Sleep is often the most over looked core pillar of incredible health, as we live in a society that encourages and celebrates being over-worked, tired, pulling long hours and hustling.

And as much as there are times when sleep’s gotta give, we’re stressed, I feel it’s valuable to have some tools and learn some hacks about how to improve what sleep you do get.

The first concept to understand is circadian rhythms - which within the 24 hour light/wake cycle regulated by the sun and moon, we are biologically wired to release hormones at certain times.

We have cortisol spiking early in the morning - waking us up from our slumber, feeling energetic and ready to roll.

We have melatonin released at night - telling our body to slow down and sleep is happening soon.

And when we get out of balance with these sleep/wake cycles, inflammation and stress happens. Because our bodies still designed pre-tech, our bodies still designed to be in harmony with the earth. And that’s a far reality from 2018.


We have our devices - laptops, phones, Tv’s emitting blue light - that push back melatonin - our get good sleep hormone. This blue light stimulates the brain, making it hard for us to switch off and stop thinking - as so we’re lying in bed over-thinking, unable to sleep.

We have stimulants and caffeine revving up our cortisol, adrenaline and noradrenaline - stress hormones, release into the blood. This keeps us on this “wired and tired” rollercoaster, unable to “catch up” and feel refreshed.

This week we explore hacks to help get our circadian rhythm closer to ideal - from lifestyle choices to supplementation, in which during our call depending on where you’re at may help.

I also encourage nap’s, if you can - locking down 20 minutes or 90minutes (a sleep cycle) to help recharge your batteries.