink back in size and feel not so invincible.


So, following your purpose and finding your passion and adding more meaning to you life. How do we even do this? How many books do I need to read to learn the “secret sauce”? From my experience, it’s pretty simple.


You don’t like something,


We don’t have to stay stuck. Yes, certain circumstances may cause us to stay somewhere for longer than we’re wanting, but there’s always an option, always a way to switch our mentality and attitude and just decide to do what we want. To be grateful for where we are. To accept challenges and shitty times as testaments to building your character.

If you have no idea, do little things every day that make you happy, that you love. Realign with yourself. Learn about yourself. Better yourself. Push yourself. Explore yourself. It’s only through taking the time to stop and look inside who you truly are, can you find what you truly want in life. And it’s not an overnight journey. It’s a practice, you gotta keep doing it, and keep building to get to that next world. Which is there. We all know someone whose on that level and its like damn, show me what you did and how you did it because I wanna be where you are.

And that’s another thing, consume the content of those who inspire you. Aspire to listen, learn, and apply. Surround yourself with those that push you to level up, whether tangible or not. For me, it’s books, it’s Tom Bilyeu’s Impact theory, it’s podcasts (scope my fave books in this blog). And I feel blessed that last year I truly felt I had started to develop an amazing bunch of individuals around me, who I didn’t feel I had to play down or act like someone else to make them feel comfortable. We could talk about REAL SHIT. So invest in relationships, whether it’s with an author and a connection you have to their work, or someone in your life.There’s the infamous story in Napoleon Hill’s novel “Think and grow rich” how he’d create his own “round table” and in it, he’d have conversations and throw ideas off his idols, most of whom were dead and legends. And he imagined them talking back to him and offering him advice. Like fuck it. Why not.

Whether you want to journal, meditate, just stop and breath, put your phone down and sit with your thoughts and see what bubbles to the surface. 


So amongst all the noise that exists in our millennial lives, trying to distract us, keep us complacent and “cogs in the wheel” as Seth Godin so eloquently puts it, being a creative individual is your super power. There is only one you having this experience. So why stay in the shadows hiding?

I think its time for a revolution. Where everyone emerges from the shadows, takes off their armour and shows up as their authentic selves with their mission tightly coiled around themselves. Where we encourage and support each other, where it’s okay to feel vulnerable and share those feelings and not lock them away because we’re conditioned to feel we have to act and behave in certain mannerisms to “appear” successful. It’s time for each of us to step into the light and share our unique gifts, share our humanity, to make some kind of meaning to our time on earth, to create an impact, to feel fulfilled and have a rich abundant life. 



E aka TMN aka Justin Bieber day 1 fan girl 

HOW TO GET MORE ENERGY, 4 strategies every millennial needs




mindset, movement, nutrition & self-love


So, amongst my baby YouTube rant about posting and being consistent, I realised that I want to convey my passion, personality, energy and vibes authentically, because that’s the whole point of diving into and building The Millennial Nutritionist, is to be authentic and raw and real.

And you know what’s real, not forcing myself to do a video because in my head I’ve “scheduled it” or that having structure and regularly posting a YouTube video is “the way to do it”. 

I want to be in the flow state, being me, conveying my ideas to you, so that you can absorb them and apply them to your life. And for that to happen, energy needs to be present and transferred. And then I was like tagging clothes at work, and just went on this day dream of this topic about energy. And not to get fully into it and metaphysical and philosophical , but energy is the entire crux of life. (LOL so i stopped doing youtube and pivoted into audio if you're reading this circa April 2018)

Energy is what we’re all made up of, its what we radiate and its what runs the world. Without energy, we’re all fucked. In every sense of the word, biologically, physically, chemically, environmentally, financially, like every single aspect of life revolves around energy. And its always about how do I have more energy? But real, sustainable, soul propelling energy? And for me, my coaching revolves around the 4 pillars in which I feel are fundamental to being an abundant millennial;


1)   mindset

2)   movement

3)   nutrition

4)   self love


And so, I was frantically writing notes with Ne-Yo booming through the back room, my ideas around energy and the 4 pillars, and how each of these is so fundamental into contributing producing more energy. And we all know ore energy equals more awesomeness in every aspect of our lives.


So, the mindset and energy link. You know when you’re inspired, excited, flowing, pumped, and present, energy just appears from inside you and you’re like “what the fuck I feel amazing”. We’ve usually experienced it at work, when you hit a wall but then R Kelly bump n grind comes on and you’re just like YES, and then could work for another 10 hours because you’re just in such a good head and mind space.

