SSKKIIINNNN, a millennials guide to getting good skin

SKIN!! Skin skin skin. You know that thing that covers us.


So this blog we’re going to discuss all the tips and tricks for getting your best skin, gime dat glow! Fuck off that snapchat filter, we’ll get you the flawless skin you’re wanting!!


I should also add in a disclaimer, that the information here isn’t designed to treat any skin conditions, and for further information regarding either see a health practitioner or check out my girl @in.the.ra on IG. I also don’t talk about products, that aint my forte. So hit up IG and the bloggers you love that are face regime and skin care queens n kings.

 OKAY so lets dive into skin. Firstly, cool news and facts is that our skin cells fully regenerate every 27 days, so we’re constantly turning over new skin. So overcoming those acne bouts and psoriasis flair ups we can see improvements in a short amount of time which all of us millennials love (gimme now).

Our skin is always the manifestation of whats going on inside our bodies,

as it has one of the largest surface areas so excretion processes occur through our dermal layer out of us. Our body likes to push toxins out of us, whether it’s through sweat, pus, mucus, shit, pee, all those fluids is an excretory process.

So let’s start with


I’m going to say at least 50% of all skin things are going to be directly linked to what we’re eating. (the other 40% hormones and 10% external factors).

A lot of people, when consuming gluten on a consistent basis, so all of our refined foods and flours, like essentially if you know its bad for you its probably 99.99% of the time going to have gluten inside. So your 7/11 sandwiches, pies, pizzas, focaccias, burgers, croissants, etc. etc. These refined flours are going to probably be triggering that low-grade inflammation and your bodies response will see bad skin as one side effect. So even if you cut out all this processed shit, fuck off with the white flours and junk food, you’ll probably notice a dramatic improvement in like a few days to a week. No joke.


Second up, is dairy. Dairy is a mucus forming food, and not only do we lack enzymes to effectively break it down, consistent consumption of dairy will see bouts of acne like no ones business. Puss filled, not just on your face, but neck, back, everywhere. So ditch the dairy too, and notice that skin glow.


And thirdly, the big bad wolf of SUGAR. Yep. Consuming excess sugar on a consistent and also, acute basis will see pimples popping up like new wave rappers, as insulin resistance and MSx is associated with acne*. Yung Pu$$. You’ve probably even noticed when you’ve had a Netflix and chill date and your skins shit the next few days from all the excess sugar (and dairy and gluten). So reducing our bouts of sugar consumption, opting for less processed forms, Loving earth, Pana, Chocolate Yogi, Raw with Love, etc etc.


And lastly, ALCOHOL. Sorry. But I know you’ve had a night out, eaten some shit food, downed a few wet pussys, redbull vodka’s, and woken up to somewhat of a pizza face. Alcohol is a toxin, again, so our bodies needing to excrete and detoxify it ASAP. And it’s going to come out of ya skin.


They’re the main big 4, which a lot of people passively consume and don’t put 2 and 2 together (UNTIL NOW), so take extreme ownership, don’t just think “it’s something you cant control” without medication and challenge yourself to cut them out for a period of time and watch the difference. And when I say cut out, don’t freak out, you can replace them with more nutritious options anyways.





A lot of GP’s prescribe girls to go on the pill as a “one stop shop solution” from anything to heavy periods to bad skin. But this isn’t the answer.


In a quick nutshell, the pill tricks our bodies and releases hormones that makes our bodies think we’re pregnant, hence the no period, the mood swings, glowing skin etc etc. So it fucks with our bodies own natural levels, and when we come off, usually after years and years, our bodies like “what just happened” and everything becomes mayhem, and we usually default and go back on it, rather than getting to the true bottom of the problem – your hormones need help. SOS.


They’re out of balance, and they’re causing havoc. And our skin is getting the front row seat to this madness. SO what do we do?


1.     eat hormone balancing loving foods – all the greens n fibre, bitter foods (black coffee, cacao, ACV, rocket),

2.     support the liver in its phase 2 detox – glycine, glutathione, turmeric, broccoli sprouts, NAC, vitamin C, calcium-d-glucorate, green tea

3.     cut out gluten, dairy, excess sugar, plastics, chemicals and toxins where we can (hello coyo and keep cups)

4.     get your sex hormones tested (saliva) so work with a practitioner for that

5.     utilise hormone balancing foods and herbs such as cordyceps, maca n vitex,



So, guess what. Oestrogen is protective for the skin YAY.



High test. in all of us sees more acne and bad skin.

The sebaceous gland is the main site of hormone biosynthesis, and is stimulated by androgens. Androgens are the male hormone family (dihydrotestosterone DHT, DHEA, testosterone and androstenedione)


Higher androgens = more breakouts, pimples and acne.


Regulating the androgen receptor on sebacytes is important in regulating acne, so we can see how the hormone disrupting pill and medications fit into this puzzle. Testosterone increases the size and activity of the sebaceous glands, which are the stores of acne, so it’s important that if our skins shit, we test our hormones and apply the principles I’ve discussed to get them levelled out n happy n ya glowing up.


In girls, it’ll manifest usually in conjunction with PCO/PCOS (polycystic ovaries / syndrome), and our acne will usually appear more on the chin and jaw line and neck.


Also, androgens, acne and bodybuilding go hand in hand, as the more androgens we have, the more likely we’ll get acne. So, hence why training will see an increase in bouts of pimples also, plus ya bodies pushing out toxins, plus you’re sweating. Ya know.  


Insulin and ILGF1 also aggravate acne in millennials, and the common theme is that test, insulin, and ILGF1 are all anabolic (building) hormones. So this links into seeing metabolically corrupt people having bad skin, and peeps who love their whey, casein, dairy, and roids haha.



