the awesomeness of adaptogens PT1

aka 5 bad boys you need in your back pocket.


I dunno about you, but for me, winter’s coming and so I’m like lets double down on adaptogens to help upregulate our immune system and keep him being the badass guard that he is. AND, let’s also have these adaptogens help us deal with the bombardment of stressors that fly at us all the time.



We’re gonna explore 5 now, and 5 later, because we get paralysed when we have too many choices and an overload of info, so 5 now, and 5 next week.



I’ve also recommended a few products and brands that I love and use, and adaptogens stack so well together, so many of the one’s I suggest, actually combine 2+ or you can get them individually.

Adaptogens do just that – they help us to adapt. They work their magic, if we’re too low, they bring us higher, if we’re too high they bring us lower. They enable us to maintain homeostasis better, and help keep us level and in that optimal space. They mitigate stress and help stabilise and strengthen the body (which is super cool).


I like to describe adaptogens like a cape. They cover us like a big warm love cape and its like “it’s okay boo, I got you”, almost like a mum. And just gives us that extra insurance that our millennial bodies need. It also aids us in optimising ourselves, so its another cute piece to the puzzle – not a magic bullet that will give us dope immunity.


It’s a point to make that adaptogens haven’t really made their way into modern western medicine terms, or mainstream chit chats. Like we all know super foods are out and about, prancing around aka acai bowls, matcha and turmeric latte’s, goji berries, hemp seeds, all these honeys. Now it’s medicinal mushrooms’ who are trending big and making it onto the main stage and into kinda conventional converastions. Then we’ve got nutraceuticals who are also well known – coQ10’s, magnesiums, vitamin D, etc. So adaptogens will be the nu hot thing on the block. Because they’re magic and we haven’t really studied them (like we’ve studied turmeric and COQ10 & matcha) to see their biochemical pathways and how they scientifically work in our bodies. Which is even cooler. And its amazing how the conversation is shifting and now all these ancient super plants are becoming more common place.

If you even think of adaptogens themselves, as the herbs and plants they are – that’s how they got their status. They’ve adapted to their surroundings, survived, natural selection only lets the strongest survive, as these plants fight the environmental stressors that threaten their survival, and so these powerful and beneficial genes are passed through their DNA and voila. ADAPTOGENS. Like you know how plants are just so damn sturdy and they can cop a lot of the elements and stuff and are just still their chilling. We eat that. And they assimilate in our bodies and help us do that too.


Like everything, it’s not a one size fits all. Some adaptogens work awesomely for people, other’s not so much. Some might feel and experience the benefits, others, may not. So it’s again, a personalised approach to explore which is best for you.

Today we discussing 5, and next week 6 more really awesome powerful adaptogens, that are easily accessible and have a broad spread of benefits.

They’re able to have a multi-effect like they’re not a “this treats that” they do so many things its crazy. I’ve also numbered each adatpogen #1, because we tend to rank things as most awesome to least awesome, and they’re all equally awesome n #1’s. Just depends on whats going on with you and what you want to dabble in. 


5 of my favourite bad boys are;


1.     reishi mushroom

reishi has sooooo many amazing applications and benefits, and I’ve written about it in our medicinal mushrooms blog. reish is the ultimate stress reliever, and builds our health in all levels, everything from aiding anxiety and mood disorders, to killing unfavourable bacteria and yeasts (e.g candida), to being beneficial with autoimmune diseases to helping with hayfever and allergies.

I love @teelixir’s reishi, they’re dual-extracted meaning we get both the water and fat soluble properties out of it, which we want.


2.     maca powder

maca’s an epic easily assimilate able powder that’s packed full of benefits. Again, being an adaptogen and the key theme – helps adapt us to stress, improves libido, fertility and boosts sex hormones, improves energy, helps fight fatigue, is full of b vitamins, vitamin A & D

-       I love @lovingearth’s maca powder


3.     panax ginseng

panax / American ginseng balances our immune system, great for those of us who are depleted and dancing with exhaustion. Ginseng can be helpful with autoimmune conditions, those who experience chronic illness and have a really weak immune system (soz not soz its weak, own it and do something about it) aka you’re always getting sick and it just ligners. it also stimulates our nervous and endocrine (hormone) system, so hence how it works to improve energy and libido.

panax's great for endurance and aiding muscle recovery, because it helps us and our muscles to adapt, thus we can speed up recovery and growth, because we’re adapting to the physical stressors faster.

on the other hand, ginseng because of it’s stimulating effect, can exasperate feels of anxiety and insomnia and over thinking.


4.     eleuthero root / siberian ginseng


eleuthero relaxes arteries, strengthens immune system, improves endurance and stamina, and is a whole body supporting tonic - epic for us millennials who leak our energy, and if we’re not aware and refilling that leaking energy, leaves us feeling flat and sluggish and tired and sore and run down. And eleurthero is the MVP for us. Helps with adrenals and mental fatigue, sleep-debt and sluggish digestion.

Awesome for those times of stress, whether acute periods (e.g exams) or chronic stressors (long-term, e.g finance, relationships, environmental pollutants)


where to get?

-       @teelixir

-       @superfeast’s jing


5.     rhodiola


rhodiola is one of these adaptogens that can either help to relax people, or give them energy. He’s able to help restore adrenal function / normality, help decrease fatigue and boost energy, and can be used with individuals who experience chronic fatigue or FM, or just any of us millennial’s who are feeling run down.

Touching briefly on TCM (traditional chinese medicine), rhodiola is categorised as a drying herb, so not effective for individuals who experience constipation or but great for individuals who are always cold, excessive mucus and phlem and yeah.  

Also great for endurance and memory, concentration,

I use ATP’s CORT RX, (who also contains ashwagandha and shizandra next week’s features.) or mediherb’s rhodiola combo’s. 


- ashwagandha / withania

- he shou wu

- eucommia bark

- astragalus root

- shizandra

and i'm shimmying in licorice root because it's too magical not too


one love home slices,


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