book review: high performance habits

by Brendon Burchard.

I get hit up all the tine for book recommendations.

And im actually so fucking grateful that a) I can read b) I enjoy reading c) I was encouraged to read as a kid. Because honestly, reading books is THE MOST VALUABLE ASSET, its like someones entire life experience condensed into pages that you consume. 

SO, I’ve decided to do book reviews of each book I read / the ones that I feel will be able to serve you and add to your life.


So, yesterday i finished Brendon Burchard’s High Performance Habits.

It was a really really good read. I loved it. I wrote all over it, made notes, doggy eared pages i loved and took it with me on many adventures haha.

He did a bunch of researchers, both qualitative and quantitative and determines there is 6 key habits each high performer has and consistently acts out, and that upon incorporating these into our lives, we too can experience a greater level of performance, whatever domain that may be.

High performers – are individuals who consistently, for long periods of time perform at a high standard and have abundance in all realms of life – so business, personal, health, relationships, etc etc.

There’s a bunch of epic quotes throughout the book in chapter intro’s, FOR EXAMPLE:

“don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is more people who have come alive”

– Howard Thurman (pg. 78).

And heaps of nuggets by Brendon.



-       Replace certainty with curiosity and genuine self confidence, not ego bubbles.

-   Don’t fear your new ambitions. Or fear them. But do it anyways ja feel.

-       Become aware and act accordingly with the person we want to be, from the onset and throughout (my Geordie shore reference to spice it up haha)

-       It’s about rising to serve a mission, not the mission lowering itself to match my limited strengths. (again this goes on from the growth mindset Carol Dweck).

-       Make and block out time to study and learn skills you need, and develop them obesessively.

-       We need to carve out our niche and primary interest.

-       Releasing energies and thoughts from previous situations before stepping into new ones – literally, like as you step into the door to home or work, or out of the car, consciously let go of whatever was playing on your mind and meet the new moment and create what you will from it,

-       Be excited about life. And be conscious of that excitement and let it drive you

-       “Set new standards, self-monitor more frequently…” (pg 137) and learn to become comfortable analysing and looking at your own performance, without our own personal bias. Like recognise our flaws and our own blind spots.

-       Let yourself geek out and jump in deep about those things that spark our interest and align with our souls. (pg 141).

-   When trying to get out of our own heads / create perspective, speak to ourselves in 2nd and 3rd person (which I really do a lot of when I make dumb decisions / am at the gym haha).

-       Progressive mastery is the name of the game. Which links into our niche / calling / primary interest / purpose / dabbled interest etc.

-       Challenge peoples ways of thinking, in regards to develop their character, connections and contributions.

-       Identify where we’re making excuses and how life might be if we showed up stronger (pg 240).

-       Legacy? And under what circumstances will we measure ours?


-       Struggle is a necessity for growth and true high performance. We often quit too easily because we’re encumbered in a society that promotes “quick fixes”, “hacks” and one pill magic’s, instead of the real path which is struggle, struggle and some more struggle.

-       So don’t shy away when hard times come, meet them, embrace them and get through them.



-       “certainty ltimately blinds you, sets false or fixed limits and creates “automatic” habits that become predictable…” “the person who is most certain is most closed to learning” (pg. 13)

-        “seek clarity to who you want to be, how you want to interact with others, what you want, and what will bring you the greatest meaning” (pg 37.)

-       “effectiveness… is the result of how we consciously strive to meet life’s harder challenges, grow beyond our comforts, and deliberately work to overcome our biases and preferences…” (pg 40).

-       “never wait to pursue a dream…out of fear that you lack the “right stuff”” (pg.50).

-       “when you’re constantly juggling and feeling depleted, you don’t think about the future” (pg. 70). This leads into the importance and place of self-love and recharging our batteries in order to be our best.

-       “feeling that you have to do something isn’t always comfortable” (pg. 137). And that’s where vulnerability and growth come into play. Which is what its ALL ABOUT WHICH I STILL STRUGGLE TO DO AND PROBS ALWAYS DO COZ BEING A PUSSY BITCH IS IMBEDDED IN OUR CULTURE AND DNA BRUH.

-       we’re less courageous as a society today because we avoid struggle, and that decision leaves us with underdeveloped character and strength” (pg. 267)


yay. So that sums up this good read, def’s valuable for anyone wanting to step it up, adopt and understand key tangible skills that high performers constantly, forever, implement, forever and ever the end