Back to the pill, a 2017 review found that Progesterone only pills are linked to dermatitis, acne and eczema. (Linacre 2017)….


So implement the tips above n the ones below, in conjunction with getting your hormones tested and working on a regime to ensure you can get the best skin you can.


Also interesting is the link with pollutants and toxins that oxidise the squalene in our juicy millennial skin, and thus damages it and can cause acne. So consuming antioxidant rich foods / shoving some on our faces is key. Do a cute google for edible face-masks and have fun, be safe, mask responsibly.



STRESSSSSSSSS. Our beloved cortisol who gets such a bad wrap. Its not his fault. His just doing his job it’s your fault (extreme ownership) for not managing your stress or having buffers in place (meditation, breath work, journaling etc). So don’t blame cortisol for your bad skin. Adaptogens such as withania, rhodiola, ginseng, reishi, maca powder, are all amazing. I love ATP’s CORT RX or see a prac. and we can get you some other awesome brands I love, such as Metagenics, Thorne and Orthoplex.



How’s our liver doing lately? We been taking good care of him, or not so much? Our liver processes and filters everything in our blood and body, and readies it for excretion. So, if we’re having all the processed foods, drinking on da daily, dairy sippin, sugar lickin, our livers like “you jerk”. And works overtime to try detox all of this.

Supporting our liver, as well as getting rid of the inflammatory puss forming foods in the first place, will also help. Even for psoriasis and eczema (also gut related) treating our liver through eating lots of green veggies, our culinary herbs (parsley etc), berries and high vit C foods, good quality protein, drinking teas like dandelion root, burdock root, licorice, green tea and supplements such as milk thistle, liposomal glutathione, NAC will all be awesome and super helpful.



  1. Good fats rich in vitamin A, D, E and K - so avocado, nuts (also high in molybdenum which supports liver), seeds, ghee,

  2. Water n liver loving rich foods like - leafy greens, celery, spinach, wilted kale, broccoli, boc choy etc.

  3. Antioxidant rich foods like - all of our super foods and berries, cacao, coffee (bleck), matcha - to fight off wrinkles and keep our skin luscious away from external pollutions and toxins and sun damage, also because a lot of the make up brands we use contain a fuck load of yucky ingredients that clog our pores and aid to the toxic load of our bodies, and can continue to knock us out of homeostasis and optimisation.

  4. Fermented and gut loving foods – so krauts, miso, kombucha’s, tempeh, coconut yoghurt, turmeric.




In general,

-       Collagen I love NutraOrganics beauty collagen

-       Teelixir's Ambrosia mushroom superfood blend, Tremella mushroom on his own and Chaga are all amazing for skin.

-       Vitamin C and vitamin E, and Rosehip oil is great for scarring

-       Probiotics / Gut Repair dietary protocol and powder - depending on what’s going on with your gut. So again, working with someone who can help guide and support you.

-       Chlorella, Citrus Pectin or Activated Charcoal to help detox and clear internally (can use externally also)

-       Omega’s Nordic Naturals or Bioceuticals do a high quality fish oil, or eat ya fatty fish and hemp, flaxseeds, chia seeds n yah. Why? Coz we have linoleic acid in our sebum (oil) and low LA = acne. High LA = no acne. LA = omega 3 fatty acid. And when there’s low LA our skins like MORE MORE MORE, and the oil gets OTT. It’s confusing I know. It’s inverse. More is less ja feel.  


More specific,

-       Working on the liver, so like Milk Thistle, MediHerb’s P2 Detox, Thorne Liver Cleanse,

-       Hormones, depending on what’s going on, ATP Alpha Venus, Alpha Prime


-       For shaving, mitigate the reaction and ouchness by utilising fragrance and chemical free shave creams n gels n soaps, like Dr. Bronner’s does a bomb shaving gel. Don’t dry shave. OUCH. Wash our face nicely. And don’t put anything on afterwards, let your skin do it’s thing.

-       If you’re on Roaccutane, either hit a girl up and lets help you cycle off and replace with better methods to balance your hormones and get your skin in order, or work with another integrated health practitioner, I can recommend some amazing ones whether you’re in Perth, Melb, Brisbane or Sydney so hit a sista up.

-       Also, from clients who’ve had severe acne and scarring, they’ve teamed such principles with microdermabrasion and have had incredible results, so something to explore potentially.  



So, I feel lets mitigate the risk of break-outs, by emplacing some ground rules.

  • Drink water 2-3L a day.

  • Eat good fats, not too much depending on what ya carbs and life are doing

  • Sweat out them toxins as much as possible, whether even doing infared saunas or saunas in general to aid in that process.

  • Don’t touch our face during the day (LOL I’m a psycho about this, like legit with boys im like unless your hands are clean don’t touch my face) because our hands are GROSS when we’re at work / gym / whatever, and you’re just putting that dust and germs onto your face which will clog dat pore of yours. And vice versa. Girls wash your hands before touching ya mans face.

  • Let’s try not to sleep in our make-up, take it off, exfoliate utilising nasty free products, I personally love the OG FrankBod coffee scrub. There’s a lot of really amazing brands out there, and as everyone has different skin types, it really is a game of playing “what works for me” because we’re all different. So what works for me, may not do shit for you.  Also there's a tonne of babes who blog about skin care and products, so check that out :)


Our skin absorbs 80% of what we put on it, so if you wouldn’t eat it, why put it on ya skin? Ja feel? Coz it all goes inside ya.



E aka TMN aka baby face forever



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