the awesomeness of adaptogens PT2



So, following on from last week's word vomit about adaptogens, we're visiting 6 more epic adaptogenic herbs / plants that you can easily assimilate into your life.


As i was writing last weeks and reflecting and thinking about todays, i realised, that all i did was repeat myself with pretty much every one. And thats kinda the whole point. adaptogens don't just treat 1 thing, they're an arsenal of goodness that raise our immune systems function, help rid us of dis-ease, put us back into homeostasis, and just support us in our lil millennial lives.

So if you're like "but eliza i'm so confused, and just want you to tell me which one is the best" I'm like i can't do that, they're all epic, and i truly feel trying a combo of a few will add so much goodness into your life. so hit up ATP's CORT RX (withania, shizandra, rhodiola) or Teelixir's Primal Essence blend.


Adaptogens do just that – they help us to adapt.

They work their magic, if we’re too low, they bring us higher, if we’re too high they bring us lower.

They enable us to maintain homeostasis better, and help keep us level and in that optimal space.

They mitigate stress and help stabilise and strengthen the body (which is super cool).

If you even think of adaptogens themselves, as the herbs and plants they are – that’s how they got their status. They’ve adapted to their surroundings, survived, natural selection only lets the strongest survive, as these plants fight the environmental stressors that threaten their survival, and so these powerful and beneficial genes are passed through their DNA and voila. ADAPTOGENS. Like you know how plants are just so damn sturdy and they can cop a lot of the elements and stuff and are just still their chilling. We eat that. And they assimilate in our bodies and help us do that too.


Like everything, it’s not a one size fits all. Some adaptogens work awesomely for people, other’s not so much. Some might feel and experience the benefits, others, may not. So it’s again, a personalised approach to explore which is best for you.

I’ve also numbered each adatpogen #1, because we tend to rank things as most awesome to least awesome, and they’re all equally awesome n #1’s. Just depends on whats going on with you and what you want to dabble in. 


1.     ashwagandha aka withania


this guy's a super calming adaptogen, which means it's great for anxiety and insomnia, those of us who are over stimulated, wired and tired, and experience nervous tension and are always just wound up? aka me. hahah. it's also effective for hypothyroid, as it can stimulate the thyroid, which in turn also helps with metabolism. Ash/With can also help relieve muscle spasms, probably because it helps to balance the nervous system..

where to get? ATP’s Cort RX, or Mediherb’s Withania complex


1.     he shou wu


another epic adaptogen for us millennials, HSW is a MVP in restoring adrenal function so if we got burn out, or are dancing around burn out, aka we have no energy and just cant, HSW is our man. he helps our adrenals nd kidneys to adapt to stress and strengthens those systems, aiding us in repairing and restoring ideal function, so we're not hanging out over in that "i'm tired all the time" area.

HSW's also a blood tonic, and helps to clean the blood – so psoriasis, poor circulation, low iron, if you tend to get really cold extremities and have poor circulation, HSW is good for that too!!

This bad boy’s from either Teelixir, their blend – Primal Essence or within Superfeasts Jing


1.     eucommia bark


eucom strengthens the bones and ligaments which is super cool, and works on overall increasing physical strength, stamina, our kidneys and libido, eucom's also cool in that it can be used on its own because it's such a balanced herb, in regards to its yin and yang balance (TCM tings) 


where to try?

Teelixir’s Primal Essence or Superfeast's Jing


1.     astragalus


this bad boy is the immune systems best friends, with research showing that it increases white blood cell counts, it also enhances our skins function to detox and eliminate toxins out of bodies, and helps skin healing, its awesome if you just can’t shake a cold or flu or that type of illness, and can be used for longish periods of time, like +3 months.

Teelixir’s Primal Energy,


1.     shizandra


aka the beauty berry (if we're being niche haha). It’s antioxidant properties help to protect against toxins, sun damage, make-up / skincare products with harmful/fake ingredients (remember our skin absorbs 80% of what we put on it) and other environmental things that damage the skin, so helps to keep us plump and radiating and helping to slow down the ageing affects that occur as a result of these exposures.

shiz's also super rejuvenating and awesome for relaxing the mind, but also helps with focus, concentration, learning and memory. he reduces stress, boosts energy and prevents our energy leaking out of us through supporting the adrenals.


1.    licorice root


Licorice root isn’t technically labelled as an adaptogen, but has so many awesome adaptogenic qualities that i had to throw him in. And i think liquorice is awesome and delicious as a tea, and you can mix in all the other adaptogens into him and you won't even really notice?

licorice root is amazing for digestion, helps to coat the GI tract, from throat to intestine, so great for those rough, dry coughs or sore throats. Detoxes the body and helps to support the liver, balance blood sugar - so great for helping with cravings.

it strengthens the adrenal glands, and helps to relax the muscles, 

I like to get an organic, non-irradiated tea, and mix in my reishi mushroom for dat night time / PM sippy sip (but any adaptogen goodness will be epic)


das it! all my fave's split over 2 weeks, check out last week's chit chat and as always, hit me with any questions on the gram @themillennialnutritionist xxx

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