Or when you’re training or during a game and you hit the point of feeling wrecked, but then its that self talk or a pep from some awesome person around you, that shifts your mindset, and pushes you to continue and you again, just create this energy from somewhere inside and you can keep going.

Its this mindset energy that’s super powerful, and that can be tapped into and created when we’re involved, interested, present, excited, passionate, inspired and happy. And to get more of this, we need to do more of what we LOVE and what makes us happy and feel good. Seems like a simple equation to me.

Regardless, shimmy in baby things every day that make you laugh and giggle, and happy and feel good and you’ll feel that influx of internal energy and then you can feel awesome and do the shit you gotta do, to be where you wanna be.


Okay, so movement and energy is super interesting on a cellular level, in how moving our bodies creates energy through our mitochondria, which are our little ATP making bodies that live inside our cells. We can have hundreds of mitochondria per cell, and its through exercise that we MAKE MORE MITOCHONDRIA, MEANING WE CAN LITERALLY MAKE MORE CELLULAR ENERGY. Its how sedentary people have no energy, and how active people just have more energy, even though it seems trivial because one sits and one moves, so you’d think the person who sits would just have heaps of cellular energy “saved up”, but nuh uh.

Being active is bomb, for a whole flippin bunch of reasons, but cmon, more energy is dope. So moving in the way that makes you happy, makes you feel good and confident, and excited and proud and like you’re growing will give you more energy.


Nutrition and energy is also fundamental, because our mitochondria require nutritional input to be able to do the reactions to produce ATP (which I forgot to mention is just our energy molecule name? adenosine triphosphate). Swapping out refined, over-processed “foods” and adding in, in baby steps aka one at a time, don’t overwhelm yourself and be like IM GOING TO CHANGE EVERYTHING. Its about implementing baby steps and swaps so it becomes sustainable, builds confidence and momentum, and then you keep going and just have more energy and vitality and abundance.

So, swapping out foods that poison you and hurt you, for their real counterpart, the whole version of it, aka apple juice for an apple. Simple swaps, like leaving our carbs till around training and bed, ensures no sugar spikes or crashes and no brain fog or sleepiness, that usually goes down after we eat carbs. And just eating all the yummy proteins, fats, veggies, fibre and fruits throughout the day fuelling us with all the goodness to have more energy.

Spirulina is BOMB for energy (legit), B vitamins are also required for cellular energy production, so if you’re stressed they get zapped super fast, so ACTIVATED B’s might be a good tool to use in conjunction, MCT oil for that brain fuel / bulletproof coffee / coffee in general or tea or matcha, or whatever you lurrrve. BANANAS, raw cacao, maca powder and all my medicinal mushroom babies (check out Teelixir).


Also, energy is made from our gut, so taking care of our microbiome is also crucial for more energy. When we’re constantly eating or eating lots or even lots of heavy foods, all our energy is taken away and goes towards digestion, so spacing our meals out, intermittent fasting or TRE (time restricted eating) are awesome tools which I LOVE and do on the reg reg, eating gut loving foods like fermented veg, kombucha, pre & probiotic foods (check out da other blog on this one) are super awesome in providing you with more ENERGY.


And then finally, energy and self-love. Now I’m the first to admit this is where I fuck up. Looking after yourself is crucial to having real, sustainable energy. You cant pour from an empty cup, and you cant run yourself down and expect to be able to have the energy to move, work on your mindset / personal development or even eat well and make good choices, because you’re overworked, tired, stressed, fatigued, and all that other stuff that us millennial’s tend to dabble in.

So giving yourself the opportunity, time and space to slow down, sleep a bit more, relax, treat yoself, have a day, or two, or three or a week off training, invest in a sauna or float pod or massage, or a day of Netflix and chill and laying in bed, of not always checking our phones and constantly having to be stimulated, of just reading a book, writing, or just hanging out with the people we love. It’s okay to stop and refill your cup, because no one else is going to stop time and do it for you (sadly, Dr. Who where are you when I need you). Its doing things for yourself to better yourself, that will ensure your mindset is growing, your movement is improving and beneficial and the foods you’re eating are nourishing and supporting you.


They all interlink (that’s why they’re my faves and team o bad bitches).


Hit me with any questions, and here’s the bubba video that links into it all