YAY we’re here!! Thank you for making the choice to embark on the next 5 weeks with me!

Throughout this 5 weeks and beyond, I encourage you to journal / type notes in your phone / write down / do voice memos, whatever you like, to record the answers to the questions pondered.

It serves to help you reflect on your current place, which is perfect just as you are, where you’re at, we’re just going to help you to grow and evolve so you’re able to thrive in this life, without health hurdles.

We would’ve decided a weekly time and day to schedule in our 30 minute catch up, in which any questions, ideas, thoughts, about the week or life or whatever – the floor is yours – I am here to support you in any way I possibly can. 

You’re going to feel resistance, you’re going to feel confused, unsure as we’re changing habits and lifestyle behaviours. Lean in. Know the discomfort is part of the growing process and the next version of you is on the other side of that. 

Thank you for choosing to embark on this journey, so lets jump in!