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*this information is for information and educational purposes only. It is not intended to treat, perevent or cure any conditions, nor is intended to constitute advice on which reliance should be placed. Any information in this blog should be discussed with your health care practitioner.


and this fits because when you incorporate medicinal mushrooms into your life, possibilities and good feels are infinite. 


I’m so happy they’re getting there “lime light” in regards to the mainstream acceptance and promotion. Mushrooms have been used for centuries throughout China, Russia and the Nordic countries, and now the western world is waking up to their magical abilities. 


Now medicinal mushrooms aren’t hallucinogenic, theyr’e therapeutic, and all have the same core qualities, they are all 

1) adaptogens

2) immune modulators and

3) anti-bacterial & anti-viral.

Adaptogens as we discussed in our superfoods blog, are wonderful yums that help our body to adapt in any state. Think of them as a chameleon. They become whatever you need them to do. They specifically raise our overall resistance to acute and chronic stress (YAY)

Immunomodulating (great word) means they’re able to upgrade and stimulate our immune system (never fear autoimmunies out there, there is hope with the mushrooms!!). This is a good thing, because when we’re worn down from stress our immune system becomes compromised. That’s why we tend to get sick after a festival or big weekend or some kind of stressful event.

And anti bacterial and anti-viral speak for themselves, bye bye bad bacteria and viruses, ain’t no space for you up in huuurrrrrr, 

SUPER COOL FACT, in the human body there are receptors that only specifically receive the unique polysaccharides that these mushrooms have.. like that's fucking cool. It was meant to be. Like Bee & Hov. 

So all of the 8 I’m going to break down today w/ cute info-graphics have these qualities, and then each of them has additional specific properties that help with everything from metabolic syndrome to Alzheimer’s. So lets get into it



are #1 for boosting energy as it increases O2 flow, and ATP production (cellular energy) by anywhere between 20-30%!

When there’s more oxygen flow, we’re better able to utilise nutrients and clear out toxins, and therefore create more cellular energy. You feel cordyceps effects almost instantly. Cordyceps also aid in respiratory issues (asthma, coughs etc) through stimulating lymphocyte production, which are a type of white blood cell.

There’s also a component called “cordysepic acid” which has been shown to shrink tumours (also a common thread within all the mushrooms we explore). And last, but not least, cordyceps are legendary for boosting libido via a component called deoxyadenosine - which additionally boosts blood flow and testosterone production (testosterone is awesome even for chicky babes), as well as fertility in both men & women. When i was reading about cordyceps and libido i was like "ohhhhh that explains SO MUCH" haha, trust ya girl. 

Cordyceps also help to elevate 5-HTP and BDNGF (a brain growth factor), which will help to promote sleep and serotonin production (weowww). 

They're also an awesome support for the lungs, liver and kidneys.


Who would benefit from cordyceps? Active individuals, asthma sufferers, people who can’t get it up or have a low sex drive, over-thinkers, those who experience anxiety, active individuals, and those wanting to improve every day energy levels and recovery and feels. 


How to use Cordyceps? I love and use Teelixir for all my mushrooms, and supercharge my AM coffees, smoothies, and use it in broths and cooking and even dressings. Lub cordyeps. 


2.     CHAGA

is the big daddy Kane of the mycelium kingdom (the mushroom network) and is the #1 most potent antioxidant on da planet (beating cacao and acai and all those other lovelies). It has this thing called SOD superoxide dismutase (legit dismutase is one of my FAVE words to say), which is one the potent antioxidant properties.

Chaga’s also rich in zinc and melanin, so doubling that with SOD its super protective for the skin and prevents weathered skin and ageing skin, and also is protetive for the eyes. Again, like cordy, chaga increase lymphocyte production and contains anti-tumour and anti-cancer properties (betulic acid).  Chaga is also a bomb digestive enhancer, containing an array of enzymes and also aids in the reduction of inflammation POW POW


Who is chaga bomb for? EVERY MILLENNIAL AND PERSON EVER. but to be specific who it would benefit AWESOMELY to a whole new level, those exposed to high levels of free radicals, through toxic substances and fumes like if you're around machinery and chemicals and exhausts (aka Aidan and Matt!!). 

Also those who experience inflammatory gut disorders (IBD/UC etc), or experiences skin conditions, acne, eczema, psoriasis, 

How to have it? I do that morning AM coffee with it, and smoothies, same as CORDY. 



3.     REISHI


is the MYCELIUM QUEEN, and she reigns supreme as the ultimate stress reducer. She does this through her incredible adaptogenic properties and working on endocrine or hormone balancing.

So helping us to be less cortisol-resistant (check out our blog on stress & stubborn fat too for a break down). Linking into her ability to balance hormones, reishi is also great for promoting sleep and just calming down our nervous system. Reishi is also bomb for blood circulation and boosting liver function! YAY! This helps to lower blood pressure and cholesterol.

Reishi is also awesome for reducing and getting rid of ALLERGIES!!! The ganoderic acid in her inhibits the response of histamine, bye bye hay fever. And finally, again, running theme of being anti-tumour.


