book review: extreme ownership

By Jocko Willink & Leif Babin

OKAY SO. SERIOUSLY. I LOVED THIS BOOK SOOOOOOO MUCH. I found it hard to put down, and so smashing it in a week was inevitable.

Also, as a side note (you probably don't even care haha but hey), as things are starting to pick up and more work is coming in, my reviews are most likely going to be fornightly / monthly, just as I need to divi up my reading time between epic personal development and nutritional biochem/physiology etc. so I can better serve my clients and THE ENTIRE WORLDDDDDD. 

But fuck that for right now, coz this book was epic.


So any tangible insights and lessons. I not only have such an epic enhanced respect for all the men and women who serve their countries and defend our freedom and safety, but reading this just makes me excited to implement and execute on the principles in real life, whether you’re an employee, employer, leader, role model, older sister, son, teacher, whatever. There is so much wisdom and golden nuggets in this book.

Also, as each chapter starts with examples of U.S. SEAL Team Task Unit Bruiser & Charlie Platoon’s missions and experiences serving in the Iraq war, the aspect of story telling and taking you to another world created (for me anyways) a refreshing break from always reading non-fiction, and just created so much magic for me. AND IF JOCKO & LEIF YOU EVER READ THIS, I LOVE AND THANK YOU. 


-       You have to take responsibility and ownership of everything that goes wrong. No more playing the blame game. “The leader must own everything in his or her world. There is no one else to blame. The leader must acknowledge mistakes and admit failures, take ownership of them, and develop a plan to win”. (pg. 30).

e.g If your boss isn’t supporting you team, blame yourself. Not your boss. ‘Examine what you can do better to convey the critical information for decisions to be made and support allocated” (pg. 237).

-       Taking complete ownership =  gaining respect and trust from our teams and those in our lives. (win win bruh). 

-       “...You must remove individual ego and personal agenda. It’s all about the mission. How can you best get your team to most effectively execute the plan in order to accomplish the mission” (pg. 35). 

-       “leaders must always operate with the understanding that they are a a part of something greater than themselves and their own personal interests” (pt. 76-77). And believe in this cause, with unwaiviering confidence.

-       Focus on the immediate goal.

Complete. Then the next immediate goal. This not only, ensures maximum effort and energy is exerted, it also enables us to feel accomplished, build confidence, momentum and can blunt the pain, inertia and procrastination that often overwhelms us when we have a big mission to accomplish. 

-       Following on from this; “determine the highest priority task and execute” (pg. 161) aka prioritize & execute.

-       “Own problems that inhibit performance, and develop solutions to those problems”(pg. 50). And keep these to being simple. Simplicity is key. Less confusion. Less complexity, less chances of compounding into disaster. This also ensures every team member understands the plan, increasing the chances of success, as they “commit to the mission, [and] persevere through the inevitable challenges” (pg. 74)

-       “its not what you preach, its what you tolerate” (pg. 54).

-       “if substandard performance is accepted and no one is held accountable – if there are no consequences - that poor performance becomes the new standard” (pg. 54).  – Leaders must push the standard.

-       “leaders should never be satisfied. They must always strive to improve, and they must build that mindset into the team: (pg. 55). Good leaders identify weaknesses, and seek to strengthen them.

-       Striving for greater performance and standard starts with the individual and spreads to the team, creating a culture of high performance and where everyone is held to the same standards.

-       Leaders “must remain calm and make the best decision possible… Relax, look around, make a call.” (pg. 161). “Don’t try to do everything at once, or you wont be successful” (pg. 165)

-       And when we’re pressed with an order in which we do not understand, we NEED TO ASK WHY. It is the why that enables the full belief, the confidence and a full deploy of energy and efforts to achieve the order.

-       In regards to management “human beings are generally not capable of managing more than 6 – 10 people” (pg. 183). Leaders need to empower and communicate effectively to subordinates, to enable larger teams to function and move as one unit. And to establish junior leaders to be “proactive rather than reactive”. (pg 184.) Enabling junior leaders (in whatever context) ensures us as leaders are able to strategise and see the larger picture, spot holes and ways to improve.

-       “Open conversations build trust. Overcoming stress and challenging environments builds trust. Working through emergencies and seeing how people react builds trust” (pg. 191). 

-       Never assume hazards aren’t waiting for you. Assume they are. And plan for them.  

-       Evaluation of outcomes and performance is key. Constantly analyse, and “implement lessons learned for future missions”. (pg. 106) aka check yoself.

-       “leaders must…act on logic, not emotion” (pg. 253). FEAR = inaction. 

-    We  “must act “decisively amid uncertainty; to make the best decisions [we] can based on only the immediate information available” (pg. 254). and this applies to EVERY DECISION WE MAKE. don't let indecision paralyse you (lol says me)

-       “waiting for the 100% right and certiain solution leads to delay, indecision and an inability to execute” (pg. 255). DON’T PROCRASTINATE OR SIT ON A DECISION. Educated guesses have to happen. None of this “wait and see” mentality. Make the outcome happen.


In regards to time, being disciplined enough to get up when that FIRST alarm goes off (discipline) gives you more free time (freedom) which propels you forward.

