WE’RE IN OUR LAST WEEK, and I’m so grateful that you’ve dedicated your time and energy into this program.

Stress is essentially inescapable in todays life. As millennial’s we’ve been brought up in a world where toxins, chemicals, heavy metals are just a part of life (worst statistic ever, over 200+ toxins are found in our umbilical cords).

So learning how to support and equip our bodies to handle and deal with stress is essential, as its never going to stop. As we grow and start business’, have families, go back to study, travel more - over the years the accumulation of all this stress starts to wear us down. We develop auto-immune conditions, degenerative disease, we age, we experience pain, inflammation, we take longer to recover, we get ourselves into poor sleep and eating habits, the list just continues. So prevention is always the best medicine.

Knowing how to decrease the biological, psychological and emotional burden of stress on your life is so valuable, and you’ll see it beneficially wash into other aspects and areas of your life.

This weeks content has a heavy focus on two key areas;

  1. adaptogenic herbs and plants

  2. meditation, breathing and journalling techniques.

Figuring our where your stress is coming from and then actively putting in place strategies to decrease - whether its delegating tasks, prioritising activities of most importance in the morning - before decision and cognitive fatigue set in, whether it’s drinking Reishi mushroom each day and taking CORT RX to support your adrenals. Whether its each morning, setting aside 5 minutes to plan your thoughts and day, so you have a clear idea of steps. Whether it’s going outside for lunch, and chucking on a podcast to just unwind, fill up your brain and soul. Stress management looks similar for all of us.

This weeks questions also gets you to reflect on what fills you up. What makes you soul and heart happy. What do you love to do, that you feel like time just flies when you do it? And start to schedule that into your life. To have more fun. We’re always going to have responsibilities, and touch times and obstacles, but we also need to remember that just as there’s the lows, there’s also the highs and prioritising time and energy to make the high’s a reality is gold. It balances you out, fills your cup up, so you can keep hustling and pushing and going for it without burning out, developing chronic fatigue or running yourself into a slump.