Who is reishi awesome for? Anyone who experiences anxiety, restlessness, nervousness, depression, OCD, insomnia or has chronic fatigue, works night shifts/shift work. Anyone who experiences stress aka all of us, and those with allergies and hay fever / congestion, CF, fibromyalgia. Reishi is pretty much awesome for every and everything, haha she's like the ultimate.

When to have the queen? Leave this baby till 7PM and onwards.

How to use? Again, anyway, broths, savory eats, smoothies, with spices to boost flavours, as reishi is suupppppeeerrrrrr bitter/medicinal tasting, so we need to hide this queen. But like all the mushrooms there best to have away from foods for therapeutic benefits, so just liquids e.g smoothies, juices, soups, teas (like @fourstigmatic 's) or with nut butters 



 – aka BRAIN MANE. Lion’s mane is all about brain boosting. Lions mane stimulates NGF neural growth factor, which strengthens existing and enables new neurons to be made, aka it repairs and regenerates. It does this through two of its properties, (hericenones stimulates NGF and ericancines crosses the blood-brain barrier), which is a selective space between the brain and blood vessels, so lions mane can get through and go BAM NEW NEURONS PLZ. It also reduces neural inflammation which is awesome, and has a calming effect on the mind and balances mood.


Who is Lions mane awesome for? Anyone who wants to improve their cognition (aka all the millennial entrepreneurs out der), people with a family history of Alzheimer’s, dementia or Parkinson’s, people who have memory recall barriers, and just all of us ageing millennials, gotta protect da brain. Also those who experience anxiety, depression and overthinking, neural issues or who have nerve damage

How to use? Coffee, smoothies, dressings, teas, latte's whatever floats ya boat



5.     MAITAKE

is the metabolic boosting best friend. Maitake is effective at combating MX syndrome aka metabolic syndrome, syndrome X aka a cluster of metabolic issues, such as insulin resistance, obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high triglycerides, that are all the drivers of chronic disease – heart disease, stroke, T2D and cancer.

Maitake is also an amazing immune booster and reduces the likelihood of getting hit with a flu or cold and helps keep ya immune system level 100!!


Who is Maitake great for? Anyone with any of the above conditions, low thyroid, under stress, or anyone wanting to give their metabolism a boost and wanting an extra pal in the weight loss journey. Also those who get recurring colds, flu’s, viruses, bacterias and tend to have a poor immune system.

How to take? Dunno, I haven’t used it. Probs the running theme of however ya waaaant.



shiiiiitake is an enzyme and essential amino acid rich hunni. Its rich in amylase & cellulose, digestive enzymes that aid our body in breaking down food and utilising nutrients.

Shiitake has 7 out of 9 essential aminos, making it a rich protein source. Also some decent levels of magnesium and potassium, and B vitamins with dried shiitake being a bomb plant source of VITAMIN D ON DA PLANET. (blog on VD is coming soon babies).

Shiitake is also great for liver function & detox, which is inextricably linked to skin health, with shiitake improves skin complexion. Again, shiitake also improves the cardiovascular system preventing substances from binding to the blood levels and thus lowering cholesterol, and also activated our white blood cells.


Who is shiitake gonna help? Millennials that get bloating, have sluggish digestion, slow metabolism, low thyroid, those trying to lose weight, detoxes / those wanting to give their liver some extra love, those with skin conditions,




tt's got a tonne of research emerging about its effectiveness in cancer patients who are or have, undergone radiation and chemo. TT stimulates an army of our white blood cells; T-cells, NK (natural killer) cells and macrophages, and with radiation and chemo essentially aggressively annihilating and bombing our body and immune system, turkey tail aids in ensuring that our body can bounce back after treatment. The two key components that stimulate our immune cells are PSK & PSP (polysaccharide krestin & polysaccharide peptide).


Who will benefits from TT? Those undergoing cancer treatment, or who have chronic low immune function.

HOW? Anyway ya can, smoothies, foods, soups, all the ways



finally, is the beauty boosting tremella, and I aint saying that to be vain. Tremella also contains SOD superoxide dismutase, which is a potent anti-oxidant that Chaga’s rich in, and this aids in preventing our skin from ageing and being damaged. Further tremella is awesome at retaining fluid within the dermis (skin) layer, ensuring we stay plump and glowing. Its also the #1 VITAMIN D SOURCE. COME AT ME TREMELLA.


Tremella's good for who? those with ageing skin (lol all of us), or those who get exposed to lots of sun.

How? however ya want!!


For best utilisation of these great 8, do 1-2g per day (like ½ a teaspoon), and if you have any more questions HOLLA AT ME



If you’re interested in their application to cancer treatment, dive in further, Paul Stamets is the father of the mycelium world and definitely worth a trip down the rabbit hole. Check out his podcast with Joe Rogan also. (Joe Rogan also happens to be my celebrity crush)


ALSO, check out my interview with the gorgeous Jess from @in.the.ra where we dive into medicinal mushrooms, and so much more!






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