-       “a true leader is not intimidated when others step up and take charge”. (pg. 274). Don’t fear being outshined by someone else, that = a lack of self-confidence. We all gon be able to shine. Abundance mindset babies


That’s the end of my love of and review of Extreme Ownership

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book review: crushing it!

by Gary Vaynerchuk. 

So I’m low key proud of me reading a book in a week, and reading Crushing it!

was super compelling, motivating, inspiring and now I feel like I have to read Crush It! to get the full crush experience (and Jab Jab Jab, Right Hook).

This books a cute ead for all you millennial entrepreneurs/wantrepreneeurs/intrapreneurs/interpreneurs out there, 99.99% of whom I’m sure chew down Gary’s content or at least, know who the fuck he is haha.

The value you’ll get out of this book is tangible, digestible information and tips into utilising social media, applied to such a broad range of hobbies morphed and exploded into successful, thriving business’. Gary draws inspiring stories from protégé’s and fans who applied the CrushIt! content in 2009, with reoccurring themes that encompass Gary’s entire message (which is prevalent throughout his content)


-       Ooze passion & authenticity

-       Play the long game over the short win.

-       Be patient.

-       Work insanely fucking hard.

-       Document and share.

-       Engage and offer as much value to others as   humanely possible.

-       Think about your legacy.


(or at least this is just my perspective on the goat that is Gary Vee).

Tbh, writing this review was harder than others, as each page I feel there was a take-away or some relevant message or idea you could ingest and adapt to your own. I often found myself reading but my mind was like racing with how I can apply that to my own brand and playing out scenarios in my head haha.

What’s given is, obviously, my perspective and what I took from the book, so cop yourself a copy and see what value it’ll bring you. I’m not really going to go into Gary’s guiding principles which he consistency conveys throughout his content (like “eat shit”), but rather book specific nuggets from the stories he tells and the insights he provides. 


-       our personal brand is everything. It’s what enables us to break away from current success’ and persona’s and if we’re branded as “the __ person”. It gives us creative freedom to express and try out different ventures and dabble. -  e.g “Oprah was not just a talk show host. Muhammad Ali was not just a boxer. The Rock is not just a wrestler” (pg.18). You and your personal brand will grow, evolve, adapt so don’t get too caught up in

-       youtube / video / SM / phone content is the new TV (if we haven’t realised this already). It’s everything. It’s what we primarily consume nowadays. You can create a successful thriving, bottle poppin, million dollar income from it. So get cracking. And get used to stagnation. No one loving you. Your family and friends thinking you’re crazy.

-       Figure out which platforms to utilise to boost your content and gain a following. Like is video your best medium? Writing content? Audio? All of them?

-       Sacrifice is part of the hustle. You have to go through hard times, and “eat shit” for ages.

-       There is no “prescribed route”. We need to completely throw away this conditioning of a path, whats “realistic”, fathomable, like we need to fuck off with the safe mentality we’ve been spoon fed since birth. Follow your passion, make it work and it’ll happen. Dream big my babies.

-       Think about your skills, what do you have to offer? And leverage that to step closer to where you want to be. You have assets. Don’t underestimate yourself.

-       Confronting ourselves and breaking down our own insecurities is crucial. We need to be aware of where we’re cock blocking ourselves, e.g “I understand that I am in complete control, and that’s an overwhelming feeling, because it means you could always be doing more, and it means you might not be doing enough” - Amy Schmittauer (pg. 27) @schmittastic

-       Deepen your level of care – (Lewis Howes, pg 37) @lewishowes. Don’t swap short term wins/moolah for long term gains.

-       Be yourself and don’t’ be sorry for it – “Crush It! And his other books allowed me to just be who I am and not be sorry about it” – Lauryn Evarts (pg 46). @theskinnyconfidential

- “Passion is your back up generaor when all your other energy sources start to sputter” (pg 47).

/ come see me and lets help keep all ya energy levels at a decent 80% alwayssss

-       Pay attention to everything. “Where are the eyeballs going? What are your customers talking about? What are the newest trends in your field? What are the biggest controveries? (pg 71).

-  Teach by example.

-       “None of us can predict with utmost certainty exactly what’s going to happen to us. We will probably meet the people we arrange to meet, but we could also have random encounters. We will probably have the conversations we have schedules, but who knows where those talks might go? (pg 80.) BOOM. Flirt with fate.

-       Documenting ensures you’re building a personal brand, which anyone can do with IG stories and Snapchat. And we all love BTS tings.

-       Don’t just copy and paste content from FB/IG/Youtube, re-purpose the content so it’s original and aligns with that platform and audience.

-  Own what you do.

-       Collabs are what’s up.

-       Story telling is forever key. It’s how we connect as humans. And social media gives us the ultimate platform and opportunity to tell and share our story. Remember you’re also the author. So you’re able to create your own story.  

-       He also goes through, Snap, Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, IG, Podcasts and Voice-First, and explains the power of these platforms, and provides success stories and I’m sure will flood your mind and open yourself up to the so many opportunities that can come about from utilising and owning these platforms.

-       Like the old working model is dead. No job is “safe”. So why the fuck not bet on yourself and create what you’ve always wanted to. 


That’s the end of my mini review on Crushing It!. WEOW.

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xxx E aka TMN aka eating shit forever hah